But tensions ultimately developed in the relationship and Villas-Boas left Mourinho's side...

Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri was all smiles after making history by winning the team's first UCL home match ever.

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FCPorto.pt – Official website of FC Porto. Portoturismo.pt – Official portal of Porto’s tourism agency. Metrodoporto.pt – Information on the Porto metro.

Casa da Música’s project was set in motion in 1999, as a result of an international architecture tender won by the project presented by Rem Koolhaas-Office for Metropolitan Architecture. Excavations began in 1999, at the old tram’s terminus station in Boavista roundabout (Rotunda da Boavista), and Casa da Musica was inaugurated in the spring of 2005, on April 15th. Guided tour available in English at 16:00 for €5/person, kids <12 free.</see>

José Maria Pedroto is the longest-serving coach, having taken charge of the team for 327 matches in a total of nine seasons,[151][152] while Jesualdo Ferreira became the first Portuguese coach to win three consecutive league titles (2006–2009).[153] André Villas-Boas's victorious campaign in the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League made him the youngest coach ever to win a European competition.[154]

​Blue and white striker scored the sixth goal in the big win over Andorra (6-0)

Formerly, Salgueiros from Paranhos was a regular first division club during the 1980s and 1990s but, due to financial indebtedness, the club folded in the 2000s. The club was refounded in 2008, and started to play at the regional level. They now play at the 3rd level of Portugal's national football pyramid. The new Salgueiros club, however, plays outside the city in Pedrouços, Maia.

Port wine, of course. This is the right place for it, in the city of Gaia, just south of the Douro river.

The first meeting between Porto and Sporting CP occurred on 30 November 1919, during a friendly tournament organised by Porto.[145] Their first official encounter was in the first leg of the final of the inaugural Campeonato de Portugal in 1922, which Porto won 2–1 en route to its first national title.[140] Since then, the clubs have met in a total of 221 official matches, with 80 wins for Porto, 78 for Sporting CP and 63 draws.[146]

Four screams against Nacional (4-0), in a match where Diogo Joto reached a hat-trick, and the Dragons are in the lead

Tickets for FC Porto games can be bought online (or through official partner viagogo), by phone +351 707 28 1893 (Linha Dragão), at any of the Porto club stores (Loja Azul), or at the ticket office of Estádio do Dragão.

Estádio do Dragão was built to provide FC Porto with a modern home and Euro 2004 with one of its flagship venues. It replaced FC Porto’s old Estádio das Antas.

Not exactly a public transportation, but its a wonderful way to see the city from above. Near the Douro there is a heliport with a helicopter available for people to use to get to know the city as a whole. Travelling accompanied will make the flight cheaper.

Estádio do Dragão is located just under 4 kilometres north-east of Porto’s historic centre.

The club also issues Dragões, an official monthly magazine that publishes articles and interviews of the teams, players and other club-related content.[164]

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Below are listed the club's performances in the latest 10 seasons.

Porto, in addition to football, is the home to many athletic sports arenas, most notably the city-owned Pavilhão Rosa Mota, swimming pools in the area of Constituição (between the Marquês and Boavista), and other minor arenas, such as the Pavilhão do Académico.

After going public in 1997, Porto created several satellite companies:

One of Portugal's internationally famous exports, port wine, is named for Porto, since the metropolitan area, and in particular the caves of Vila Nova de Gaia, were responsible for the packaging, transport and export of the fortified wine.[12] In 2014, Porto was elected The Best European Destination by the Best European Destinations Agency.[13]

Porto's most popular event is St. John (São João Festival) on the night of 23–24 June.[53] In this season it's a tradition to have a vase with bush basil decorated with a small poem. During the dinner of the great day people usually eat sardines and boiled potatoes together with red wine.

Estádio do Dragão is estimated to have cost €98 million. It officially opened on 16 November 2003 with a friendly between FC Porto and Barcelona (2-0), which was the debut of Lionel Messi in Barcelona’s first team.

During Euro 2004, Estádio do Dragão hosted the opening match, another two group matches, a quarter-final, and the semi-final between Greece and the Czech Republic (1-0).

The city is officially styled "a muito nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto" (the very noble, always faithful, and invincible city of Porto). This is usually shortened to "a Cidade Invicta" (the invincible city) a title won because of Porto's resistance to the "Cerco do Porto" (Porto's Siege) during the 1832-34 civil war.

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The pair worked together from 2002 to 2009 at Porto, Chelsea and Inter, with Villas-Boas eventually graduating from the role of opposition scout to become one of Mourinho's most trusted assistants.

Bookings can be made by email groupbooking.museu@fcporto.pt or phone +351 22 557 04 10. Photos are permitted during the tour in approved locations. 

LEICESTER, England -- Three points from Leicester City's 1-0 win over Porto in the Champions League.


Andre Villas-Boas has said that Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho makes those he works with "fall in love with him," adding that the time spent working with his fellow Portuguese was the best of his life.

The club also has a strong rivalry with city rivals Boavista F.C.,[147] sometimes called O Derby da Invicta.

Porto is served by Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport which is located in Pedras Rubras, Moreira da Maia civil parish of the neighbouring Municipality of Maia, some 15 kilometres (9 miles) to the north-west of the city centre. The airport is a state-of-the-art facility, having undergone a massive programme of refurbishment due to the Euro 2004 football championships being partly hosted in the city.

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The FC Porto Museum was inaugurated on 28 September 2013, on occasion of the club's 120th anniversary. The museum includes an auditorium, a club store, a coffeehouse, and spaces for educational services and temporary exhibitions.

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Porto is home to port wine of course, and there are many wineries around the city where port wine is matured. Strictly speaking, port wine can only be called port wine if the grapes are grown in the Douro valley, and the wine is produced and bottled in Porto. Port wines come in many styles, with vintage port being the most expensive.

Striker Slimani's header gave the Foxes a second 1-0 win to start their Group G campaign and maintain a 100 percent start in the Champions League.

FC Porto offer guided stadium tours that include the presidential box, changing rooms and dugouts. The tours last approximately 45 minutes.

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One can also first get on line D at one of the city centre stops (or train station São Bento), and then transfer to one of the above lines at Trindade. Get off at station Estádio do Dragão, which for most lines is also the last one.