President of the host club Illichivka Mariupol, Volodymyr Boiko, said at the opening of the tournament that he hoped it would become a part of the football calendar in his city. The top four from the 2012 Ukrainian Women's Premier League – WFC Kharkiv, Naftokhimik Kalush, CPOR-Donchanka Donetsk and Legenda-ShVSM – made the semis after emerging from the three groups.

It was founded in 1987 and was named as SK Polissya Chernihiv. In 1992 the club was renamed into Lehenda Chernihiv. Also the club was named as Lehenda-Cheksil Chernihiv and Lehenda-ShVSM Chernihiv. The team currently playing in the Ukrainian Women's League. In the 2000 season they have won their first Championship. In the 2001–02, 2003–04, 2006–07 seasons they played in the UEFA Women's Cup.

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Legenda-ShVSM Chernigiv emerged winners as the Illichyvets Sport Centre in Mariupol staged the second Ukrainian Winter Women's Football Championship.

Previously held five years ago, the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) Women's Football Committee decided to revive the tournament this year, funding the participation of the ten teams and referees. The clubs were able to direct the costs they saved to their own funds and women's football development in their respective regions.

Lehenda-ShVSM Chernihiv (Ukrainian: "Легенда-ШВСМ" Чернігів) is Ukrainian professional women's football club from Chernihiv, Ukraine.