The most the wienies can do is maybe get you a rental car or to call and harass the dealer on your behalf. Any action of substance comes from the top guy.

I have a 2017 subaru forester ... just wait the problems are just getting started. After only 2400 miles my engine light was low. Brought it in to the dealership, they opted to do an oil consumption test ... and it PASSED. This was of course, before I knew they overfilled the the oil. It continued to burn through all the oil every 2400 miles. Finally, after 9 months of fighting with them - basically every time I brought it in to the dealer they told me it was in a "break-in" period. Finally, they repeated the oil consumption test and lo and behold it failed miserably and they replaced the short block. It continues to burn through ALL the oil - below the minimum line at approx 5000 miles - oddly enough this time the "oil light" did NOT come on. I let the dealership know ... and we are back in the "break-in period". So in addition to this my car is having intermittent start issues. They can't find the issue so basically they are sending me out with a car just over a year old ... burning through and oil and the possibility it may or may not start. I agree ... subaru is putting out a highly inferior product and are basically playing a numbers game.

Chicagomom: I just had the repair done. Subaru paid for everything, no deductible. They also paid for the oil change/ consumption test and the Hertz rental for 2 days as they don't have loaners available. Link: lawsuit-over-oil-burning-cars-1752805682

Correction, that should have read 2015 Forester, not 2014. I would not recommend buying one unless you're prepared to to add oil constantly.

I had bought my 2014 Forester new...somewhere along the line Subaru sent me a waranty for the engine. I stuck it in my file drawer and forgot it...The oil problem happened about 1200 miles after an oil change which started somewhere in the upper 80,00 mile range. I took it to the dealer I bought it from. They ran the consumption test. All OK they said..meanwhile I again had to add oil about 1200 miles after change. I was in the process of moving and took it to another dealer near where I was moving...They ran the oil consumption test and told me I needed a new engine. Subaru knew the problem and had extended the warranty on the engine.( Which I later found in my file drawer). I told the service person about my previous experience. He was not happy to hear that. After the new engine was installed the alternator went because of misfiring or something (I am mechanically challenged!). This was the second alternator for the car. Luckily I had bought an extended warranty. I was concerned about expensive repairs after 100,00 so it now is on the new dealer's lot with an "as is" sign. The dealer I bought the car from is a few miles down the road from Subaru's corporate office in New Jersey.

I have a 2014 Forester and have oil consumption problems. I am currently working with Subaru and staying hopeful that they will do the right thing. I am not giving up on them quite yet.

Any owners of 15's or even 14's should go post their experience on subaru's own PR site- Nasioc. Yeah you will get a ton of argument and nasty comments, but its worth it.

I would steer away from purchasing any Subaru my friend. At 50k miles both head-gaskets failed on my 09 WRX. Luckily it was under warranty, but now at 70 something, there are signs of it burning antifreeze. Labor is not cheap. All maintenance has been maintained according to Company recommendation.

My story is so much bigger than head gaskets but it is a BIG part of why I now am so incredibly ill at ease with all things Subaru.

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WillEF , thank you very much for your post, very appreciated! Good luck finding a late model 2010 with the old EJ engine design. Sometimes, "new" and "improved" has early start up problems, hopefully, this will get worked out, The old EJ design had a very long run and apparently they were able to make many improvements to that engine over a decade.

hey I have just brought a 2000 Subaru impreza wrx 2.0L Non turbo with 121 000 ks i had a vehicle inspection done on the car before i brought it off the previous owner and was told the car was good and everything was fine but i have noticed that when i drive up a hill on the motorway the heat gauge begins to climb at one point almost at the red line not sure whether this is something to do with this head gasket issue or whether it may have been maybe something the inspector did when he was testing the radiators could he have broken the heat gauge or done something to the radiators or does it sound like something else? if anyone can help please reply to this thanks

Subaru are absolutely horrible to deal with when you mention your car is burning through quarts of oil.

Everything so far is anecdotal at this point because Subaru holds all the information and is sitting on it. This has been an issue since 2011 so you'd think a responsible company would collect the data, release the data, and release their research on the causes (piston rings, manual, CVT, cold climates, thin oil...whatever) so we wouldn't have to guess and start a grass roots movement to get the data. All I can say is I'm sure they've collected and analyzed the data so there must be a very good reason why they have not released it. And I agree with kmkm that suggesting it's normal? Anyone who suggests it's normal instantly has zero credibility. Until I see it on Subaru's commercials, that checking and topping up the oil each fillup is part of the Subaru experience, then it's not normal.

I wonder if 2.0 XT engines have same problems, I didn't find any complains so far.

This issue has been resolved on late model Subarus, why this article does not go past those specific years. The third generation they changed the composition of the head gasket which solved this problem. Unfortunately, there is a new problem impacting about 10% of the cars sold. They are high on oil consumption now. If you monitor your engine like I do you are fine. Mine consumes 1 quart every 4000 miles, so I put 0.9 extra quarts in (6.9 as Subaru recommends) and I can go close to 5000 miles when I change the synthetic oil. I still check it in case it increases, but besides that, the car is fine with nearly 80,000 miles (2013 Legacy).

Hi Eugene, If your car continues losing power while driving, you can check out this article to understand the possible causes and solutions:

Unfortunately, there's more Forester cars affected by this, and you have to prove by doing the oil consumption test that your car actually has the problem, they're not going to just take your word for it. So, forget just calling up the dealer and telling them that you want a new engine. That's not going to work. And, the class action lawsuit is not over, it's possible that it will not be successful, so, your best bet is to do the oil consumption test and prove your own case. Other people have done it, so, it does work.

Are there still head gasket issues in newer Subarus such as the Crostrek?

Hi all. Giving my 12,000 mile update. For me, good far. Doing the 2nd oil change today and not a drop missing as far as I can tell. I lost a bit during break in but now it seems to be holding steady. I'm still convinced that my switching to Dino oil during break in period helped the rings seat. Again, I've always been told that synthetic oil is a NO NO during break in. Its so slippery it doesn't allow the the rings and bearings to seat properly. In any event it hasn't hurt. My only continuing gripe is the auto lift gate. I can't ever seem to hit the button just right and the gate opens, beeps, clicks, closes, beeps, latches, etc... I wish that it wasn't so touchy. Other than that, love the car. Had to avoid a flying tire tread on the GSP and was so impressed with the cars nimble handling. I was really swerving too! Hopefully the tires aren't as crap as everyone makes them out to be in the snow. Update y'all in a few months!

My mechanic, who only works on Subarus said Subaru has been providing faulty head gaskets and they finally have resorted to using OEM parts instead. The head gaskets on my 2006 Outback are leaking after being replaced at 40,000 miles.

Pablo - so, have you sold car? You wrote It is no different than if engines started failing and they told you to read some buried document which said it is normal for engines to fail after 10,000 mIles. REALLY? I doubt that this is true. And , just how many documented cases of excessive oil burning cars are out there? You really don't know, do you? As far as I'm concerned, it's probably a minority, otherwise this story would be on 60 Minutes! You make it sound like this is a ubiquitous problem and I don't believe that. Subaru has a long history of building quality cars and they started as an aircraft company. Those of you with compliants even in Canada can go talk with their dealership about a remedy, even without a lawsuit. After all, they want repeat clients. I hardly think that some bad examples will lower the value of all Subaru cars on the road. There's legions of people out there who are well served by their cars. Try and establish a rapport with your dealer rather than antagonize them. You can catch a lot more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. The "boxer engine " utilized by Subaru is unusual and only found elsewhere in Porsche, they'll work out the bugs in this new FB engine iteration eventually. Besides, your car if it's a 2015 is under warranty, isn't it? It's always desirable to check your oil at every fill up, remember when that was standard procedure at the gas station? Only takes less than three minutes to do that.

Hi All, I have a 2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5. with 100,000 miles on it. So far this has been a very reliable car. the head gaskets are fine, no leaks. I will be doing ALL required maintenance that is required since the car turned 100,000 miles. The car does burn some oil, but not a big issue. Just change the oil every 5 k miles and you will be fine.

I have a 2016 crosstrek with 65,000 miles on it. I have not had any issues with oil leaks or head gasket issues. The crosstrek seems to be a pretty reliable car.

Pablo, haven't you sold your Subaru yet? Didn't you say "smart money exits early "? Or maybe you're in the process of selling your car? Good luck with a replacement for a car that's as capable in the snow. I understand Subaru AWD cars are superior when it comes to traction and stability. There's a lot more to cars than some oil consumption, didn't you say that your oil consumption was not severe as others.

Bob, good luck, I mean that, it's always better to be lucky than good! As far as my situation, I don't have any current Subaru Outback issues since my car is the 2010 Outback 2.5 Limited with the CVT and EJ series engine. My car uses 5-30 weight oil and I have not seen any evidence of oil burning problems. I've been following this forum to keep informed and have not heard from anyone on this issue with the 2010 model year. Only thing I've heard are good things. So, whenever you purchase a product or service, you're rolling the dice and hopefully you'll make the right choice. I'm not familiar with the Rogue, but, we've had experience with Altimas and whIle they are good cars, they did not perform like my 1995 Honda Accord. And, it's true over time that these things change. For a while, Honda Accord transmissions were horrible. Sometimes you win or lose.

I’ve also noticed after a drive when i open the bonnet the hose connected to the radiator has sort of suctioned together and there is a lot of water in the overflow tank and it doesn’t seem like its being sucked back in could it just be an airlock? we have tried getting some air out and got a bit more out the other day and the heat gauge didn’t seem to climb as much as it did other times but i dont think it should be climbing anyway

i have a 2015 subaru i bought in august and before the odometer hit 2000 miles, my oil light came on. then again at 3800. then again at 5000, now again at 6700. i started a "case" with subaru of america but they just basically blow alot hot air around under the guise of "normal" oil consumption for these advanced engines. bologna.

Recent August 2015 issue of Consumer Reports has a write up on 'oil crisis' pages 61-63. Subaru is one of the vehicles mentioned. Gives tips on how to approach dealers or the Automakers with this issue. I was one of those who complained to CR with a complaint ID #. I wish they did their research and published on their April Issue of 2015 Autos.

Folks - Maybe this has been mentioned before, but below is a link to a document explaining the oil ring issue. This whole issue concerns me because I just bought a new 2015 Outback, and somebody previously posted that they have a 2015 OB with oil consumption problems. The most important part of this document, IMO, is this statement: "The updated piston rings started being used in production as of May 8th 2013, so if you have a newer than that production date and are suffering from high oil consumption this TSB as currently written does not apply to your Subaru, it’s that simple". Is this guy correct in that statement? If not, can you point to documentation that states otherwise? I'm not doubting that some are experiencing excessive oil usage with vehicles manufactured after the above date, I just wonder if it's VERY VERY few people in that camp and it's a different issue than the piston ring issue. The article: subaru-legacy-outback-oil-use-explained/

Zatguy, just saw your reply about being intimidated by automatic transmissions? OK, I imagine that your afraid that they won't hold up over the manual gearbox? Actually, the automatic transmissions today are benter than manuals and save more fuel. The new Subaru Lineartronic CVT is one of the most advanced new transmissions on the market today and has been written up by various car magazines as the market leader. Plus, in case you were not aware, the CVT transmission has paddle shifters on the steering column and you can choose the manual mode and it is six speed as well. The paddle shifters are six pre determined stops on the transmission, but, in reality the gearbox is an infinite number of gears from start to top speed. The CVT transmission is actually a simpler and more advanced technological transmission from an engineering standpoint than conventional automatic transmissions and should last longer. This, plus the fact that the system is continually changing gears while you're driving in all situations makes this something of a marvel by modern standards. So, maybe next time? ? Good luck with your car.

Subaru Engine Problem Solved

I own a 2015 Forester, and I love it, by the way. I am a mechanic, but you don't have to be a mechanic to check and top off oil.

Our 2015 Forester is 2.5i Limited/FFI , 4 cylinder.

One liter in 6,000 km is equal to 1 quart in 3,600 miles.

I unfortunately purchased my first Subaru Outback, in July of this past year. It’s a 2018 , and replaces a very reliable Toyota 4 runner, that still ran hard and strong at 282,000 miles. It was a 2005, and never gave me any issue, but for the normal maintenance of brakes, tires and tune ups. At the time I traded it, little did I know the nightmare I was saddling myself with. Since the purchase of the Subaru in July, I’ve had 3 episodes of the car letting me know I have low engine oil, so I drive to the dealer and in fact, its low each time, usually between 2000 and 3000 miles, well before the reccomended oil change at 5000 miles, which I’ve kept up with diligently. I’ve had oil consumption tests, which show no problem according to the dealer. I’ve visited the dealer 6 times for a problem with my liftgate, opening randomly, sometimes while I’m in a store, sometimes while I’m driving. Thankfully I didnt lose my dog forever as a result of it opening in a parking lot. She was still sitting in the front seat when I walked out and discovered the liftgate open yet again.
On another occasion, my liftgate completely broke, and it wouldnt close at all. Subaru, fixed it, but they seem unable to fix the random opening issue. I also smell radiator coolant in the car and outside of it about 80% of the time. I’ve been told by Subaru that it’s an open system and it’s normal to smell it. Funny, I never ever smelled coolant in my Toyota, nor did I EVER run low on oil. Even with 282,000 miles, it never burned oil, and here I am with a 2018 Outback that’s been burning oil since 3100.00 miles, has left me stranded 3 times because the car wouldnt start. That was a problem with the battery. They replaced that, after my head unit went completely black and left me without music, messaging and a back up camera. I’ve also had 3 separate issues with my high beams not working, and many other issues that come and go every time I push the button to start the car. Sometimes my lights wont go out out, so I have to re start the car until they do, oh and yeah I still smell coolant all the time. So I drive, and wait for the next problem, and for the reliable ” low engine oil ” alert to come on again, so I can go back to the dealer for them to tell me that its indeed low, and I pay my bill each month for privilege of driving this frustrating, time consuming peice of garbage. I now dream of the days, just 6 months ago, when I owned a low maintenance, extremely reliable, hard working Toyota, that NEVER left me stranded in 13 years.
I dont feel the love, I feel the HATE, and if you research, and I wish I did……you’ll find Subaru’s long history of head gasket failures, the class action lawsuit they settled in 2016 for head gasket failure, and also a long history of people just like me who’ve posted their complete dissatisfaction with Subaru’s, not just the Outback. We’re a growing populace of people who dont feel the love, but rather feel betrayed by a company who preys on people who love their pets, adventure and the outdoors. They market their unreliable cars to us, and we buy them, hook, line, and sinker. I’ve requested a buyback on my car. I’m sick and tired of of being told, they dont know why my liftgate keeps opening, and have no fix for it, I’m tired of all the other issues that come up from day to day, tired of the stench of coolant, and low oil in an almost brand new car, and tired of wasting my time at the dealer, so i hired a Lemon law attorney. According to NJ Lemon law, if you hire an attorney, and win your case, the manufacturer has to pay the legal fees. If you lose, this attorney charges nothing. So….for all the disgruntled Subaru drivers out there, here you go
LEMON law attorney Timothy Abeel is in Philadelphia Pa. You can contact him at Hes taken on my case, and I’ve been very impressed with his constant updates, and attention to detail. For those of us who’ve purchased Subarus that are a nightmare, there is help !!!

So now we are on our third new car, this one runs out of oil too, SOA has the NDA out for us to sign before they will fix or replace this one. How can a company stay in business selling junk like this?

My dealer did the same thing on the very first oil change. When I took it back in they offered me $100 off the next service visit but at that point I had not yet seen the oil consumption problem. The only reason I found the car was over full was because the entire engine compartment had been sprayed with oil to the point we could smell it. That is when I noticed it was too full. I was really mad. Later finding out about the oil consumption tells me that you should trust NO Subaru dealer. The problem is the cars engine engineering. Get out while you can do it as cheaply as possible. That would be NOW! Tell all your friends and anyone you don't want to see hurt so they don't make the same mistake. Subaru can fix the problem. Swapping engines with the same engineering is not a solution. Piston rings.... maybe but I am not convinced. The fact that dealerships are overfilling and Subaru has not done a recall are all you really need to know about this problem. You are on you own. Save yourself and dump the Subaru.

Thanks for the link but it's broken. I'd like to read it if you have a copy or know if another link. I understand the new engines are different in ways. I guess my frustration lies in the fact we just plunked down $30g's for a car I had hoped would serve us well with minimal BS. I laughed at the salesman as he tried to sell us the extended warranty for 100k miles. I believe my exact words were, "if you want me to buy the extended warranty then you better sell me a shitty car". That's how much faith I had in my new purchase. I've owned 4 Subarus. One had 260k plus miles on the original engine and tranny. Used a little oil, but I think most was leaking past the valve cover gasket. We have 2 little girls, a small house which we are constantly renovating and bills which never seem to end. (I know, we're like 99% of America, or at least Subaru owners). We bought this car based on the excllent safety rating and my past experiences with my 4 other Subarus. We want to spend time with our girls, not driving the NEW car back and forth for oil consumption tests. I hate walking out of my house in the morning past our new $30000 investment and feeling a rock in my stomach instead of a smile on my face. I want to love this car, and I do, but it's like being married to a manic- depressive or something. Im not sure how long this happy phase is going to continue for. Maybe things will always be good, or maybe we'll be nursing a sick car not knowing how long the valves will last until they burn up or the cat's fail from all the excess oil burning off on them. I guess I'm just really frustrated.

I just bought a 2015 Forester and was horrified when I stumbled across these links about the oil and consequent lawsuit. This is my 4th Subi and NEVER seen this issue. My question/solution: funny isn't it that this really only started since they began using synthetic oil in 2010. I was ALWAYS told that a new engine should NEVER have synthetic oil in it, until it is properly broken in and the the rings are seated. My own personal belief is that this is the problem, not "defective rings on the piston". My car has 200 miles on it and I will be draining the stock oil tonight and replacing it with Castrol or Valvoline conventional for the first 3000 miles. I will report back in the future. We drive about 20k a year so I will know in short order of this does the trick. Anyone else tried this fix yet? I'm not sure why Subi still insists on putting synthetic in from the factory when this may be a quick fix. If this doesn't work - hello new CRV. That will suck because we LOVE this car! So much glass, I feel like I'm in a convertible.

I have a 2013 manual tranny Crosstrek that I FINALLY was able to get Subaru to put a new short block in at 37k miles! The oil consumption issue for mine started before the first oil change and continued to get worse until I was burning through 1 qt. every 1800 miles. That is when they finally got Subaru to agree to a new short block. So far I'm at 45k miles with one oil change after the first 3k miles since the new short block and I have not seen any oil loss. We will see how long this lasts, but Subaru lost a lifetime customer. No more after this experience unless they can fix this problem!