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Here’s my latest update video that I managed to squeeze in before votes this afternoon covering the weekend’s events in North West Hampshire, my visit to Ocado in Andover UK and the granting of Royal Assent to the EU Withdrawal Bill making it law.

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It was great talking about the future of #MoreBetterFaster housing while also protecting our..

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Malthouse has been wearing down his shoe leather at the Conservative Party Conference, under way in Birmingham, appearing back-to-back at panel discussions examining planning, buying, renting, and building beautiful. Less than three months in the post, like predecessors Dominic Raab and Gavin Barwell he seems to have gained a rapid grasp of the intricacies of planning and housebuilding, perhaps down to his background in sitting on planning committees when a local councillor.

Kit Malthouse was appointed Minister of State for Housing on 9 July 2018.

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So he learnt what he knows from being on a Planning Committee…not entirely sure that is the best learning environment. It might be interesting to know how many developments he opposed while there. Also he clearly doesn’t understand the development process and economic reality. S106 money will only be paid if development happens. If the return will be too low funding via the banks will not be forthcoming and development cannot happen. Clearly there is no excuse for paying too much for land then arguing the scheme cannot pay out, but the whole system has been designed to allow developers to do exactly that.

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He was a member of the London Assembly from 2008 to 2016. He served as Deputy Mayor for Policing 2008 to 2012 and Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise from 2012 to 2015.

Head of Development In the last decade, the city has seen private...

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On innovation: “I don’t want housebuilders to be like Kodak; ignoring the signs to move forward into a new format, and now consigned to a footnote in history.”

Kit is a chartered accountant, founding a midlands-based finance company, which he now chairs.

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One thing that stands out about Malthouse; he doesn’t mince his words. Here are some choice quotes, and metaphors, from the housing minister on a range of topics as he makes his presence felt at the Tory conference.

Kit attended Sudley County Primary school and then Liverpool College before studying Politics and Economics at Newcastle University.

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On dealing with developers: “They say dogs can smell fear, well, so can developers.”

On Neighbourhood Plans: “There’s actually a clause called the Malthouse Clause in the latest planning guidance, about giving more power to implementing neighbourhood plans, as I think they’re very important.”

On whether councils should return to housebuilding: “Anyone who wants to build, should be building. But I don’t want to place bets on any particular sector delivering homes; we need a big, vigorous landscape of homes, with a big, vigorous landscape of tenures.”

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Funniest Kit Malthouse

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Of all Government positions, the role of housing minister has been a merry-go-round in recent years, with a new incumbent taking over, on average, every 16 months. Here’s some comments from the latest minister, Kit Malthouse, to help you get to know him fast.

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On Help to Buy: “It’s become popular to bash Help to Buy in certain circles, but it’s the only Government policy where young people stop me in the street, every week, to thank me for it. If it’s working, the Government will look to continue it.”