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I have a sony stereo im trying to put back in my car i have all the wires connected by color but there is a illumination wire i dont know where it goes and when i plug it in theres power to the stereo but it wont do anything any suggestions?

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I have a 2000 ford ranger. I have a red and black wire that’s for the key hot but every time I tune it on and plug in a radio it doesn’t work

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You may be able to tap into the signal wire for the oem amp to use as the input to your sq-61 depending on the voltage of the signal wire. Here’s a wiring diagram for a 2012 civic that might help.

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2004 chevy venture Just install a sony CDX-GT270MP use a metra harness whit an antenna adapter that is connected. cd and aux work fine but the radio have no sound

I installed a pioneer avh-1330 in my 2013 ram 1500 with an aftermarket harness that it required and now if I put truck in reverse the stereo turns off once in drive it comes back on. Also if I hit a large bump it will turn off and sometimes does not come back on until I turn truck off and turn truck back on. Sometimes it cuts off just randomly, at first I thought it was because it was too loud but the other day it did it when the volume was lower. Just for clarification the radio powers off and comes back on usually none of the settings are lost. Any idea wtf is going on?

I have a toyota Vitz 2003 radio which although has its power on, the sound takes a few minutes to come. Sometimes it takes more than 15min. This happens more frequently in summer times.
Should someone have experienced such problem, please let me know what might be the problem as I have already had some attempts with my techs but to no avail as the fault is more like intermittent although very frequent.

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I’m having a problam with the after market sterio system i installed yesterday. when i turn on my sterio unit my amps arnt coming on with it. Iv gone over the wiring several times and have found its wired correctly. This isn’t the first time iv installed this system. i pulled it out of the car i wrecked and just inatalled it in a 2003 dodge intrepid. I’m stumped. I’m lost and couldd really use your advice. Iv never had a problam with this equipment . it worked great. thankyou

I tried Your advice on my amplifier taking it out of safety mode but it doesn’t work so now what do I do

It’s easy to check the front and rear lights on your Ford… when you know how. Watch the video and you’ll soon be an expert light checker.

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Hello, we recently installed a aftermarket Pyle touchscreen stereo to my car, previously had an aftermarket installed professionally and everything worked beautifully, but decided to install the second one ourselves, everything works except the subwoofer, could it be connector problem ? the plug in wrong plug hole ? everything was left exactly as was settings on amp as previous system, does this need to be changed ? thank you for any help

I guess my next question would be if i bought this interface which i have found cheaply will then need to undo the spliced wires and then wire the After-market HU to the interface and cap them wires then do the same from the factory wiring to the interface..will the colors be similar or will i need to map out the colors again..i figure the two orange wires didnt matter since they are similar..just rather they are hooked to the constant or ignition

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I recently installed a multimedia car system in my Toyota hilux and I am having a problem with FM signal.
The signal is fine when the car is not running and as soon as I turn on the engine the signal is lost.
I have the blue wire from the antenna connected to power and this also does not work.

You have the right to insist that Ford OE parts are used throughout the repair of your vehicle.

Next steps: Stop-start driving can cause the DPF to get blocked so you should clear it by driving around for 10 minutes at over 40mph – check your owner's manual for more specific advice.

Next steps: Stop as soon as you can and check the oil level, topping up as needed – your owner's manual will tell you how. If the light still shows, turn off the engine and contact us to report your breakdown.

I have a 2008 Mustang with a factory installed “Rocker 6 disc stereo. I’ve purchased a Boss system with a Metra 70-5521 wiring harness. The unit is not turning on, the fuse is good in the unit and I’ve double checked the wiring. The unit has a reset button, and when pushed in I’ll get the CD light to come on, but none to the main screen display. Any suggestions would be appreciated. PS…I installed a Boss 7” display in my 2006 Explorer last month and the installation was flawless.

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please need help as i have installed a touch screen stereo into my vt commodore and it only turns on when i turn headlights on!! amy help on this would be awesome..

So I’m having a problem where the display to my stereo is on but no sound. The stereo and speakers are both factory.

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Depending on the amp, the red light (and the sequence of flashing) will determine what the problem is. e.g. solid red could stand for low voltage, solid blinking could stand for a short, 2 fast blinks, etc. If you can, check the amplifier’s troubleshooting section of the manual and it will tell you what the problem is.

i have a pioneer radio, and speakers, the speakers are 80 watt and and i have some 12’s in the back and my amp is 1100 watts. when the bass hits hard, or i turn the radio up the amp shuts off so i turn the radio off and right back on and the amp comes on. Why does it do that?

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Make sure the amp turn on (Blue/white striped wire) is hooked up properly from the head unit to the amplifier.

If the amplifier turns on, it could be a signal issue and the RCA wires may not be connected properly. Check that the RCA wires are connected to the SUB or S/W output of the head unit, and that the RCAs are connected properly at the amplifier.

HI, we just purchased a 2013 Mercedes Smart Fortwo vehicle. The previous owner said his grandson ran the battery completely dead and when he got it charged the radio said “radio blocked” please contact dealer. Dealers just want you to bring the car in for service. After being on line and doing research I have discovered there is not a SIM card in the stereo. Can you tell me where to purchase a SIM card for the smart car?

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After installing new speakers in my FJ Cruiser the radio would suddenly turn off once in a while, usually after hitting a bump in the road.
My radio is a Kenwood KDC-X72. I’ve checked the wires with a volt meter and I shook the wires to see if the power would go off, but it read 12 volts continuously. I had the test lead connected to the wiring harness plug, so I think the problem must be with wiring harness plug on the radio.
Could it be that harness plug isn’t making a good connection with pins on the radio? Has anyone ever had to replace a wiring harness plug because the pins in the plug no longer makes a perfect connection?

Alternatively, you can contact your local Ford Accident Repair Centre and arrange the repair directly with them.

I have 2005 nissan sentra and i bought a slide-out screen it was working perfect but all now it keeps going off then it comes back on,it does that quit often,i dont want to get rid of the radio if i can figure out the problem