FC “RENOVA” was founded in 2003 but it derives from the football school founded in 2000 with another name. As a result of succesful work in 2003, main people from RENOVA from Dzepciste noticed started to invest in this shool of football. Since then the school carries the name RENOVA and all this brought to founding of the Football Club RENOVA, a seniour team which replaced SHKUMBINI from Tetovo, as a third league team.

FK Renova was founded in 2003 but was derived from the football school established in 2000.[1] As a result of successful work in 2003, the people from Džepčište began to invest in this school of football. Since then, the football school was named Renova, after the Džepčište based manufacturing company, which invested the most to the club. Renova then merged with the Tetovo club FK Shkumbini and was initiated into the Macedonian Third League.[2]

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This factory is producing also and the brass corners that are very useful for precise and save time in construction business. On their line of productions this factory produce also and the applications technology the mixer machines Skure Tech, this machines are useful for mixing the mortar and applying in the interior and exterior facades.

The team of SHKUMBINI was renamed into RENOVA and this team in 2003/04 started to play with a new name. The team was very organized and as a result of this won the first place in the league. In order to qualify in the second league RENOVA had to play on with “Vardar” from Negotino and won this game after penatites.

In the 2009-10 season, Renova won the Macedonian First League title, being the youngest Macedonian football club to do so. Two years later they won their first Macedonian Cup title by defeating Rabotnički 3-1 in the final.[5][6]

In competing 2005/06 which means this competing season the club plays in the first league with ambitions one day to play in Europe.

With a good organization and professional approach of all structures led by the director of the club Mr. Qenan Idrizi, RENOVA was ranged as second at the end of the competing season which directly qualified the club in the first league of Macedonia.

FK Renova was created by Albanians from Džepčište. However, the club is multi ethnic and appeals to both Albanians and Macedonians. The club's main rivalry are KF Shkëndija, a club supported by Albanians, and FK Teteks, whose fans are Macedonian.

In the list of products of the RENOVA factory located in Dzepciste you can find 35 different varnishes identified with the name Renofix, while the kind of material is identified by the appropriate number (ex Renofix 10, Renofix 15, Renofix 202 etc). As about producing machines there are two types, that of throwing varnish and the one for mixing. The producing capacity in this factory is 25-30 tons per hour, while the number of employers is 32.

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In the competing season 2004/05, RENOVA continued to play in the second league but the ambition of the club was to play with elites in football in Macedonia.

In the club's first season, they came first in the league. To achieve promotion into the second league, Renova had to beat Vardar from Negotino. Renova won the game via penalty shootout.[3] In the 2004-2005 season, Renova achieved second position, allowing the club to move up to the Macedonian First League.[4]

FK Renova (Macedonian: ФК Ренова) is a football club based in the village of Džepčište near Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia playing in the Macedonian First League.