avensis touch and go question
there is a button for voice recognition on the steering wheel, why does it tell me it is not available when i push the button, whats the point of having a button with no actions?

Hi Thanos.
Toyota has agreed to develop engines with BMW but at present there are no immediate plans to introduce these into the Auris range.

My very nice parts contact gave it me FOC after previous long bolt was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard so I’d urge you to try to get one too. It does rely on the wheel being outside face down in the boot (is that how you have it?) so it’s a really short screw.

That seems to be rather expensive compared to plugin sat nav devices some of which now come with lifetime updates.

can the volume be increased on the parking sensors, hard to hear when car stereo is on.

We’ll start answering questions after the wraps come off the car on Thursday morning.

Technically it will be possible to introduce the park-me-out functionality to your vehicle, however in reality it will involve a lot of work, stripping and rewiring within the car to accommodate the feature. It is unlikely that the park-me-out was “set up” in the production of the vehicle as the final plans were to not introduce it.
In answer to you second question, as we mentioned there are currently no plans to introduce park-me-out into our future Auris range. As a result of this, we will be unable to undertake the fitting of park-me-out to your current vehicle.
Hope this helps.

I know there have been a few comments about the manual and how it covers multiple vehicles. I didn’t want to hijack that discussion but it did remind me of something;

I have just updated my maps on my 2012 RAV4. I now have software version 2.17.0WL and map id EUL20171025 and I have lost the ability to input a 6 digit postcode, it will only let me put in BL9 8. Please tell me what is happening and how I can change this

This looks interesting. Can you specify a proper sunroof ie slide & tilt? (I see a panoramic glass roof is available but to me is useless). How about heated seats?

I just bought myself some roof-bars for my Touring Sports. Nice to get it cheaper with the “sale”..!

As Lean practitioners, we all know how to problem solve - don’t we? This is surely basic Lean stuff? Well, the answer may be that we think we do.

Sorry, one more question for you. Regarding the spare wheel optional extra for the hatchback Hybrid. I have bought this kit using all the correct part numbers on the bulletin sheet Toyota has sent to the dealers, which show both part numbers for both the hatchback and tourer. Sorry I didn’t get the ref number from this sheet.

Hello Cliff,
Thanks for your post regarding Auris Touring Sports.
In terms of security, all grades of Auris Touring Sports feature a transponder key with engine immobiliser and remote central double locking. Security tracking is not included though. Any more questions please let us know.
Hope this helps.

If your phone is listed as compatible but still won’t connect – try deleting the phone/Touch & Go pairing  and reconnecting.

Hi Emi, could we please have a few more details from you? The name of your Toyota model and it’s year of production (for example: reg is a 14 plate). Many thanks

When putting on climate control at say 22 c for dual , heat begins to come through but no fan comes on unlike my RAV4 with climate control that I had before . Is this normal or a fault
I would have thought the RAV process of heating you quickly by fan and heat then switching the fan speed down when at remove was the auto norm

Thanks for the response. I will take a look at Toyota Preston.

Hi Steve
Thanks for your post.
We did run this past our tech team and we have assumed the vehicle you are referring to is an Auris based on the post you were reading. Technical have advised that the systems on both Auris and RAV have a “Soft, Medium and Fast” fan settings, this controls the fan speed. If you an feel heat coming from a vent then a fan must be blowing but it may be on the “soft” setting. You can override this by pushing the fan speed button (unless the setting is on Auto in which case this will adjust the fan speed.
We hope we have understood your query correctly but please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello Michael
Thanks for your post and it is great to hear your comments about ownership of your Auris Hybrid Touring Sports. We really value this feedback and glad you like the car. Keep us posted on how you get on.

Hello Stu
Thank you for your further post.
We appreciate your feedback regarding your recent visit to a dealer and that they were able to help you further.

I concur that HID headlights would be a welcome addition to the options list. Having them on my current Avensis T Spirit they offer much better visibility.I am very interesred in purchasing the New Auris Hybrid as it appears to tick my boxes in terms of quality and efficiency.Whilst on the subject of options I would also like to see the JBL speaker system being made available ?
Kind Regards

Thanks for your post Anthony.
We can assure you that this information has been brought to the attention of the product team and that the Auris complies with UK lighting regulations regarding use on the road. There are no current plans to change the headlamp units in the Auris but we do thank you for your feedback.

I reported the poor headlights on my auris as you suggested to your CR department. I was informed that nothing can be done about it. fortunately I have access to another vehicle as no way would I use the auris during the hours of darkness on unlit road its just dangerous. I would recommend anyone thinking of buying the auris to have a test drive after dark on some unlit country roads.

Hi Joe
Thanks for your post.
Having no map id means that you have a Toyota Touch system and not Touch & Go (which includes satnav). You can always double check this at your local Toyota centre and they can also help you further if you do want to upgrade to this.

Thanks for your reply David, bit disappointing but we will survive,
One other question. I opted to switch the puncture repair kit for a space saver spare wheel. The wheel replaces the foam insert in the boot and there is a bag for the tools, but what do we do with the jack? There is no room for it inside the wheel hollow and it is too big for the tool bag supplied.
The dealer has no answer, so I have carved up the old foam insert to fit between the two boot floors and just take the jack to stop it rattling around. Not ideal. Do you know of another solution please?

2) Are there vanity mirror lights? Or is there no room for them due to the glass roof?

Hi my Toyota auris is pulling to left when driving,any suggestions please.

Thanks fro your reply David.
I’m pleased that Toyota have acknowledged that they have this problem and are working to find a solution.
Up to now owners have been told there is not a problem, it’s faulty batteries, the battery just needs charging, or, the most silly reason, don’t go near the car with the key fob unless you are going to start it.
Keep us up to date with this problem, I’m sure that more then just the effected owners will be taking an interest.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to pair your phone
How to make a call and access your phone book
How to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device
How to register your Touch & Go system
How to use sat-nav features 
How to carry out an online search
How to send directions to your car

Toyota Lights Problem Solved

You might see an icon that features a car with four doors open flash on your Toyota’s dashboard. This light lets you know that one of the doors is open so you can shut it properly.

Thanks for your patience regarding your enquiry about the Auris’ UV protective glass. We can now confirm that Auris has green tinted glass with UV protection. If you have any further questions please do get in touch.

(The Auris Icon does have adjustable height front sheets but I am unable to afford to pay £ 2-3000 extra for this feature, particularly as I don’t require the additional items fitted to this model)

Hello – On my Yaris 2012 one of the contacts on my list has moved to the top but on my mobile in the correct place. How can I move this on the car contact list?
Thanks. Pauline

Does the new Auris Icon have a temorary spare wheel or is a tyre repair kit??Can you have a temporary spare wheel??

It has effected me twice, and on some forums, one owner is on their third battery.

I have bought a Brand New Aygo X-Pression 64 Plate and I want to be able to update the software of the Touch and Go System, I cannot locate the device ID under System Information. Also when I add my vehicle in the customer portal and select Aygo as the model of the vehicle, the device ID section becomes locked out and I cannot enter a device ID?

When will a update to the maps be released?
Current map is over 6 months old at June 2015

If this doesn’t work could we please have some more details of the error? You could have an app on your phone blocking the transfer – we have had a case before on an Android phone where it would stop at around the 300 mark. The customer deleted all apps from their phone and it uploaded all contacts. The contacts limit is 1000 so it should transfer all of your contacts across. Could you please list all the Apps installed on your phone?

Thanks for the reply. I have another question. When I bought the car, the garage told me that the previous owner have lost the master key so I only have one key with the remote control.. I know that if I lost this key then it will cost me a lot to have it duplicated as the master key is missing. Is it possible to have my key duplicated using they key that I have as reference? Or do you have other suggestion? Thanks