‘The board has gone through all the possible scenarios with an accountant and they all show that the club will face a shortage of several tens of millions of euros if relegated,’ spokesman Marcel Wendrich is quoted as saying. ‘There would be no option other than to file for bankruptcy.’

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Photo: FC Twente Football club FC Twente say they will be forced to file for bankruptcy if the football association denies their last ditch appeal to avoid relegation to the Jupiler league.

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The Dutch football association’s players council said last month the club should be sent down one league next season for failing to get its finances in order and will take a final decision this week. A court has already ruled that relegation would be lawful.

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In March, the club withdrew its 2014-15 annual report after discovering ‘potential’ irregularities surrounding transfers.

The club has already frozen June’s salary payments and the first creditors have already come forward, the Volkskrant said on Saturday.

Fue fundado en la ciudad de Enschede y es el equipo reserva del FC Twente, siendo uno de los tres primeros equipos filiales en jugar en la Eerste Divisie para la temporada 2013/14 juto al Jong Ajax y al Jong PSV luego de jugar desde 1992 en la Beloften Eredivisie, primera división de los equipos reserva; por lo que ahora no puede ser elegible para jugar en la Eredivisie ni en la Copa de los Países Bajos.

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The decision to relegate Twente means De Graafschap will remain in the Eredivisie next season despite losing the relegation battle in May.

El Jong Twente es un equipo de fútbol de los Países Bajos que juega en la Eerste Divisie, la segunda liga de fútbol más importante del país.