Several football-crazy members of the games and sport department – established by Franz Reese in 1899 following a gymnastics festival on Heiligengeistfeld – met in the August Tenne pub one tipsy evening and decided to establish a section dedicated to their game.

A prominent symbol is its football club, FC St. Pauli and the Millerntor-Stadion. The club played host to the inaugural FIFI Wild Cup in May–June 2006. In 2010 the FC St. Pauli was one hundred years old. For the jubilee the Fan club 18auf12 recorded a song: One Hundred Beers (Words and music by Henning Knorr & Christoph Brüx).[4]

The club’s anarcho-libertarian ethos has also chimed globally, with more than 200 fan clubs worldwide. In the UK, supporters meet at London’s Zeitgeist pub or Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Bar every Saturday afternoon to watch games. Celtic and St Pauli fans, in particular, have forged a strong kinship, while the ‘Birmingham Boys in Brown’ raised £1,370 for the club during its financial woes by staging a ‘Brownstock’ benefit gig.

In the early 1990s, the media in Germany recognized the Kult-image of the club, focusing on the punk part of the fan-base in TV broadcasts of the matches. By this time, the media also started to establish nicknames like "Freibeuter der Liga" ("Buccaneers of the League"") as well as "das Freudenhaus der Liga" ("Brothel of the League", literally "House of Joy").

In the absence of boss Ewald Lienen, a masked man was used as they paraded new striker Marvin Ducksch.

Art Brut singer Eddie Argos composed 2007 track St Pauli about the team (occasionally played in the Millerntor), having supported the club since an early German tour.

Then, last May, after eight years ricocheting around the lower tiers of German football, St Pauli beat Fürth 4-1, a result that elevated them back to the Bundesliga — 100 years after the club’s foundation. “No filmmaker could have written a story like that,” says Brux.

It’s less than a 10-minute walk to the Reeperbahn, the famous red-light district where the Beatles grew from boys into men, and a short ride to the tiny club where, eight years ago, the Gaslight Anthem played one of their first shows outside North America.

This means the club made very little profit from its own merchandise. When I discuss the situation a few days later, Oke tells me that he can’t say much because the courts are dealing with the matter, except to say that St Pauli make only between a fourth and a sixth of what their competitors earn from licensed sales of fan regalia.

The following international players have also played for St. Pauli:

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+++ Regeneration nach dem Werder-Test +++ Rasmussen siegt mit Dänemarks U20 +++ Rettig bei der Football Pride Week +++ 1. Frauen gewinnen Pokalspiel +++... [Weiterlesen »]

St. Pauli moved in and out of the Bundesliga over the course of the next dozen years: The club were narrowly relegated to the Oberliga in the 1984–85 season, but won the 1985–86 championship and returned to 2. Bundesliga. Two increasingly strong years followed, resulting in promotion and three seasons in 1. Bundesliga, during 1988–91. Four seasons followed in 2. Bundesliga, and then another two in 1. Bundesliga 1995–97, before returning to 2. Bundesliga.

Nach dem Testspiel gegen Werder Bremen am Donnerstagabend (6.10.) waren wir für Euch in der Mixed-Zone auf Stimmenfang und haben durchweg positive Statements in unsere Blöcke notiert. ... [Weiterlesen »]

Hamburg’s self-styled rebels pride themselves on doing and saying the right thing but how much has the football been damaged by the global image?

The Stadium is located next to the Heiligengeistfeld, and is overlooked by the infamous Flak Tower IV to the north and a building of the Deutsche Telekom to the south. It can easily be reached with the Hamburg U-Bahn line U3 (St. Pauli Station and Feldstrasse Station).

Vor 6.727 Zuschauern trennten sich unsere Kiezkicker am Millerntor mit 1:1 vom SV Werder Bremen. Nach der Partie konnten wir Cheftrainer Ewald Lienen, Torschütze Maurice Litka, Innenverteidiger Philipp Ziereis und Ex-Kiezkicker Lennart Thy vor die K... [Weiterlesen »]

“I was in Hamburg, feeling slightly depressed,” he says down the phone, having just finished a St Pauli painting for the New York supporters’ club. “Everybody seemed to be wearing their shirt and I thought, ‘I’m so lonely, I wish I could be part of that team.’ I also loved the fact they were sponsored by Jack Daniel’s — and played like they were drinking it.”

There is no open boycott of the club’s merchandise (after all, St Pauli do get a small slice of the cake), but the muddled situation explains why some supporters prefer homemade St Pauli gear. It also illustrates the club’s unfortunate penchant for making bad decisions—not only off the pitch. When I sat down with Oke, FC St Pauli were in a relegation spot with only six games left in the season.

Punk, pirates and politics — welcome to Germany’s FC St Pauli (AKA the ‘Brothel Of The League’) who, says ShortList’s Christian Koch, could teach the sporting world a thing or two about equal opportunities

In 2008 Nike commemorated the club with two exclusive Dunk shoes, both released in limited quantities. The High Dunk (featuring a black colorway, and the skull and crossbones symbol) was released to all countries throughout Europe, with only 500 pairs produced. The Low Dunk (featuring a smooth white colorway, and holding the team's logo impregnated in the side panel leather) was released only to shops in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, with only 150 pairs produced.[31]

Länderspielpause? Nicht für unsere U23. In der Regionalliga Nord ruht das Leder nicht. Am Sonnabend (8.10., 14 Uhr) empfangen die Kiezkicker im Stadion an der Hoheluft den SV Eichede. Gegen den Tabellenletzten brennt unsere U23 darauf, den dritten ... [Weiterlesen »]

Three flags are flying atop the building. The middle one carries the FC St Pauli crest and club colours, brown and white. The one on the left advertises a crowdfunding project to raise money for underprivileged residents of St Pauli, the working-class quarter of Hamburg. The one on the right is the gay pride flag. While I’m squinting against the bright sun, the young man gets off his bicycle.

But every end also means a new beginning. In early May, André Schubert – previously manager at SC Paderborn – was welcomed to Millerntor as St. Pauli’s new manager. Together with the players, he found the recipe for success in the very next season.

I turn around. I’d last seen Oke in 2002. Back then, fresh out of university, he was working in Freiburg, south of his hometown, Hamburg, for a Sunday newspaper. He was 10 years my junior, but I liked him instantly. We had some good conversations about football and music.

The club has also been active in terms of charity and in 2005 the club, the team and the fans initiated the Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli campaign, which collects money for water-dispensers for schools in Cuba, for clean water in Rwanda et cetera.

Am Donnerstagabend (6.10., 18:30 Uhr) traten die Boys in Brown im Testspiel zur Länderspielpause gegen Bundesligisten SV Werder Bremen an. In einem verregneten Match gelang den Kiezkickern in der ersten Halbzeit die Führung durch Maurice Litka (39.... [Weiterlesen »]

St. Pauli has a blind football team which plays in the Blindenfussball Bundesliga.

“Problems like these don’t arise overnight,” says Thomas Meggle, who played more than 170 league games for the club before a short stint as its manager. “They are always the result of a slow process.”

Wie unserer U23 im Heimspiel gegen den SV Eichede (1:0) gelang am Sonnabend (8.10.) auch unserer U17 ein wichtiger Last-Minute-Treffer. Im Derby beim HSV, der nach 0:1-Rückstand zwischenzeitlich 2:1 geführt hatte, erzielte Joker Tarik Pannholzer mi... [Weiterlesen »]

2000/2001 – sensational promotion FC St. Pauli was regarded as relegated team number 1 before this season. But a joint team effort resulted in a completely surprising promotion to the 1st Bundesliga. Thomas Meggle, Marcel Rath and Ivan Klasnic in particular played outstandingly, each of them scoring over 10 goals.

In 1963 the Bundesliga, West Germany's new top-flight professional league, was formed. Hamburg, Werder Bremen, and Eintracht Braunschweig joined the new circuit as the top-finishers from the Oberliga Nord, while St. Pauli found themselves in the second-tier Regionalliga Nord.

St Pauli

The squad from Millerntor had to make amends in their subsequent home match against TuS Koblenz, which was heartening viewing for Pauli fans, ending with a 6–1 victory. Charles Takyi scored twice, while Deniz Naki, Matze Lehmann, Rouwen Hennings and Marius Ebbers each chalked up one goal. This meant that St. Pauli were through to the promotion play-off round, while Kaiserslautern were definitely going up to the 1. Bundesliga despite losing 0–1 to Hansa Rostock.

Ducksch, a 22-year-old signed from Borussia Dortmund, said he was looking forward to "playing in front of big crowds again".

Referred to as ‘Relegated Team No.1’, the Kiez kickers were promoted to the 1st Bundesliga [1st German Federal League] for the fourth time in 2001. But for no more than one season: this success was followed by a free fall all the way down to the Regionalliga [Regional League]

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During the 13 years since our last encounter, I might have crossed paths with him on many occasions. We could have met in one of the Bundesliga press rooms where we spent many afternoons, covering the game as football journalists. Or we could have met as fans — Oke often traveled with St Pauli and once sent me a Facebook message when the team hit the town where I lived. (Unfortunately, I was away.) Or we could have met in some dingy basement club, checking out the same obscure band.

St. Pauli started the second half of the season fourth in the table with 36 points. However, they had to stomach a bitter defeat during their first match against FC Ingolstadt, losing 0–1 to the club from Audi Sportpark following a last-gasp goal by Ahmed Akaichi in the 89th minute.

The rule stipulates that a club must hold a majority of its own voting rights in order to obtain a playing licence from the German Football League (DFL), but exceptions...

Ten years ago, St Pauli were again on the brink of bankruptcy. Things looked so grim that none other than Bayern Munich came to town and played a benefit game with all proceeds going to the class enemy. (The match raised 200,000 badly needed euros. Bayern won again, 1-0.) In a desperate attempt to save the club, the president at the time — a theatre owner with the unlikely name of Corny Littmann — sold the bulk of merchandising rights to a local company.