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Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: "MPs are right to acknowledge that government agencies and local authorities are worst in class for debt collection, when they should be leading by example.

It's hardly surprising there are calls for the public sector - that is local authorities, Department for Work and Pensions and HMRC - to sign up and commit to better, more sensitive practices.

Instead it looks at the potential impact of the proposals agreed by the Cabinet at Chequers in July, which is the basis of the current proposal.

Before that Mrs May is touring the country to promote the deal and was due to be in Scotland on Wednesday afternoon.

The same applies to the impact on the government's finances. That said, all the scenarios in the analysis show an adverse effect; the saving on contributions to the EU is more than offset by the lower tax revenues that would result from the weaker economic growth.

That is after all the question we want answered. One problem is that it will be harder to judge when we look back whether the figures were right, because we would be comparing what actually happened with a hypothetical alternative that didn't.

Other government departments are also guilty of delays and failings, but it seems clear that these three have particular problems.

By December, women made up roughly 27.7 percent of the federal IT workforce, down from 28.2 percent a year earlier. During the same period, however, the number of non-white IT specialists increased from 36.3 percent to 37.3 percent.

Responding on behalf of the three departments, a Cabinet Office spokesperson said: "This government is committed to freedom of information and we are publishing more data than ever before, on everything from ministerial meetings to the money we spend. With increasing transparency the requests we receive under FOI ask for more and more complex information. We must balance the public need to make information available and to protect sensitive information."

In September, 60-plus IT employees outnumbered under-30 employees 4.53-to-1, and by December the ratio hit 4.64-to-1. That’s up from 1.8-to-1 roughly a decade ago.

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But Mr Hammond argued that staying in the EU was not politically "viable".

And in a range of rulings the Home Office was condemned for delays which were "unreasonable", "considerable", "very severe", "lengthy", "significantly excessive", "clearly excessive" and "far too long".

What all drivers from the UK may need to do to drive in the EU and EEA when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

The Information Commissioner's Office states it will be meeting the Home Office and the MoJ to discuss overdue cases. A spokesperson says: "We constantly review the FOI performance of public authorities across the UK and take action, including formal monitoring, where improvements are necessary. FOI law applies in the same way for all public authorities, regardless of size or profile."

In its report "Household finances: income, savings and debt", MPs single out public bodies for being behind the curve in their collection methods.

There are also some striking differences in regional economic impacts. In the no-deal situation the biggest effects are in North East England and the West Midlands. London gets away with least damage in that situation, but the capital is worst hit in the government's preferred option.

"When I contacted him, he was gruff, dismissive and rude, referring to me repeatedly as 'darling', despite me asking him not to do so, cutting me off and being quite intimidating, threatening 'we're coming round the house'."

The prime minister said her deal was the best one available for jobs and the economy.

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As the committee says: "The public sector should be leading by example in their treatment of the most vulnerable."

New chargepoints will support a shift towards cleaner, greener transport.

And Step Change, the debt charity, said it was now seeing average council tax debts of above £1,000 for about a third of its clients.

Getting Worse Government Departments

Under Mrs May's deal, the UK would be able to negotiate trade deals during the transition period after 29 March's Brexit day, but would not be able to implement them until the end of the planned 21-month transition period, which could itself be extended.

“Brexit looms large on the horizon and will compound the digital limbo government departments find themselves in. In the short term, it will need to digitise rapidly and smartly to minimise disruption to how Government does business, but longer term now is the time to think more creatively about how this digital chasm is addressed from early talent capture through to embracing new ways of working,” Pillai continued.

Research commissioned by Zaizi, a leader in end-to-end digital services, found over half of government departments are seeing slow or partial progress in digitising their processes, with even less exploring automation. As a result, government digital transformation projects are not as efficient as they could be and not future-proofed to take advantage of emerging technologies and meet the ever-rising expectations of the British public.

As a declaration of interest I should state that I and BBC colleagues have made FOI requests to these departments which have been badly affected by delays.

These concerns are not about disputes on the principles of whether information should be disclosed or not, where the arguments can be finely judged and the commissioner sometimes backs and sometimes overrules the department - this is to do with basic administrative processes.

Official figures say the UK economy could be up to 3.9% smaller after 15 years under Theresa May's Brexit plan, compared with staying in the EU.

Confusingly the 83-page document does not forecast the impact of the prime minister's current deal.

The pattern of delay at the Home Office is so extreme that extraordinarily in 50 cases adjudicated by the Information Commissioner's Office in the past two years, the department simply failed to provide the requester with a substantive response at all before the commissioner intervened.

The economy will continue to grow under all the scenarios, but there is a wide variation in how much.

Confusingly the 83-page document does not forecast the impact of the prime minister's current deal.

It calls for public sector bodies to change the way they recoup debts.

The age gap in the federal IT workforce is growing wider as agencies fight to attract young technologists to government, according to the latest data from the Office of Personnel Management.

The government report also examines three other possible scenarios including a no-deal Brexit, which would be the most damaging.

Each government department has its own departmental website with ministers and parliamentary secretaries often having their own websites as well. Within each portfolio there are also numerous agency and program websites.