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Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, John Healey said: “Fixing the housing crisis is a not a part-time job.

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And since then the Mirror has revealed that the new housing minister is refusing to give up a lucrative second £50k-a-year job as director of County Finance Group Ltd, the loan company he co-founded in 2001. He is still listed as chairman of the company and is the only MP with a ministerial job to hold a paid directorship at the same time as their government role.

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Ministers were required to give up any paid or unpaid directorships under the ministerial code of conduct until 2010, when the requirement was quietly removed under David Cameron.

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On enforcing Section 106 contributions: “Councils are going to have to be firm, grasp their convictions with both hands and say to developers ‘sorry boys, you’re going to have to make a loss on this one, you overpaid on the land but Section 106 still needs to be paid.”

Janet Daby said the home secretary sounded like Powell 'in reincarnation'.

On whether councils should return to housebuilding: “Anyone who wants to build, should be building. But I don’t want to place bets on any particular sector delivering homes; we need a big, vigorous landscape of homes, with a big, vigorous landscape of tenures.”

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But despite being placed in charge of fixing Britain’s worst housing crisis for decades, Mr Malthouse intends to stay on as director of County Finance Group Ltd, the loan company he co-founded in 2001.

Kit is a chartered accountant, founding a midlands-based finance company, which he now chairs.

On the latest Office for National Statistics population figures: “They’re a bit weird.”

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Mrs May’s decision to appoint Mr Malthouse Housing Minister has already sparked anger, after the Mirror revealed he had admitted he made life “uncomfortable” for the homeless as part of a zero-tolerance crackdown.

On Neighbourhood Plans: “There’s actually a clause called the Malthouse Clause in the latest planning guidance, about giving more power to implementing neighbourhood plans, as I think they’re very important.”

The Labour leader was filmed slamming the EU as a 'massive great Frankenstein'.

On innovation: “I don’t want housebuilders to be like Kodak; ignoring the signs to move forward into a new format, and now consigned to a footnote in history.”

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Watch: Smith cofirmed he could quit when he spoke on Radio 5Live.

On Help to Buy: “It’s become popular to bash Help to Buy in certain circles, but it’s the only Government policy where young people stop me in the street, every week, to thank me for it. If it’s working, the Government will look to continue it.”

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But his declared pay and benefits did not change and the company’s website still lists him as Chairman, noting that he had "combined his business life with a career in politics."

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Worst Kit Malthouse

In the event Orr and his colleagues ended up with Kit Malthouse, the MP for North West Hampshire who is best known for previously being Boris Johnson’s deputy mayor for business who argued against the introduction of the London congestion charge.

On different tenures: “There needs to be focus on volume and variety when delivering homes, so a thousand flowers can bloom.”

“I completely get why Dominic Raab has been promoted, and congrats to him. But when I met him just after I’d announced my retirement I said that I’d probably outlast him. Please can we have a housing minister who really wants the job and wants to make a difference?”

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Mr Malthouse rakes in £40,000 a year plus £10,000 worth of benefits working for the firm, on top of his £76,000 MPs salary and £31,000 ministerial bonus.

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Mr Malthouse is the only MP with a ministerial job to hold a paid directorship at the same time as their government role.

Mr Malthouse told Commons authorities he was giving up his role as chairman of the firm in March, when he took a job as a welfare minister.

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On the National Infrastructure Fund: “I have £5bn to spend on infrastructure, I’m just looking for eager mouths to stuff with this money, in exchange for building homes.”