The University offers scholarship to help athletes who are competing at national or international level to meet the extra costs of elite participation. The scheme provides a personal academic coaching, complete tuition fee waiver, free access to the university sports facilities and guaranteed university accommodation for the duration of study.

Student athletes, some of whom have proudly marched in the athletes’ parade at the beginning of this evening’s ceremony, had the opportunity to compete in as many as 24 different sports. After more than five thousand sporting duels, almost two thousand medals have been awarded.

Will keep on living if we make it so[14][15]

I can run and I can fly so high

The 2016 European University Games programme featured 21 sports including Compulsory sports (8), Optional sports (11), Demo sports programme and sports for students with disabilities for the first time in academical sport.

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Zrinko Čustonja, the president of the European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016, welcomed everyone on behalf of the Croatian Academic Sports Federation and the Organizing Committee:

'As long as heart believes' is official song of European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016.

The Rector of the University of Zagreb Damir Boras adressed the audience after him.

Adam Roczek, the president of EUSA, also gave a speech. He recalled the famous Universiade and thanked the organizers of the Games in Zagreb and Rijeka. He also expressed his gratitude to Zrinko Čustonja, praising his enthusiasm and work ethic. He did not forget to thank the volunteers as well, who had welcomed everyone with smiles on their faces.

Before the announcement of the winning city was done, EUSA President Roczek stressed the quality of both bids and presentations, and then announced "The 3rd European Universities Games in 2016 will be organised in: Zagreb-Rijeka in Croatia"[4] Coimba in Portugal was later chosen to host the European Universities Games 2018.[6]

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Sprintoor also has well-furnished living accommodation with a capacity of 75 beds, a VIP lounge, cafeteria, projector room, media room and a reception lobby.

In the end, contestants and referees took their oaths. On behalf of the contestants the oath was taken by Ana Lenard, a karateist from Zagreb, while Ivan Šverko, a basketball referee from Rijeka, took the oath on behalf of the referees.[10]

The closing ceremony of the European Universities Games in Zagreb and Rijeka took place at Rijeka Korzo on July 25th, 2016. These third European Universities Games,were the greatest and biggest so far in terms of the number of participants, as seen from the fact that almost six thousand student athletes from 403 universities and 41 European countries competed in Rijeka and Zagreb over the last two weeks.

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The ceremony was attended by numerous dignitaries who praised the organizers and congratulated the participants on their results. Near the very end of tonight’s programme, after the young bell-ringers passed him the flag of EUSA, Daniel Moreno, representative of the next host of the European Universities Games – the Portuguese city of Coimbra, addressed the audience as well:

‘Rijeka, Zagreb, and all of Croatia should be proud of the great success of the Games. You have brought together thousands of people in the name of sport, made us feel like one big family and organized the best European Universities Games in history,’ said Adam Roczek, president of the European University Sports Association.

Have fun, but not too much! – said the Croatian Prime Minister before declaring the Games open.asadasdas

VIE an All India Sports Extravaganza is an annual event hosted by Jain University. This year the university saw an outstanding performance and participation of students from more than 50 colleges in various indoor and outdoor sporting events.

The host for the European Universities Games 2016 was decided on 1 June 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by the EUSA Executive Committee.[5] The two bids were Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia, and Coimbra in Portugal.[5] The Croatian presentation was followed by a questions and answers session, and the same system applied also for the Portuguese delegation with the bidding city of Coimbra, which came next.[4]

Jain University provides world-Class infrastructure for sports in its sprawling campus of 160 acres.  Sprintoor  The state-of-the-art multi-purpose Indoor stadium with a seating capacity for 2000 spectators has facilities for almost all indoor games.  Sprintoor is an indoor stadium with a total built up area of 80,000 sq feet. The multi-discipline stadium is constructed at a total cost of 1800 lakhs with the following facilities:

A modern pavilion with complete facilities of dressing rooms, massage rooms, umpire’s cabins, dining hall and viewer's gallery. Ten practice pitches (07 turfs & 03 cement) are also available for the practice purpose. 

‘First of all, I would like to congratulate the Croatian Academic Sports Federation, Zagreb and Rijeka on these great European Universities Games 2016. This is a great moment for the university sports movement. The standard of quality these games have set is high, and we will do our best to deliver an event as this one in Coimbra, Portugal in 2018.’

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The EUG 2016 Opening Ceremony took place on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 21.00 with a live TV broadcast by the national TV broadcaster (Croatian Radiotelevision - HRT), and a duration of 120 minutes. [8] The tickets for the opening ceremony were free, but without them it was not possible to enter the event area – the athletics stadium of the Sports Park Mladost in Zagreb. [9]

‘Students, these Games were created for you. Your talent and commitment brought you here. Compete with passion in a fair play manner, respect your opponents – your sport fellows on and off the pitch, meet friends, enjoy every minute of your stay here’

Athletics  It has a 400 meters natural track, athletic arena and a covered stand with a capacity for more than 5000 seating spectators. 

The Oval  The 2 lakh sq feet lush green ‘Oval’, a well-designed international standard cricket ground with 5 strips of turf wicket in the center is fit enough to host any international or national level cricket match. 

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‘I wish you courage and a lot of success; may the best among you win. However, although it is important to win and to achieve success on the sports field, keep in mind that it is even more important to participate and to be dignified and great even in defeat.’

‘The story of university sport is not the story of breaking records and winning medals. It’s the story of friendship, of breaking mental, national, political, religious and other barriers; it’s the story of the future.’ ‘May Zagreb and Rijeka, which will be the center of Europe in the next twelve days, be the starting point of a more beautiful and happier future Europe,’

The Games, which were opened with a great opening ceremony at Mladost Stadium in Zagreb, were closed today in Rijeka, thus symbolically closing the circle of organization of the largest multi-sport event in recent Croatian history.[11]

Prajwal of II BA (PSEco) won a silver medal in the 25 meters breast-stroke and a bronze medal in the 100 meters breast-stroke event at VIE Tournament conducted by SBM Jain University, Bangalore.

At the very end of the ceremony, the Games were opened by the Prime Minister of Croatia Tihomir Orešković. In his speech he thanked the organizers, emphasizing the importance of this sporting event, the largest since the Croatian independence. He expressed his confidence that Croatia would be a great host to the thousands of students who came to the Games, just as it was a great host during the 1987 Zagreb Universiade. He sent a message to all students, confident they would like it:

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