We have considered how professional users are interacting with it on behalf of other people (for example, Citizens Advice, or someone helping somebody with a visa application), as their behaviour can be different from users doing the task themselves.

We also ran a remote user research study where we asked users to complete a series of tasks before and after 3 step by step journeys were published.

gov.uk is a great site, as a developer I can appreciate the complexity of what you are trying to do, and how simple you are making it. It's something to be proud of. Well done and keep up the great work.

New employment figures confirmed 2018 had the UK’s strongest jobs market on record with latest figures showing more people in work than ever before.

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Employers will be able to rely on an online Right to Work Checking Service to demonstrate compliance with illegal working legislation.


This topic structure will power new ways to search and browse the site, making things much easier to find.

Rather than organise GOV.UK around the structure of government, we’ve been working to organise content around user needs at scale. So, rather than being organised by department, content on GOV.UK is now organised into a single site-wide system of user-centred topics.

MSP, PharmaCare, accessing health care, public health, health forms, practitioner & professional resources, Office of the Provincial Health Officer, mental health and substance use supports in B.C.

I'm really looking forward to any info on research in this area of related pages or subjects that are related but not directly part of the step by step process, so for users discovering similar and useful information. This is what we are looking into at the moment as we are using your step by step pattern as a basis for the work we are doing.

That’s why government needs to look at every step of this task. From the first thing the user does, to the last thing they need to do. We need to look at services from end to end.

But we want to go further - we want to make things easier to do.

We are building an economy that works for everyone, so that there are great places in every part of the UK for people to work and for businesses to invest, innovate and grow.

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As this table shows, the content that sits within these journeys often crosses multiple government departments and we need a collaborative approach to make these journeys better for users. Creating a new process for cross-government working to support this has been equally as important as designing a new way of navigating.


I dunno, I wouldn't underestimate how many people around the world are repeatedly looking at and referencing the great work you've done! Anyway, it's probably not statistically significant as you say. 😀

Early learning, K-12, post secondary, adult learning, ways to learn, K to 12 administration, skills training, StudentAidBC, Aboriginal EducationBC For High School, Enhanced District Reporting

The navigation follows you throughout your journey, indicating what to do now and next. It also shows you previous steps you might have missed. For example, getting a provisional driving licence before booking a driving theory test.

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For example, a business wanting to hire their first employee needs information and services from 5 different areas of government before they can hire them:

From https://design-system.service.gov.uk/patterns/step-by-step-navigation/ you mention doing further research into "if it’s useful to add step by step navigation to pages that are related but not linked to from that step by step".

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Find out how to see the personal information that UK Visas and Immigration holds about you.

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DfT is a ministerial department, supported by 23 agencies and public bodies.

And what makes this even harder is that each step needs to be done at the right time and in the right order.

If you’re in a department or agency team and want to work with us to put together step by step journeys, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at modelling-services@digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk.

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A guide to applying to the EU Settlement Scheme for EU citizens and their families.

Agriculture & seafood, BC building code, electricity, forestry, highway construction, liquefied natural gas, mineral exploration & mining, natural gas & oil, Site C dam

We work with our agencies and partners to support the transport network that helps the UK’s businesses and gets people and goods travelling around the country. We plan and invest in transport infrastructure to keep the UK on the move.

Over the past 6 months we’ve collaborated with more than 15 different departments to publish 25 step by step journeys.

New chargepoints will support a shift towards cleaner, greener transport.

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I dunno, I wouldn't underestimate how many people around the world are repeatedly looking at and referencing the great work you've done! Anyway, it's probably not statistically significant as you say. 😀