When after season 1979-80 Lokomotiv Plovdiv is again relegated to Bulgaria's second football division, it takes the team three seasons to earn its place back in the football elite.

Since its establishment in 1926 up to the beginning of the communist rule in Bulgaria in 1944 Sportclub has become one of the best performing teams in the country with a constant participation in the final phases of the most prestigious tournaments. By 1944 the team is the biggest in the region of Plovdiv in terms of members, and has a dedicated following with its fans setting records for the period in attendance of football matches.

Lokomotiv Plovdiv fan saying: "It was between the top mobs of both sides, we fought for about 4 minutes, absolute win for us, at the end half of them were on the ground, other half with hands in the air for surrendering."

Ultras of both clubs started the game with tifos in their sectors. About 8000 total visitors, limited tickets for Lokomotiv supporters.

The following players included were either playing for their respective national teams or left good impression among the fans.

Out of the tifos, Bultras as Botev Plovdiv fans are known, had good smoke show and stopped the game 2 times for too much smoke.

Отборите на Локомотив набор 2005 постигнаха победа и равен през уикенда за първенството Футбол 9. В събота Локомотив-2 се изправи срещу отбора на Траките-2007 (Скутаре). Възпитаниците на треньора Даниел Димитров се наложиха с 14:1...

In 1955 the team of DSO Lokomotiv is entirely changed - many key players are sold and the team seems to be unable to collaborate. In result, in season 1955 DSO Lokomotiv is relegated to the second division of Bulgarian football. For the fans the next season would be the first time their team plays outside the most prestigious echelon of Bulgarian football.

The paradox here - the derby was played in Burgas. The reason is Botev Plovdiv as a host team have their main stadium under construction and their smaller stadium does not have floodlights.

Before reaching the Third Round of the international football competition, the "Smurfs" have eliminated the Serbian FK Vojvodina and the Romanian FC Petrolul Ploieşti. Key players during this period include forward Gocho Vasilev, midfielder Hristo Bonev, defender Ivan Boyadzhiev and goalkeeper Stancho Bonchev.

In the spring of 1922 the sport club Karadzha is founded administratively by the consolidation of some casual football teams in one of the districts of the city of Plovdiv so that the players can compete in the Championship of Plovdiv. Two years later, in 1924, the sport club Atletik is formed in the same district of Plovdiv as Karadzha.

Lokomotiv's pyro was taken by the police before the game. In the away sector there were also their friends from Curva A Napoli.

Botev Plovdiv fan saying: "A proper fight, we were slightly less, but that is our mistake, despite that none of us gave a step back. Mostly hands only fight, win for Loko, but we can't talk for "absolute domination" etc. Some of the people shaked hands after the fight."

Bulgarian League 1 started this weekend with Plovdiv derby in the first round.

Another rivalry Lokomotiv Plovdiv has is with one of Bulgaria's most successful football clubs - CSKA Sofia. The rivalry has a geopolitical nuance, first because of the historical competition between the cities of Plovdiv and Sofia as cultural, political and economical centres, and second because of the association of CSKA with the Bulgarian Army same as rival Botev Plovdiv.

In the 2003–04 season of the A Group, Lokomotiv became champions of Bulgaria, finishing the season with three points more than the second, Levski Sofia. This title is the first one in the club's long history. So far, Lokomotiv Plovdiv has also won one Bulgarian Supercup in 2004 and one Cup of the Soviet Army in 1983. The club's biggest success in Europe is reaching the third round of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1965, after losing to the Italian Juventus F.C. in a play-off match.

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In 1938 the team joined the National Football Division - the countrywide football league formed a year earlier that included Bulgaria's top ten teams. However, after only three seasons in 1940 the tournament is disbanded because of the Bulgaria's participation in World War II (WW2). By that time the club had changed its name to Plovdivski Sportclub (meaning Sportclub of Plovdiv) since several other teams in the country also had Sportclub in their name.

For ZSK Plovdiv the "reorganisation of sport clubs" in line with the Soviet model begins in the autumn of 1944. The club is merged with the team with which it shares a stadium - Levski Plovdiv, forming ZSK-Levski in accordance with the trend. Still, unlike most other forced mergers at that time, the ZSK-Levski merger is dissolved in only a year.

From 1951 to 1954 the team is one of the best performers in the football elite, annually reaching at least the quarter-final phase of both the domestic cup competition (at that time recognised to be the Cup of the Soviet Army) and the top division league.

Police detain small pack of Lokomotiv supporters and started walking them to the stadium. In some point they were passing close by the place where Botev Plovdiv were drinking and some small troubles started.

Локомотив (Пловдив) победи Созопол с 2:0 в контролна среща, играна днес на стадиона в град Стралджа. „Черно-белите“ доминираха през по-голямата част, и заслужено стигнаха до успеха. Неофициален дебют  направи новото попълнение Павел Виданов. Юношата на...

After the separation in 1945 ZSK is renamed to Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) similar to all other teams in the countries of the Eastern bloc connected in some way with the railways (such as Lokomotiv Sofia, Lokomotiv Moskva, Lokomotiv Leipzig, etc.) and Lokomotiv and Levski continue to co-exist as separate enitities sharing the same stadium.

Старши треньорът на Локомотив Илиан Илиев даде своя коментар пред пресцентъра на клуба след контролата със Созопол. „Мисля че стана това, което търсехме. Тези хора, които не играят в мачовете, да вземат участие в...

During the period 1944-1955, the club reaches the final of the domestic cup (at that time being the Cup of the Soviet Army) for the third time in its history - in 1948 as Slavia-Chengelov. In season 1948 the club was one of the ten founder teams of the new national top league - "A" Republican Football Group (A RFG) - the predecessor of the current Bulgarian top division league .

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The configuration of the crest consists of a shield colored in red and black and a golden letter 'L' (in Bulgarian: 'Л') placed in the center. A white stripe with inscription 'Plovdiv' is positioned on the upper part of the shield. The wings in the bottom of the shield represent the historical bond between the football club and the national railway company.

Botev tried to attack, but police took control fast.

Отборите на Локомотив набор 2006 записаха днес два разгромни успеха в първенството Футбол 7. В първата среща за деня Локомотив-1 се наложи над Сокол (Марково) с 9:1. Вятърът и студеното време не попречиха на „черно-белите“...

The same year, Lokomotiv won the Bulgarian Supercup, after beating Litex Lovech. In the final, Ivan Paskov scored a brilliant header in the last seconds of the game for the 1:0 win.

Lokomotiv Plovdiv

Двата отбора на Локомотив U9 записаха равенство и победа в днешните мачове от първенството на Футбол 5. В първия мач от деня Локомотив-1 завърши наравно 1:1 с отбора на Ботев-1. Срещата се игра тази...

Sportclub had its home grounds in the city centre. However, after the disastrous earthquake in South Bulgaria in 1928, the team donates their field to people who lost their homes so that they can build new ones where the club's grounds were. Because of that, from 1928 Sportclub did not have their own football field for more than two decades.

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Отборът на Локомотив U17 допусна домакинска загуба от Лудогорец (Разград) с минималното 0:1. Двубоят се игра тази сутрин от 10:30 на изкуственото игрище на Лаута и бе от 8-мия кръг на Елитната група. Единствения гол в...

Представителният отбор на Локомотив (Пловдив) ще изиграе още една контрола по време на паузата в шампионата. Възпитаниците на старши-треньора Илиан Илиев ще се изправят срещу Левски (Карлово) в сряда (12.10) от 16:00 на стадиона...

PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Bulgarian: ПФК Локомотив Пловдив) is a Bulgarian football club based in Plovdiv, that competes in Bulgaria's top football league, the First League. Lokomotiv Plovdiv's home ground is the Lokomotiv Stadium (also known as Lauta) in the city, which has a capacity of 10 000 spectators due to a collapse of one of the sectors and reconstruction works currently in progress.

The first years of the team are difficult as its performance does not bring about such glory as some of the other teams of the city like Sportclub or Botev Plovdiv. The club is accepted as a member of the national sport federation a whole three years after its creation. Nevertheless, in the early 1940s the team betters their performance and in 1944 wins the Championship of Plovdiv.

In 2000 the club is bought by Georgi Iliev. At that time, Iliev owns another football club - Velbazhd Kyustendil. The team from Kyustendil has a very good performance in the Bulgarian top division (A PFG) finishing in third place three consecutive seasons until 2000-01 and is a national cup runner-up in 2001.

Although the club of the railway workers is financially backed by the solid national railway company, in the first years of the communist rule the football team competes merely on the third level of the recently formed national league. Furthermore, the club is the smallest in Plovdiv in terms of members and attracts a modest number of attendants for its games despite its state-of-the-art stadium.

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