"Such suspension will be lifted if incidents of a similar nature (crowd disturbances) happen inside the stadium at any of the remaining matches of the Russian team during the tournament."

We don’t want to be disqualified from Euro 2016 because of this kind of situation. We do understand that things can happen. These pyrotechnics, I think, are not a good thing to use. It’s the 20th [sic] Century.  There was a fine and there is a suspended penalty, so  our supporters have to focus on just supporting us... It would be a stupid thing and a big disappointment to it if we go out, for the whole country.

Fabienne Buccio, prefect of the Pas-de-Calais region, said Lens will be "in lockdown by the police".

Speaking at a post-match conference, FA spokesman Mark Whittle said the day’s events were regrettable.

Home Secretary Theresa May has said Russians were "responsible for instigating a good deal of the violence" but that it is the government's job now to make sure the events of the weekend are not repeated.

Two days later he was seen in footage of the clashes and he was arrested on his return to the UK.

Uefa has also threatened Russia and England with disqualification from Euro 2016 if there is a repeat of the violence in France.

The options at full-back are much more extensive although losing Yuri Zhirkov to an injury was a blow. Slutsky demands attack-minded players in this position so Zenit St Petersburg’s Igor Smolnikov, Dmitri Kombarov, Dmitri Torbinsky or Georgi Schennikov are all options for a starting slot against England on 11 June.

She emphasised that 1,400 passports  have been handed in ahead of the tournament for those fans with banning orders.

‘The FA is very disappointed about the terrible scenes of disorder and of course condemns such behaviour.

A coach which picked up a group of Russian fans from a hotel in Cannes was stopped after raids on addresses in Marseille and Cannes, it is claimed.

The leading figure in Russia’s football association and parliament told fans who attacked England supporters during their European Championship match to “keep it up”.

The Council of Europe has drafted a new international treaty to promote safety at football matches and other sports events through better information and data sharing and exchange of best practices.  

I don't really understand this kind of reaction of the British media who have this impression that English supporters are like angels who came to this country and they’re just behaving themselves.

Tens of thousands of Welsh and English fans have already arrived in the city, having followed prior advice to avoid Lens, which announced an alcohol ban before the tournament.

I cannot affirm it but it is possible, it’s probable. We can see the things the British media are talking about, talking about the World Cup 2018 and they’re saying that they have to take it away from Russia. I have just these thoughts which come up to my mind sometimes.

"If there are things I can't control then I don't think too much about them but it's a pity because it's a great competition," he said of the crowd trouble.

But the Russian ultras believe they are tougher than the "firms" who wreaked havoc on English football decades ago.

May also praised Welsh, English and Irish fans who behaved "perfectly properly" and said the Government is working with French authorities to protect fans against "thugs" perpetrating the violence.

Pavel Mamaev or Fyodor Smolov. The FC Krasnodar pair have impressed everyone over the past season, Smolov scoring more than 20 goals in the Russian Premier League with Mamaev providing regular assists from just behind him. Mamaev has the perfect opportunity to make Russia’s starting XI because of Shirokov’s poor form. Smolov will compete with Dzyuba for the lone striker role; if Smolov wins this battle, he has the potential to be lethal.

England captain Wayne Rooney and coach Roy Hodgson have already made a video plea for the country's fans to avoid fighting in Lille.

 Uefa has also responded to claims of rigging Euro draws.

"We have strengthened the safety systems on the inside of the stadium. They will be present in the stands ready in order to intervene quickly in the stadium if there are clashes between supporters."

"Our focus must be on the immediacy of 2016. Following this we must look very carefully [at the World Cup]... Any fans, whoever they support, who get involved in violence around these games are not only letting themselves down but letting law-abiding fans  [down]."

 Shprygin earlier tweeted a photo of a 66 year old man on the bus implying that those on board were not "hooligans".

"We reiterate that response to try and be sensible and stay safe."

More from Theresa May, the Home Secretary, who has told fans to exercise restraint at events to alleviate pressure on French police.


"Police are now dragging us out of the bus, they've announced deportation. No reasons are being given. There are 50 people in the bus. This is some kind of show-off, none of us were detained in Marseilles riots, but for some reason they're targeting the official fans union delegation," Alexander Shprygin said.

Aleksandr Kokorin. The 25-year-old is a striker but Slutsky often uses him on the right wing, which clearly limits his abilities. That is not the main reason for his possible failure, though: Kokorin has just endured a terrible club season in which he played only eight games for Dynamo Moscow in the summer and autumn before moving it Zenit and finding it similarly difficult to secure a starting place. He will definitely play in France, but things might not go well.

In 2010 a fan was stabbed to death by Dynamo Kiev extremists as others chanted “Heil Hitler”, while Euro 2012 gave a glimpse of what was to come with violence between Russian and Polish.

FA chairman Greg Dyke raised "serious concerns" about security around England's and Russia's next games.

He condemned supporters who "march into some one else's town singing provocative songs about the second world war and launching bottles at police."

The Council of Europe plans to open the convention for signature to European states on 3 July at the Stade de France.

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Uefa confirmed its emergency committee would convene to resolve the disparity in the event of Russia’s disqualification.

Russia's preparations for their second Euro 2016 Group B game against Slovakia in Lille on Wednesday have been overshadowed by UEFA's threat to kick Leonid Slutsky's team out of the competition.

‘It is now in the hands of the relevant authorities to identify those involved in trouble and deal with them appropriately and quickly.

Meanwhile, coach Slutsky expressed confidence that his team would not be sent home early for off-field reasons and indicated that it would be unfair if UEFA were to follow through with their threat.

A step back from the brink, perhaps? This is an interesting report on Bloomberg:

Police in Lille confirmed a total ban on alcohol sales in supermarkets for three days from 6pm tonight - and 350 bars must now close at midnight tomorrow and Thursday.