As for Ferguson's comments about Newcastle, he later attempted to put them into the perspective of the Magpies' failure to win silverware since their Inter Cities Fairs Cup triumph in 1969, implying the Scot believes it is what is in a club's trophy cabinet that constitutes the most accurate measure of size.

Hannah McColgan, Retail Operations Manager blogs about the Museum of Liverpool’s very own toy story:“ Read more about Toymark award for Museum of Liverpool shop

The commercial district is centred on the Castle Street, Dale Street and Old Hall Street areas of the city, with many of the area's roads still following their medieval layout. Having developed over a period of three centuries the area is regarded as one of the most important architectural locations in the city, as recognised by its inclusion in Liverpool's World Heritage site.[168]

Liverpool may not have won either game but there is reason for them to feel highly encouraged. And for English football in general, there has been a perhaps overdue reminder that its virtues, albeit filtered through two Germans and an Argentinian, are nothing to be ashamed of.

Pressing lay at the heart of the success of English teams in European competition in the late 70s and early 80s. The title of Raphael Honigstein’s book on English football makes clear the characteristics of the English game that the rest of Europe feared: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. But then came the Heysel ban, that led to English teams, without regular competition against the European elite, being left behind and, just as significantly, developing a sense of inferiority.

The University of Liverpool, was established in 1881 as University College Liverpool. In 1884, became part of the federal Victoria University. Following a Royal Charter and Act of Parliament in 1903, it became an independent university, the University of Liverpool, with the right to confer its own degrees. It was the first university to offer degrees in biochemistry, architecture, civic design, veterinary science, oceanography and social science.

Barcelona have almost 7.8 million Twitter followers while Read Madrid clock in at 6.5 million. Arsenal have more than two million, a little over 200,000 more than Chelsea.

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At the same time, at national level, the positivity that followed Italia 90 soon faded. England were dismal at Euro 92 and then failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. There was a recognition the zealotry of the long-ball theorist Charles Hughes and his influence over the national centre of excellence at Lilleshall had, in the words of Brian Glanville, “poisoned the wells of English football”.

United's Old Trafford average was 75,508, while at the Emirates Arsenal averaged 60,094 supporters - this alone demonstrates the financial handicap Liverpool remain under after plans for a new stadium failed.

Liverpool John Moores University was previously a polytechnic, and gained status in 1992. It is named in honour of Sir John Moores, one of the founders of the Littlewoods football pools and retail group, who was a major benefactor. The institution was previously owned and run by Liverpool City Council. It traces it lineage to the Liverpool Mechanics Institute, opened in 1823, making it by this measure England's third-oldest university.

Arsenal were the next highest-placed Premier League club, in fourth place with a projected value of £807m, while Chelsea were seventh on £473m and Liverpool eighth on £385m.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

The 23-year-old may find around 70,000 inhabitants of Old Trafford taking issue with him this weekend if things do not go Liverpool's way.

Especially short competitions, such as the FA Community Shield and the UEFA Super Cup, are not generally considered to contribute towards a Double or Treble.[154]

Social media can also be used to check the scale of a club's size in the modern age, although Manchester United's lack of an official Twitter feed rules them out of that particular calculation.

Discover the history of the Nike ball and its 17-year association with the Premier League, from the Nike Geo Merlin in 2000/01 to the Nike Ordem 4 in 2016/17.

Despite Liverpool's extended run without a league title, the Reds' cup successes, especially winning the FA Cup, Uefa Cup and League Cup under Gerard Houllier in 2001 and that never-to-be-forgotten Champions League success in Istanbul in 2005, have sustained them.

Liverpool experiences a temperate maritime climate, like much of the British Isles, with relatively cool summers and mild winters. Historically, Bidston Observatory (actually located on the Wirral Peninsula) has provided the longest and most unbroken weather data for the Merseyside area. More recently, the Met Office has operated a weather station at Crosby.

In a report compiled by German company SPORT+MARKT in May 2011, Manchester United were deemed to have the biggest global number of fans at 354 million, ahead of Barcelona on 270 million. Chelsea were the next English club on 135 million, while Arsenal had 113 million.

In terms of recent Premier League success, Ferguson's United have a cast-iron counter to Sturridge's words - but Liverpool's followers will attempt to frame the argument in a wider context than 19 titles against 18 and introduce their still superior record of being five times champions of Europe as opposed to United's three.

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So is 'size' based on success on the field, the financial value of a club or its global reach?

There is no question, however, that size matters to football clubs as well as their fans and it has been proved again very recently.

Sturridge ticked the traditional PR boxes demanded from every fresh arrival with lavish praise for supporters and his new manager - then delivered a verbal hand grenade that always touches the sensitivities of any supporter.

The University of Liverpool’s School of Engineering has the second highest proportion of world-leading research in Metallurgy and Materials in the UK and is also involved with internationally recognised, ground breaking research, including the following:

We have two research-standard full motion flight simulators (one of which is unique in the academic world), mechanical robotics, wind turbines, water flumes, additive layer manufacturing and many more facilities.

But even if Liverpool will feel confident about filling a new-look Anfield, United have power to add at Old Trafford and would have no trouble increasing the size of their average attendance should they so wish.

And over the holiday period Chelsea's interim boss Rafael Benitez visited the only place where he will arguably receive an icier reception than on supposedly friendly territory at Stamford Bridge when he went back to Everton.

On the other hand, the Deloitte league table of the world's richest clubs, published in February 2012, put Real Madrid top for the seventh straight year. Barcelona were second and United only third. Arsenal and Chelsea took up fifth and sixth places while Liverpool came in ninth.

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Everton have been considering relocation since 1996, and in 2003 were forced to scrap plans for a 55,000-seat stadium at King's Dock due to financial reasons. The latest plan has been to move beyond Liverpool's council boundary to Kirkby, but this has proved controversial with some fans, as well as members of the local community. At one point there was much talk for Everton to ground-share with Liverpool, at the proposed new Stanley Park Stadium, but this was not progressed by either club.

No club or their supporters will easily, if ever, admit they are second best. As Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger once famously said: "Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home."


As popular as it is, the argument about which is the biggest club will never be settled, especially between the two adversaries meeting at Old Trafford on Sunday, as so many different gauges will be used by different sets of supporters - usually to suit their own case.

When Klopp arrived at Anfield, amid a cloud of excited chatter about gegenpressing, there were cynics who sniffed and asked just how new this great theory really was. How did this differ from “closing down”? To which the answer is that it doesn’t, not in essence. From the mid-60s onwards, English sides were noted for their willingness to chase the man in possession, to press. Energy and relentlessness were hallmarks of the English game.

Liverpool's moderated oceanic climate is in stark contrast to temperatures expected in continental Europe both at the same latitude as well as latitudes much further north, with very small swings between seasons in comparison. For example, areas in continental Scandinavia much further north experience hotter summers with longer heatwaves, whilst Liverpool just like the rest of the British Isles lacks a regular snowy winter, in spite of its geographically northerly location.

It has perhaps taken Klopp to remind us what we used to be good at. Gegenpressing, a more evolved version of closing opponents down, of the pressing that brought success before, is what should have developed in England had we not lost faith in our own methods. Klopp himself has never made any secret of the influence of English football on his thinking.

Do not expect Liverpool's supporters to agree any time soon, however, as they jealously guard their rich history while hoping to end that long, long wait for a title they almost used to regard as their personal property.

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