Panaitolikos crest depicts Titormus, the ancient hero of Aetolia. The club's motto (also depicted on the crest) is Τίτορμος Αιτωλός Ούτος Άλλος Ηρακλής, translated as Titormus the Aetolian is another Heracles. The colours of the team are yellow and blue or cyan.

With Mr. Kostoulas again as a president, Panetolikos managed to get promoted to Superleague via play-offs after six difficult games, especially the last one with Olympiakos Volou, which Panetolikos won 1–2. After the end of the game the city of Agrinio celebrated the promotion until dawn.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

After a very bad second round of results at Superleague, Panetolikos demoted to Football League. The chairman of the club, Mr. Kostoulas after seven years, resigned from his position. After this the whole board resigned. Most of the players left the club, said that they wanted to return at their countries, or they want to play for other teams with better contracts.

2006: The big stand was completely renovated, a brand new stand with a modern roof.

The team had its most successful year so far in the First Division, finishing in the 8th place. In 2014–15 season, form of the team improved and finished First Division as 7th.

2010: The small stand was renovated, in the center it was added a second level of seats with roof.

2011: Works have begun after the promotion of the team to Superleague in order to increase the capacity of the stadium by 1400 seats approximately. Plus, additional lighting was added. Recently the lighting has finished, with the power of each light at 1600 lux, which oversatisfy the Greek Superleague and UEFA's 4 stars (where a team can play UEFA Champions League games) requirements.

Panetolikos was given the nickname The Canaries (Greek: Τα καναρίνια) in the 1960s, due to the team's colour. Panetolikos is very proud of its nickname, thus its mascot is a canary with the name PANETOS.

Panetolikos was also given the nickname Titormus, from the ancient hero.

The club's symbol is Titormus, the ancient Aetolian hero and their motto is Τίτορμος Αιτωλός Ούτος Άλλος Ηρακλής, translated as Titormus the Aetolian is another Heracles.

The stadium features plastic seats, the club's offices, Panetolikos' boutique and coffee shops.

Panetolikos Stadium has three stands. It has been used as a football ground since 1930, however the first stand (the small one) was not constructed until the mid-1950s. The main west stand was built in the 1970s. Unfortunately, in the years that followed little else happened to the stadium, which gradually fell into disrepair. This was the situation until 2005, when the new owner of the club, Fotis Kostoulas, revealed his plans for the complete reconstruction of the stadium.