Between 1991 and 2000 the team also won the North Baden Cup on four occasions, thereby qualifying for the first round of the German Cup on each occasion. Its greatest success in this competition was reaching the third round in 1996–97.[2]

Hamburg, 16th in the 18-team Bundesliga the last two seasons, also needed a relegation play-off to stay up last season thanks to an away goal in a 1-1 draw at Greuther Fuerth in the second leg of the play-off after a goalless first leg in Hamburg.

Am vergangenen Samstag bestritt unsere U17 ihren zweiten Tackle-Turniertag. Bei angenehmen Temperaturen empfingen die Badener Greifs die Gäste der Weinheim Longhorns und die KIT SC Engineers. Nach dem erfolgreichen ersten Turniertag wollten die jungen Greifs ihre Leistung nun auf dem heimischen Feld bestätigen. Weiterlesen →

Finally, the Hamburg goalkeeper René Adler guaranteed victory by saving a Rouwen Hennings penalty, awarded for handball, two minutes into stoppage time.

Karlsruhe experiences an oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb) similar to much of Germany. In comparison, Karlsruhe features hot summers and average to mild winters. The city is one of the warmest and sunniest in Germany. Precipitation is almost evenly spread throughout the year. In 2008, the weather station in Karlsruhe, which had been operating since 1876, was closed; it was replaced by a weather station in Rheinstetten, south of Karlsruhe.[3]

Swimming is ever popular in Germany and by extension, also in Karlsruhe. There are a bevy of swimming pools here that are much loved by the locals.

The three-times German champions are the only club never to have been relegated since the Bundesliga’s creation in 1963 but they were 1-0 down and on their way out with 90 minutes played at Karlsruhe. Their raucous travelling support feared the worst until the Chilean international Marcelo Díaz curled home a last-minute free-kick to take the tie into extra time.

The late drama ensured the former European champions narrowly maintained their proud record after another dismal season.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Adler said: “I feel like I aged three years tonight. It’s incredible what we did in the last six weeks. A triumph of team spirit.

The city centre is the oldest part of town and lies south of the palace in the quadrant defined by nine of the radial streets. The central part of the palace runs east-west, with two wings, each at a 45° angle, directed southeast and southwest (i.e., parallel with the streets marking the boundaries of the quadrant defining the city center).

Another popular Karlsruhe sport is basketball. The city boasts its own team with the fan favorites BG Karlsruhe. The BG Karlsruhe plays in the second Basketball Bundesliga-Pro A. Founded in 1993, the team plays their home games at the 6,500-seater Europahalle (Hermann-Veit-Straße 7). Come cheer on the BG Karlsruhe with their mascot the polar bear!

Knapp zwei Wochen nach Beginn der Saisonvorbereitung präsentierten sich die American Footballer und Cheerleader der Badener Greifs am vergangenen Samstag im Real – Durlach Center Karlsruhe.

Mit verschiedenen kleinen Aktionen rund um das Spiel haben die Spieler der Jugend- und Herrenmannschaft den Zuschauern und Besuchern des Einkaufszentrum American Football etwas näher gebracht. Zusätzlich standen sie den ganzen Tag über für Fragen, Fotos und als Footballer-zum-Anfassen dem Publikum zur Verfügung, um das kommende Probetraining am 7.10 zu bewerben.

The club successfully bounced back in 2012–13 when it won a championship in the 3. Liga and earned promotion back to the 2. Bundesliga.

Hamburg SV clung on to their time-honoured place in the Bundesliga once again after beating second-tier Karlsruhe 2-1 – and 3-2 on aggregate – after moments of extraordinary late drama in the second leg of their play-off on Monday.

2014–15 would see the club come close to a return to the Bundesliga, a 3rd-place finish would see them play a promotion play-off against Hamburg, and after a 1–1 draw in Hamburg in the first leg, KSC were seconds away from promotion, only for Hamburg to score an equaliser in the 90th minute to force extra time, where they would score a winning away goal late in the second half to secure their Bundesliga status for another season.

The Karlsruhe sports scene provides all that you would expect from a prominent German city. There’s the local soccer team, the Karlsruher SC. A basketball team is also in town, as well as a tradition of American football.

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Im ersten Spiel schlugen unsere Jungs die KIT SC Engineers deutlich mit 30 zu 6. Mit der gleichen Punktedifferenz (32 zu 8) konnten die AFC Offenburg Miners besiegt werden. Im dritten Spiel des Tages siegten die AFC Offenburg Miners gegen die KIT SC Engineers mit 30 zu 20. Weiterlesen →

“No one gave up,” said Müller, whose tap-in secured the victory. “We did it. We’re still in the Bundesliga. We were carrying a lot of baggage all season and it feels great to unload that all in a few seconds now.“

The area north of the palace is a park and forest. Originally the area to the east of the palace consisted of gardens and forests, some of which remain, but the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (founded in 1825), Wildparkstadion football stadium, and residential areas have been built there. The area west of the palace is now mostly residential.

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• Karlsruhe 1-2 Hamburg (Hamburg win 3-2 on agg)• Goals from Marcelo Díaz and Nicolai Müller guarantee survival

No German city is complete without their own football team and Karlsruhe is certainly no exception! The local soccer club is the Karlsruher SC, which is a conglomeration of several past clubs. Its origins go back to 1894 with the creation of Karlsruher Fussball Club Phönix.

“It was a crazy match and anything could have happened in a match like this. I was already thinking at the end of regulation time that we’d end up in the second division but caught myself and said, ‘Stop, no that’s not going to happen.’”

This team was one of the earlier American football clubs in Germany, going all the way back to 1982! That’s when a band of motorcyclists — which included some retired American soldiers — decided to come together to play a game some of them allegedly had never even seen before.

Then, with a penalty shootout looming and four minutes of the extra period remaining, Nicolai Müller scored for Hamburg, ensuring that Karlsruhe would need to score twice to gain promotion.

The most successful of these ancestral clubs was Karlsruher Fussball Club Phönix, formed on 6 June 1894 by dissatisfied members of the gymnastics club Karlsruher Turngemeinde. They quickly became a strong regional side, playing in the Südkreis-Liga, and captured the national title in 1909, defeating defending champions Viktoria 89 Berlin 4–2 in the championship final that season. In 1912, Phönix merged with KFC Alemannia, established in 1897, to create KFC Phönix (Phönix Alemannia).

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The Sonnenbad (Honsellstraße 39) is the an outdoor pool in the city with room for sunbathing, and is open for most of the year, March to November. And don’t forget the Rappenwörtbad (Hermann-Schneider-Allee 54), which boasts a wave pool and a large spa, is also a popular choice.


Am vergangenen Freitag fand auf dem Trainingsgelände der Badener Greifs Herren in Grünwettersbach das erste offizielle offene Training mit knapp 35 Beteiligten statt. Eine bunte Mischung aus Neueinsteiger, Wiederkehrer und Zuschauer konnten das 2-stündige Training genießen und die Grundlagen des Sportes kennen lernen.

These days, the team plays in the second Bundesliga at the Wildparkstadion (Adenauerring 17). The stadium is situated in the picturesque park where the dukes of Baden once hunted for wild deer. It has the capacity to hold almost 30,000 roaring fans.

The municipal protestant church (evangelische Stadtkirche) was built according to plans by the famous Karlsruhe architect Friedrich Weinbrenner as the cathedral church of Baden following instructions from Grand Duke Karl Friedrich.

1. FC Union Berlin vs Karlsruhe – Football Highlights in Germany – 2nd Bundesliga

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The following list shows the most significant groups of immigrants residing in the city of Karlsruhe by country.

Karlsruher SC is a German association football club, based in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. KSC rose out of the consolidation of a number of predecessor clubs. They have played in the Bundesliga, but were relegated to the 2. Bundesliga in 1998 and in 2009. In 2012, they were relegated to the 3. Liga through play-offs, and in 2013, they were promoted back to the 2. Bundesliga.

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