It's tough to compare players spanning over various different eras... the game changes, positions change, body-types change. It's also tough to weigh cumulative career accomplishments vs single season accomplishments. With those things in mind... taking into considerationg players' Honors and Awards, All-America selections, and contribution to their teams...

Some stats listed may be from the NCAA record book (may not include Bowl game resluts), others from the USC record book (include Bowl game results).

The Morris Trophy is an annual award given to the top Offensive and Defensive Linemen in the PAC-10 (since 1980).

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The Team MVP, "Mike McKeever Award", is an annual award given to the most valuable player on the team, as per the team Coaches (since 1967).

Bedsole's production (stats) in terms of contribution to his team (percentage), is arguably unmatched by any USC WR. He accounted for over 25% of the team's scoring in a two year span (1961-62). Other WRs may have more yards, more TDs, more honors & awards, more fanfare (Johnnie Morton, Mike Williams, Dwayane Jarrett, Lynn Swann), but what Bedsole did as a receiver at USC in that era was remarkable.

Pellerin attended 797 consecutive USC football games... a streak that began in 1926

1995 Unanimous All-American 1995 Warner Award winner 1995 Conf Off-POY 1995 All-Conf 1995 Team MVP

note: Simpson is named on Walter Camp's All-Century team (1999).

3rd - Ricky Bell (1976 UAA), CFB Hall of Famer

The Voit Trophy was an annual award given to the top overall player on the West Coast (from 1951 to 1978)

note: Williams scored 30 receiving TDs in only two seasons (as a true Freshman & Sophomore).

5th - Gaius Shaver (1931 CAA), *would-be 1931 Heisman winner, as per ESPN's retro-Heisman selection

4th - John Ferraro (1944 CAA), CFB Hall of Famer

Seven Heisman Trophy winners, 27 Hall of Fame players, countless All-America selections...

1974 Unanimous All-America 1974 *Runner-up*, Heisman 1974 Voit Trophy winner 1974 Warner Award winner 1974 All-Conf

1968 Heisman Trophy winner 1968 Unanimous All-America 1968 Maxwell Award winner 1968 Walter Camp Award winner 1968 Voit Award winner 1968 Warner Trophy winner 1968 All-Conf 1968 Team MVP

note: Lott is named on Walter Camp's All-Century team (1999).

----- *Keys and notes are listed at the end.

2005 Heisman Trophy winner 2005 Unanimous All-America 2005 Doak Walker Award winner 2005 Conf Off-POY 2005 All-Conf 2005 Team MVP

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This the list of the all-time greatest USC Trojans football players in history, listed by position/unit. It's strictly based on College Football accomplishments, with no consideration given to the Pros whatsoever.

note: Allen set the NCAA season record for Rushing yards/game (212.9) in 1981, and currently ranks 2nd all-time (Barry Sanders, 238.9 yds/g; 1988).

note: McDonald is named on Walter Camp's All-Century team (1999).

note: Ryan had 55 Tackles-for-Loss, 19 passes-defended, 389 total Tackles for his career. In 1989 alone he had 20 sacks.

1967 Unanimous All-America 1967 *Runner-up*, Heisman Trophy 1967 Walter Camp Award winner 1967 All-Conf 1967 Team MVP

note: Davis holds the NCAA career record for Kick-Return Average (35.1 yds), and Kick-Return Touchdowns (6 TDs) ;1972-74. He lead the country in KR average in 1974 (42.5 yds) as the 'declared' leader.

1989 Consensus All-America 1989 *Runner-up*, Lombardi Award 1989 Warner Award winner 1989 All-Conf

4th - Anthony Davis (1974 UAA), CFB Hall of Famer

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note: Cunningham is credited with showing Alabama "what a football player looks like" (college football lore).

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1979 Lombardi Award winner 1979 Unanimous All-America 1979 *Runner-up*, Outland Trophy 1979 All-Conf

note: Johnson ranks 10th in the country, all-time, in career receving yards/game (3rd among players from BCS teams).

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2005 Unitas Award winner 2005 Walter Camp Award winner 2005 All-America 2005 All-Conf

1952 Consensus All-America 1952 Voit Trophy winner 1952 Warner Award winner 1952 All-Conf

note: Bedsole holds the USC career record for yards per reception (20.9), and may also hold the season record (25.1; 1962). He held USC's season receiving-TDs record for over 30 years (only 3 players have eclipsed it since).

3rd - Anthony Davis (1974 UAA), CFB Hall of Famer

1981 Heisman Trophy winner 1981 Unanimous All-America 1981 Walter Camp Award winner 1981 Maxwell Award winner 1981 Warner Award 1981 Conf POY 1981 All-Conf 1981 Team MVP