72 min Slovakia takes some heat out of the game with a long spell of passing. Then they make another substitution, with Dusan Svento replacing the goalscorer Vladimir Weiss.

80 min Mamaev shots from 20 yards, and slices it laughably wide.

Black and Asian fans attending the match in Marseille in June also face being targeted by the racist yobs hell-bent on trouble.

Marek Hamsik scored a spectacular goal and inspired Slovakia’s first win at a European Championship despite a traumatic last 10 minutes

Reserve team players are registered with the Premier League and are eligible to play in any official games.

And hooligans in Lviv paraded with SS banners calling for “a white Europe”.

Largest Margin of Victory — Dynamo Yakutsk - 9-1 (1995), FC Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - 8-0 (1993), PFC Spartak Nalchik 8-0 (1998)

65 min “South Korea 0 - 0 Bolivia, USA 94, Group C,” says Tom Janes. “Within about three minutes the world was pleading for the game to end. Scottish ref Les Mottram, in an air of (possible) Presbyterian rectitude, added about 10 minutes of injury time to heighten our suffering and make us really, really earn our places in heaven.”

“Not soft English men in their Lacoste clothes and girls’ shoes. Fans from all clubs, Moscow, St Petersburg, anywhere, will all be on same side.

67 min A Slovakia change: Duda off, Adam Nemec on.

90 min There will be three minutes of added time.

75 min Russia make their final substitution, with Roman Shirokov replacing Kokorin.

The gangs are dominated by neo-Nazi’s despite Hitler’s brutal treatment of Russians during the Second World War that claimed the lives of 25 million soldiers and civilians.

86 min “Are there any possible scenarios whereby England and Russia will have to play off to decide who qualifies in third place?” says Simon McMahon. “UEFA will be desperate for that to happen, what with the extra revenue it will bring in.”

Euro 2012 was marred by violence between Russian and Polish fans and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned ethnic minorities from the UK to be on their guard against racial violence.

64 min A couple of corners for Russia, who seem to have suddenly realised they are in danger of throwing themselves out of the competition. Nothing happens but there is more urgency.

84 min Russia have a problem: Shatov is holding his groin, and they’ve used all three substitutes.

Russian football has been marred by a string of violent clashes in recent years with Moscow hooligans waving swastika flags and clashing with riot police.

The Nazi symbol is a regular sight at games and in 2013 CSKA was hit with a partial stadium closure by UEFA.

91 min Kozacik comes a long way to superbly claim a Russian free-kick, and a growling Skrtel almost punches him with joy in celebration.

The team was previously named "Burevestnik" (1957), "Tomich" (1958, 1961–1963), "Sibelektromotor" (1959–1960), "Torpedo" (1964–1967, 1974–1978), "Tomles" (1968–1973) and "Manometr" (1979–1987).

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Hordes of thugs from Moscow rivals Spartak and CSKA will become allies to launch terrifying assaults on Three Lions fans attending the group game against Russia in France.

FC Tom Tomsk (Russian: Футбольный клуб Томь Томск) is a Russian football club, based in the Siberian city of Tomsk. The team plays in Trud Stadium (Tomsk).

78 min Russia’s good spell lasted about four minutes, and now Slovakia looked comfortable once again.

Ukrainian domestic football is not only dogged with violence but also has unsavoury incidents of fans unfurling giant swastika flags and other Nazi symbols at matches.

Man fighting for life after horror dog attack inside his own home

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey admitted to hospital for third time

Largest Margin of Defeat - FC Dynamo Barnaul 0-7 (1962)

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The club's directors disclosed that the club needed to raise funds or it would go out of business due to debts of 200 million roubles in June 2009.[2]

80 min Slovakia’s final substitution: Robert Mak, who will keep Danny Rose busy next week, is replaced by Michal Duris.

85 min Shatov is carrying on, and seems to be okay. Slovakia are camped in their own third.

And here’s Jamie Jackson’s match report of Slovakia’s win:

“We like beer and girls too just like you but fighting is number one.”

Slovakia win a European Championship match for the first time! They deserved it despite a staggering collapse in the last 10 minutes, and Marek Hamsik’s goal is currently going viral.

The ban was for the racist abuse of Manchester City’s Yaya Toure by their fans.

70 min This isn’t the end for Russia. Under Uefa’s new every-loser-wins system, they should still qualify if they win their last game against Wales. I would not, however, wager my last Rolo on them doing so.

68 min Hamsik has a couple of shots blocked on the edge of the area. A goal is coming at one end or another as this game is now as open as the Guardian’s journalism.

In 2010 a fan was stabbed to death by Dynamo Kiev extremists as others chanted “Heil Hitler”.