“It was very emotional for me,” Svancara says. “I had to hide a tear several times – my father played, my son too. After the game, when I waved farewell to the fans, I cried a lot and I am not ashamed of it. On the other hand, I felt proud that we did it. That we proved that when there’s will, there’s a way.

The 1980s were less spectacular for Brno, as the club was relegated in 1983, playing until 1989 in the second tier. After just two seasons in the top tier, the club finished last in 1991 and was again relegated.[1]

Rodinn tribuna (sektor U) nabdne i bhem utkn se Spartou bohat program. Tit se mete napklad na poloasovou autogramidu Tadase Kijanskase a Franciho Litsingiho, dle pak na zbavn, vzdlvac program s tmatem Deskov hry. Chybt nebudou ani dal sportovn a edukativn aktivity pod taktovkou naich lektor. T se na vs tm Krouky, regionln poboka pro Brno a okol.

The strength of the movement to return Za Luzankami to something approaching its former glories was emphasised after the discovery of a flaw that could have scaled the project down significantly.

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“I was glad that the Zbrojovka legends enjoyed the game, too. They deserved it and I wanted them to be able to play in front of a full Luzanky again. And today, some older men still stop me in the streets and tell me that we brought tears into their eyes even though they haven’t cried for years. They remember the Zbrojovka of 1978 and they thank me for bringing them back that time. I still feel and hear echoes of the positivity but every other question is: ‘What next?’”

FC Zbrojovka Brno is a professional football club based in the city of Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic. Founded in 1913 as SK Židenice, the club later became known as Zbrojovka Brno. Brno won the Czechoslovak First League in the 1977–78 season and finished as runners-up in 1979–80.

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“I think that, when Zbrojovka moves back to Luzanky, it will be a completely different club,” he says. “I don’t want to wear rose-tinted glasses but I think that at Luzanky, Zbrojovka can expect to win the title again. The club would turn in a completely positive direction. Here in Brno, the place is essential. I cannot imagine a football stadium here being anywhere else.”

Brno have played at Městský fotbalový stadion Srbská since 2001, when they moved from previous home Stadion Za Lužánkami.[3] In the 1990s, Brno attracted record crowds to their football matches, with Za Lužánkami as the venue for all of the top ten most-attended Czech First League matches.[4] The highest attendance for a Brno match is 44,120, set in a league match against Slavia Prague.[4]

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In 1962, there was an amalgamation between Rudá Hvězda Brno (1956–62) and Spartak ZJŠ Brno.

Zpasy starch k (U15 a U14), kter se mly pvodn hrt v sobotu, byly odloeny na 26. jna (15:00 a 16:00). Dvodem je onemocnn hr Vtkovic.

Event details: NAME: AC Sparta Praha - Kajot Helas Brno DATE: October 3, 2016 TIME: 18:30 UTC VENUE: Viceucelovy Sportovni Komplex, Prague , Czech Republic

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In 2021 Brno will have the most modern sport center in the Czech Republic. It will include athletic facilities, football and ice hockey stadiums. Brno Council adopted an investment plan for its construction.

The false dawns might just be over. Plans were announced recently for a £40m overhaul of Za Luzankami, with the stadium rented to the supporters’ organisation led by Svancara – Verime Zbrojovce – in the meantime. Zbrojovka’s youth teams are now training on the relaid pitch and Svancara is pushing hard for the first team to start doing the same, with the prospect of a full-scale reconstruction next summer and an eventual return.

Brno have competed a number of times in European competitions, reaching the second round of the 1978–79 European Cup in their only appearance to date in the competition. The club played in the 1993–94 European Cup Winners' Cup but lost in the first round.

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The club, initially known as SK Židenice, played in the top tier of Czechoslovakian football from 1933 until suffering relegation in the 1946–47 Czechoslovak First League.[1] During this period, the club entered the Mitropa Cup three times, reaching the quarter finals in 1935 as well as taking part in the competition in 1936 and 1938.

Upozorujeme fanouky, e oficiln Fanshop Zbrojovky je dnes (tj. v ter 27. z) uzaven. Dkujeme za pochopen.

Zbrojovk Jakub Kuera m na zbytek podzimu do tetiligovho Blanska, v Brn se bude znovu hlsit na startu zimn ppravy.

Utkn 12. kola nejvy soute s Jihlavou odehrajeme v sobotu 29. jna v 17 hodin.

“Some of my friends had talked about organising my farewell at Luzanki for so long that one day I went to look there with a lawnmover and said it was possible. Then, it was important that Brno – the city and the fans – didn’t leave me alone in it.”

The pheasant had been thinking along the same lines as Svancara. His reconnaissance mission had a purpose: what if he could revive the old stadium, its edifices and its memories, and organise one last game – his farewell match – there? Talk of renovating Za Luzankami had surfaced down the years to little avail, invariably breaking down on political or financial grounds – but could Svancara wield his influence to reunite sections of the club’s support and oversee the project himself?

Zbrojovk Luk Vratil byl dodaten nominovn do reprezentace U21 pro kvalifikan zpas s Moldavskem (7. jna, Znojmo).

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More details: Kajot Helas Brno live score, schedule and results Tango Brno live score, schedule and results

Brno took part in the UEFA Cup three times, reaching the quarter finals in 1979–80 and also playing in 1980–81 and 1997–98.

Between 1950 and 1962 the club played outside the top tier, returning in the 1962–63 Czechoslovak First League.[1] Five seasons elapsed before the club was again relegated, in 1967.[1] They then spent four years in the second tier of Czechoslovak football before returning to the top flight.[1] In the 1970s the club was a strong force in the country, winning the Czechoslovak First League in 1978, finishing third the following season and being runners up in 1980.

Trenr Zbrojovky Svatopluk Habanec dnes slav 47. narozeniny. Gratulujeme a pejeme do dalch let hodn zdrav, tst a spch!

Zbrojovci Jakub ural a Tom Weber figuruj v nominaci reprezentace U20 pro soustedn v Dtei. Mezi nhradnky pak je Luk Zukal.

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“Leaving Luzanki divided the fans into two groups – one of which loved Luzanky too much and did not want to go to another stadium,” Svancara says. “That was the case with the older generation in particular. It hurt the identity of the club enormously.

Zbrojovci Tonda Svoboda, Adam Stejskal, Luk Vorlick, Daniel Zajek, Ondej ediv a Enrico Canales obdreli pozvnku na trninkov kemp reprezentace U15. Ten se kon ve dnech 20. a 22. z v Otrokovicch. Mezi nhradnky jsou Matj Chaloupka a David Kotsek, asistentem trenra je Martin Jans.

“When we came back for the first time, you could have shot a beautiful horror film there.” The task Petr Svancara had given himself seemed overwhelming, even if the 36-year-old captain of Zbrojovka Brno had shown he could achieve most of the things a young man from the Czech Republic’s second city dreamed of.

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The response, aided by assistance from the media that twitched heartstrings to exactly the right degree, was beyond any expectation. Together, through volunteering and online crowdfunding, the supporters of Zbrojovka Brno set about restoring what had once been their pride and joy.

Sports center should be placed in the Masaryk University campus in Bohunice area. Who will finance the construction, is still unknown. The new arena with 23 000 seats, will be the largest football stadium in the Czech Republic.