hi dairylee88 i ahve very same problem when car is cold spanner light coms on and can not et car to drive faster than 30 miles no power in it at all only happens in winter , when car is switched off and re started light is gone ca ok aain , mechanic can not find fault on diagnositc , please does anybody know what this problem is ........

Unless it’s obvious what the problem is (a light alerting you to low screen wash, for example, which should go out when you top up the reservoir) it’s best to have the problem checked, especially if it's an oil warning light or brake system warning light, as they relate to major components of the car.

Some of them have clearer meanings than others – knowing exactly what the issue is will help you prevent breakdowns and running out of oil, fuel or other fluids.

However, the readings from the sensor can only be reliable if the fuel tank system is 100% pressure tight, with air only permitted to enter and leave the tank through the controlled vents. One common cause of an air leak into – or out of – the petrol tank, is through a fuel filler cap that doesn’t properly seal.

car has been to vauxhall dealers been on scanner no fault codes coming up , still runs perfect pull up and stop in traffic spanner light comes on and in limp mode switch off start up light gone out drives ok

Some cars have a specific warning light for their diesel particulate filter (DPF), whereas others don’t and rely on the EML providing a warning instead. The latter is sometimes also illuminated if the car detects a fault with the differential pressure sensor, which determines how effectively the DPF is performing.

Keeping engine exhaust emissions low is one of the most demanding tasks a manufacturer faces when designing a new car. Nobody wants to pollute the environment excessively, but equally nobody wants a car that’s horribly stifled and can’t be driven in a normal fashion. To ensure cars are still enjoyable to drive, while preventing or reducing the emission of noxious gases, manufacturers employ a variety of control systems to manage what comes out of the exhaust.

Power steering system failure (illuminates yellow with power steering disabled)

The majority of warning lights are common to all makes and models of cars, although their precise locations, on or around the dashboard, may vary. Study your car’s handbook to familiarise yourself with what they all mean. Meanwhile, below, we guide you through the most important of them.

Asked by Jan 08, 2018 at 04:14 PM about the Vauxhall Corsa

Of all the warning lights that can appear from time to time, perhaps the most alarming is the engine warning light. This illuminates whenever the car's engine computer – otherwise referred to as the engine control unit, or ECU – determines that something is amiss and things aren't working quite the way they should be.

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The list of possible triggers for an EML is a long one, but here are five of the most frequent causes:

Although many people colloquially refer to the starter button or key as their car’s ignition – it’s short for ‘ignition switch’ – a car’s ignition system is far more than just how it switches on and off. The ignition system is responsible for actually burning the fuel that makes an engine work.

The various colours mean different things. A red light is the most serious and means you should stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so. The other lights, including orange, blue and green, are not quite so serious but again, it’s best to pull over. In both cases, check the car’s handbook to find out what they mean and what you should do next.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system fault (continuously flashes yellow)

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the answer to my problem was , a valve in the air intake which is a one way valve, this had gone faulty and working two way, vauxhall dealer found it £170 LATER.

These particles take the form of a sooty deposit, and over time the filter becomes so heavily clogged with particles that exhaust gases struggle to pass through it. When the differential pressure sensor determines this point has almost been reached, the engine begins a process called DPF regeneration.

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My service light come on then my engine light come on and the other went out light with the engine light have stay on please help me

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) deactivated (illuminates yellow)

The list of possible triggers for an EML is a long one, but here are five of the most frequent causes:

Aside from a brake warning light, an oil warning light is one of the most serious warning lights of all. Oil pressure is generated by the oil pump keeping the engine oil circulating and by the quantity of oil in the engine. A leak, a faulty pump or too little (or even too much) oil can cause damage to the engine running to thousands of pounds. So don't ignore the light. Stop the engine immediately and consult the handbook. You may simply have to top up the oil to extinguish the light but if it remains on, there could be a much more serious issue that requires a garage to investigate.

Turn signal / hazard warning light (illuminates or flashes green)

Faults with the braking and traction control are respectively represented by these warning lights. The ABS light will usually flash on during engine ignition but will switch off quickly.

I also get this problem but it only ever seems to arise during the colder time of the year. Will run absolutely fine without any light all spring/summer then as soon as it gets towards October/November through to February it seems to be relentless repetition of light on, Limp mode, drive for a couple of minutes, engine off and on then light goes off and car runs fine again. No fault codes come up on diagnostic and worried if I take it to a garage or dealers they’ll rip my eyeballs out charging me for things they ‘think’ is the problem without actually making it any better :/

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