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Nu ska det äntligen avgöras! FC Rosengård möter ikväll 1.FFC Frankfurt för kvartsfinal nr. 2! Hemmamatchen förlorades med 0-1 men laget är redo att kämpa sig till semifinal i Champions League!

It was with a non-Muslim woman repeating every liberal, multicultural cliche she had heard from politicians and the media, about how wonderful diversity was.

Adrian Groglopo, professor of social science at the University of Gothenburg said that the conflicts are fueled by racial and economic tensions.“People growing up in different areas segregated racially and economically are trying to keep their own business, protect their own areas and sometimes create a very violent climate,” he told RT.Malmo is a rather young city and its population is mostly young as well, with almost half under the age of 35, according to local authorities.

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Football For Life arbetar tillsammans med Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) i deras Club Development projekt.

During our week in Europe, we spoke to politicians, journalists and activists. But I knew the most interesting people to talk to would be Muslim migrants themselves. These are the kinds of interviews you just won't see anywhere else, especially in the Canadian media.

Matchen sänds på Eurosport 1 för er som har den kanalen eller för er som har konto där:–fc-rosengard_mtc815932/live.shtml

Both my sisters have lived there or closeby (baskemöllegatan, bennets väg) and it's not dangerous. Many immigrants which means the right wing haters (which have a heavy internet presence) try to paint it as a huge failure to reinforce their own views.

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