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Thanet District Council, which runs Ramsgate port, said it was still in discussions with the firm. The last firm to operate freight services from Ramsgate - TransEuropa - collapsed in 2013 owing £3.3m to the council.

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“Why choose a company that never moved a single truck in their entire history and give them £14 million? I don’t understand the logic of that.”

“Councillor Bayford proposed the withdrawal of the budget report for a period of 7-10 days to allow these discussions to conclude.”

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However the necessary preparations even if it were to hire a security firm represents another major task and cost outlay as it seeks to be ready for Brexit day at the end of March.

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 “If ministers show contempt for Commons resolutions, MPs should simply refuse to supply the money to pay all ministerial salaries,” he said. “And that would be just the start.”

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The past career of Ben Sharp, Seaborne Freight’s chief executive, has also been highlighted in reports and on social media.


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No-deal fears have been heightened by the Prime Minister, who is attempting to persuade MPs to back her withdrawal agreement in a meaningful vote in the Commons on January 14.

Transport Network also discovered that the address of the company given on the website was the address of its lawyers and has yet to hear back regarding the official trading address of the firm. According to reports, the firm's operational base is located in Folkestone.

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On top of this the company's website has a terms and conditions page that appeared to have been copied and pasted from a food takeaway service.

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"This is a shoddy and tawdry affair and the secretary of state is making a complete mess of it.

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Dredgers today began work in Ramsgate under emergency plans to upgrade the Kent harbour into a freight port if Mrs May’s deal fails to get through.

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Seaborne Freight has said 'a security plan for Ostend will be in place for the commence of operations'.

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Channel 4 News has since revealed that the firm, which plans to operate shipping services from Ramsgate to Ostend in Belgium, will have a big role to play in security at the Belgium port.

Seaborne Freight (UK) Limited
59 Mansell Street,
London, E1 8AN.

Seaborne’s contract was one of three awarded to charter extra ferries to ease congestion if the United Kingdom fails to secure a withdrawal deal before leaving the European Union in March. The company says it is planning a service between Ramsgate, near Dover, and Ostend in Belgium.

It is hoped that the provision, which is one of many, will help to alleviate anticipated delays and queues at the Port of Dover after Brexit. Questions were immediately raised over the controversial deal with Seaborne Freight however, as the company does not own any ships.

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Mr Grayling said he would not "address the idiocy" of Mr McDonald's comments, but added: "This government has let a contract for which we will pay no money until and unless ferries are running, that is responsible stewardship of public money."