Since the club has been named after the Carpathian Mountains, the image of the forest and mountains has been present on team's logo for many years. However the logo has since been updated, inspired by Lviv's Coat of Arms with a segment of a fortress and lion shown on the new crest. The club's nickname 'The Green Lions' was also derived from their new logo.

FC Karpaty play their home games at the Ukraina Stadium. The stadium was built in 1963 as Druzhba (meaning Friendship) stadium and renamed into Ukraina Stadium in 1992. The stadium was renovated on several occasions since, the latest taking place in 2001. Currently the arena has a capacity of 29,004 spectators.

The stadium was also the venue hosting the final match of the first Ukrainian Premier League season in 1992, in which Tavriya Simferopol defeated Dynamo Kyiv.

In 1970–77 and 1980, Karpaty played in the Soviet Top League. Karpaty's best achievement was 4th place in 1976. Karpaty placed 4th twice that year since the season was split into 2 separate championships (spring and fall). Karpaty were primed to take silver that season, but an unexpected loss in the last home game to Zenit Leningrad pushed Karpaty back into 4th place.

The torches are being inflamed on stadium stands. Afar the banner is sparkling: "The Cup for Lviv!" On it the traditional Lviv's lion holds the highest of the national football awards. And now, after the reception of the Cup, the winners are walking around the green field of the Luzhniki...

Karpaty's biggest rival today is Volyn Lutsk. The match between is called the Halytsko-Volynske derby. These derbys are the main football events in western Ukraine. Club's main rivals are considered to be the neighbouring clubs FC Lviv, Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk, Nyva Ternopil and Zakarpattia Uzhhorod. Not so long ago the rivalries with the Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk and Nyva Ternopil were the most heated when the clubs were playing each other in the same division.

FC Karpaty are pleased to present to the club’s supporters the official Twitter account:

It has also been one of the venues for Ukraine national football team matches, the most recent being a 1–0 Ukraine win over Belarus on September 6, 2008 for 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying.

In the second half the Ukrainians broke the course of the game flow and two goals from Lykhachov and Bulhakov put the Lions ahead. Near the end of the game the Rostov-men scored another goal, but from offside. The main referee without even looking to his assistants has counted the goal and the Russians ran joyfully towards the center of the field. However a moment later he noticed the Harms' signal. The linesman clearly identified the offside. The Lvivians led the game to the victory.

In 1981, Karpaty were merged with another Lviv team, SKA Lviv. The new team, SKA Karpaty, continued playing in the Soviet First League, almost achieving promotion in 1986 when CSKA Moscow was promoted ahead of Karpaty on goal differences. In 1989 the original name of the club was restored.

Traditionally the club colours are white and green. Throughout the club's history kit has always been designed of green and white tones; other colours are almost never used and are highly criticized by fans.

The club also has a ceremonial logo, however, it is very rarely used, mostly during TV broadcasts or video packages.

In the following season, Karpaty's first opponent in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was Romanian Steaua Bucureşti, that led by István Kovács advanced on 4–3 aggregate.

The thirteen’s season in Ukrainian Premier League became an unfortunate one for Karpaty and in 2003–04 season the team was relegated to Persha Liha. However Karpaty remained there only for two seasons and in the 2005–06 season, the club was successful in taking second place in the Persha Liha, which allowed them to participate in the Vyscha Liha the following year.

Football Club Karpaty Lviv (Ukrainian: Футбольний клуб «Карпати» Львів [kɐr'pɑtɪ lʲviw]) is a Ukrainian professional football club based in Lviv.

Green is considered to be the dominant of the two as clubs nicknames are "Green-Lions" and "Green-Whites". For some time black was also used and was even displayed on one of the club's former logos.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

While playing in the Soviet First League in 1979, Karpaty were close to repeating their 1969 achievement, when they met Dinamo Moscow in the USSR Cup semi-final. The match which was played in Moscow, went into overtime with a 1–1 score. Dinamo however prevailed, scoring on a penalty kick in extra time.

Karpaty debuted in Group B in 1963 and had remained there for four seasons, until in 1968 they were promoted to Soviet First League.

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Since Ukraine gained its independence, Karpaty have primarily participated in Ukrainian Premier League competitions. They have taken 3rd place once and were Ukrainian Cup runners-up twice, losing both times to Dynamo Kyiv in the final.

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