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BBC Sport picks five must-see moments at next summer's World Cup finals in Brazil

BBC Sport profiles all 32 teams ahead of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

La stagione 2009-2010 la vede ancora protagonista del girone D, ed anche se con 43 punti non riesce a sopravanzare il Marsala primo classificato, a completamento dell'organico per la stagione 2010-2011 la Pink viene ripescata per disputare il campionato di Serie A2. Iscritta nel Girone D, riservato alle formazioni del centro e meridione, riesce a fine stagione a conquistare la salvezza riuscendo a raggiungere, pur totalizzando solo 16 punti, il 10º posto in classifica.

The designers start drawing almost immediately, sketching out mock front pages in pencil and with felt pens, working through ideas.

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In January 2015, Vitanza signed with Serie A club Pink Sport Time Bari for the second half of the 2014/2015 season.[6]

Now Monti and his staff are looking forward to Germany, whose football team Italy hates even more than Spain. It's a little after 6 p.m., and the staff is gathering in the big conference room down the hall. They're waiting on him. In that room, a nation's conversation will be shaped. La Gazzetta remains a powerful force in Italy: cheerleader, confessor, deeply in love with the game, skeptical of the forces surrounding it. That certainly describes Monti.

Upstairs, on the day after Italy beat Spain, people are moving slowly.

Vitanza returned to Europe in September of 2011 and signed a contract with the newly promoted Italian Serie A club Orlandia '97 for the 2010/2011 season.

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At age 22, Vitanza was invited to play for Dutch Eredivisie club SC Heerenveen for the 2011/2012 season. Her stint at the club had her playing center midfielder.[3]

"I call it a disposable bible," says Andrea Monti, the current editor.

Who is playing? How can you watch the games? Who does our expert think will win? All the information you need on 2014 Fifa World Cup day two.

Durante l'estate 2013 viene posta in atto la riforma del campionato femminile, eliminando la Serie A2 e riportando la Serie B al secondo livello.

Below is a list of previous champions, including those belonging to several independent federations under which the Serie A title was contested before entering the FIGC. Since 1968 all championships were defined as "Serie A":

The league mostly consisted of 12 teams, that play each other 2 times. Just after 1986, when this independent federation entered main Italian football organization (FIGC), Serie A championship had been increased of two teams to reach 16 as well as Serie A national male league.

A senior writer for and ESPN The Magazine, Wright Thompson is a native of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

In 1970 a new federation (FFIGC) was constituted in Rome, but not all former FICF teams entered FFIGC so that Serie A competitions had been organized by two independent federations and leagues again. In 1972 the two federations merged in the new "united" one (FFIUAGC = Federazione Femminile Italiana Unita Autonoma Giuoco Calcio) but a few ones didn't agree and refounded an independent federation in Viareggio (FICF).

L'Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Pink Sport Time, o semplicemente Pink Sport Time o Pink Bari, è una società polisportiva con sede a Bari, la cui branca più autorevole è la squadra di calcio femminile. Dopo due campionati di Serie A, dalla stagione 2016-2017 gioca in Serie B.

The teams participating to the 2015/16 women's football Serie A championship are:

"Last night, the newspaper got out of control," Monti says, showing off the Italy jersey he wore. "People were dragging themselves in totally drunk. They drank Spanish champagne, which is very cheap."

Spain’s elimination from the World Cup was humiliating and dramatic – but what next for the fallen champions?

Vitanza has spent most of her youth and professional careers playing alongside her sister Catiana Vitanza.

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Oltre a una squadra di pallacanestro, viene istituita una squadra di calcio femminile[1] che adotta come colori sociali il rosa e il blu che identificheranno le maglie della squadra iscritta ai campionati regionali Puglia.

As the Serie A is currently in the top eight of UEFA women's leagues[1] the top two places qualify for the UEFA Women's Champions League.

Once the rundown is finished, the argument begins in earnest.

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La stagione 2016-2017 inizia con un cambio alla panchina, dove Roberto D'Ermilio rileva Isabella Cardone passata a ruoli dirigenziali.

Some people want to lead the paper with the day's breaking news about the local clubs. Others want to focus on the Italian national team in the Euros, especially on manager Antonio Conte, whose popularity is at a peak right now.


The editors go around the room, explaining what is happening in their sports, and where in the world their writers will be filing from tonight. It's a football fan's dream, discussing possible transfers and signings, playing out scenarios. The biggest news is local. AC Milan has hired a new coach, Vincenzo Montella, while at Inter, the sale to Zhang became official at the team's shareholder meeting.

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In the run-up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, BBC Sport looked back at 100 of the greatest World Cup moments.

Italy salvage a draw in their World Cup qualifier against Spain with a late Daniele de Rossi penalty.

The women's football Serie A is the highest-level league competition for women's football clubs in Italian football. It was established in 1968 but main teams were composing two different federations and leagues (FICF and UISP). In the following season main UISP teams entered FICF federation so that all Serie A teams played a single league championship.

"I was drinking myself," Monti says, smiling. "So I came up with Godemos."

A complete guide to World Cup Group B, which features Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia.

The mock-up has the Milan news stripped across the top. The main centerpiece is a story with the working headline "Guru Conte," which is debated and abandoned. Editors throw around other ideas. The sun glares through the long, narrow windows and, finally, they decide.

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