Speech Night- The prestigious event showcasing whole school singing accompanied by instrumental students. It is a grand occasion for the school to give out merit and high achieving certificates. Songs such as the Latin School Song, the English School Song, the Welcome Song, Vale and Gaudeamus igitur are all sung at Speech Night at the end of the year.

The building gained a national trust classification in 1987. It was previously gazetted as an Historic Building in 1982. The school celebrated its centenary year in 2005 with Melbourne High School in a joined assembly. Mac.Rob celebrated by inviting Premier of Victoria Steve Bracks to witness the restarting of the school clock tower (which coincidentally would not start when the time came).

Dempo, who dominated possession and created chance after chance, killed the game off just before half-time, as Chidi ran past Amandeep Singh and sent a loopy ball into the path of Gonsalves, who converted with ease. The team could have added a fourth before the interval, but Mandar Rao Desai's grounded effort just went wide of the post.

Switzerland is a fine example of a small country that has made the very best of its resources. Swiss football has emerged with a flourish and recent positive results attest to the hard work undertaken at all levels of the game.

Every year, an exchange takes place with Adelaide High School over the period of three days. This exchange varies its location every year, alternating between Mac.Rob and Adelaide. The students compete in a variety of different events, such as debating, theatre sports, chess, netball, volleyball and football. The school that wins most events is awarded with the Prefect Cup to keep until the next exchange. The exchange began in 1913.

Students in year twelve undertake only VCE 3/4 subjects and can undertake a maximum of five and minimum of four subjects. Even though year twelve is a stressful year for students, a student support group, FAM (Friends at Mac.Rob) run many initiatives to boost morale and motivation among students.

Mac.Robertson Girls' High School's 2015 VCE results has been ranked first out of all state secondary government schools in Victoria based on the Median Study Score[9] and Study Score 40+.[10] Median Study Score was 38 and 38.2% all study scores were at or above 40.[11]

Entry for Mac.Rob, which is operated by the Victoria Department of Education, is by competitive academic examination. It is unique in its status as a statewide provider for girls in years 9 to 12.[2] The equivalent for boys is its brother school, Melbourne High School. Each year, over 3000 candidates will sit the entrance examination for a total of approximately 960 places (across all four schools).

• In 2009, Miescher succeeded Peter Gilléron as Swiss Football Association (SFV/ASF) general secretary, when the latter was elected as the association's president.

• Raised in Italy, Peter Gilliéron moved to Switzerland with his family at the age of 13, where he played school football and went on to study law, earning his degree in 1978. He was first involved in football as president of Berne-based FC Minerva in the 1990s.

Each house has its own primary chant as well as many secondary chants which can be old chants. The house cup is won by tallying up all the points through various events, such as athletics, swimming, house drama, chorals, the fun run. The house cup is announced at Speech Night.

Such positive results must also include the U21 squad's expedition to the UEFA European Championship semi-finals in 2002 on home soil, and then to the final in Denmark nine years later, which Switzerland lost 2-0 to Spain. All these exploits betray a great commitment to youth development.

The school uniform is not compulsory for students in year 12 from term two onwards.

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Spicks and Specks combined with MHS- a trivia night for students and past students. It is run by the SMC of Mac.Rob and SMEX of Melbourne High. Winter Concert combined with MHS- Mac.Rob and Melbourne High combine their ensembles to provide a combined concert with girls and boys present in each act.

The North Sydney Girls High School Exchange began in 2008. It is a two-day leadership exchange between Mac.Rob and the The North Sydney Girls High School, with the focus on the sharing of ideas rather than competition. However, there is still some competition with water polo and table tennis played.

Autumn Concert- The first concert involving many of the ensembles.

Music Camp- Caters for two music groups, usually the Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Winds.

There are two music captains who oversee things in the music departments and make sure students are happy and getting everything out of music at Mac.Rob.

In year nine, students are offerred two electives per semester, with core subjects Maths, English, Science, Physical Education, School Singing compulsory for the entire year. Students have a semester of Geography and History.

Music students from Mac.Rob and Melbourne High maintain a close relationship through the many combined events throughout the year. The orchestras sometimes combine together for competitions such as South Street.

• A former military pilot and economist, Alex Miescher originally made himself a name in swimming. Between 2006 and 2009, he was director of the Swiss swimming association.

The school provides an educational experience that equips girls for tertiary study and leadership roles in academic, professional and business communities, and develops interests and skills to enhance their personal lives. The school has a prestigious history, tracing its origins to the establishment of the first Victorian state secondary school in 1905. Its many eminent former students provide strong role models and inspiration for current students.

Spring Concert- The last music concert which is usually run by the current music captains in conjunction with the next year's music captains.

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The Swiss Football Association (Schweizerischer Fussballverband/Association Suisse de Football or SFV-ASF) is one of the biggest and most popular sporting associations in multilingual Switzerland, defending the interests of Swiss football nationally and internationally in the political, economic and social arenas.


• As an active swimmer, Miescher won five Swiss championships, and participated in European and world championships.

Dempo, who needed just a point to qualify, went ahead after nine minutes, as Gonsalves headed in following a long ball from Mandar Rao Desai. Chidi doubled the lead four minutes later with a solo effort, as Minerva struggled to settle down in the early stages.

• Elected as president of the SFV-ASF in 2009, he said: "I see the election as reward for my achievements in all those years as general secretary. My goal is to take forward football in the whole country; western Switzerland and Ticino too. The SFV-ASF should help in fostering integration." He was re-elected unanimously for a third term of office in May 2013.

Year eleven students must complete six subjects inside school regardless of any external LOTE. Students can only undertake a maximum of two VCE subjects before year twelve providing their GPA from year nine and ten is high enough. Many students choose to take Biology 3/4, Mathematical Methods 3/4 and/or and External LOTE language such as Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese.

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The SFV-ASF, a financially independent body that does not require public funding, promotes both grassroots and elite football while attaching particular importance to the youth element. It can look back with legitimate pride on more than 100 years of history – a fluctuating timeline perhaps, but one showing more highs than lows on the pitch, especially in recent years. Indeed, a major peak was attained when Switzerland won the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria in November 2009.

Each year there is an Autumn, Winter (combined with Melbourne High School) and Spring Concert showcasing the musical ensembles within the school. These ensembles sometimes perform at assembly for the "musical item". In addition to these concerts, there are various soirees for soloists and small groups to perform. The recent summer soiree farewelled a well loved brass teacher (Gonch) with a long history at Mac.Rob.

Year ten students are offered all subjects as electives. They choose one elective from each category and have the option to choose a year 11 1/2 subject in preparation for VCE. Electives offered include Women and Madness, Linguistics, Advanced Food and Architecture.

The winter uniform consists of a tartan green and red skirt, school tie, long sleeved shirt, black tights, optional red jumper for years 9 and 10, optional green jumper for years 11 and 12, charcoal blazer with red as well as green trim and emblem, optional school scarf, optional school umbrella and either black leather t-bars or lace-ups. Hair accessories must be in the school colours. No make-up is allowed. Hair must be in a neat hairstyle and should be in a natural hue.

Jazz Night combined with MHS- A chill event organised by the Music Captains of both schools. It is the last combined event the captains organise, with parents, teachers and students all attending the event for good vibes and music.

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The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School offers its students various chances to interact with students from different schools in other countries, which involve Japan, Indonesia, Germany, France and China.