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From the 2010-11 season onwards, there will be no more different groups and stages. All 13 clubs will play a round robin league, so each team plays 24 matches. The champion will be the first-place finisher.

The Pan-Hellenic Women's Football Championship was founded in 1987. Prior to 1990, the championship was organised by the regional football associations. In 1990, the Hellenic Football Federation created a committee on women's football which organized the championship. In 1990 became the first organisation from the EPO which however were named test and the Greek federation him did not recognize as official organisation. The current winner as well as the most-times winner is PAOK.[1]

Amazones Dramas K wyniki (Piłka nożna - Grecja) na Przeglądaj na tej stronie wyniki zespołu Amazones Dramas K! oferuje strony zespołów (np.: Amazones Dramas K), strony rozgrywek (np.: angielska Premier League) a także strony dyscyplin (e.g. Piłka nożna wyniki z wszystkimi dzisiejszymi meczami Piłka nożna –wyników na żywo w czasie rzeczywistym i dzisiejsze wyniki końcowe i nadchodzące spotkania).

Amazones Dramas A.S.[1] (Greek: Α.Σ. Αμαζόνες Δράμας) is a Greek women's football club from the city of Drama. It plays in Greek's highest national football league, the Greek A Division known as Alpha Ethniki. The team won the championship in 2013–14, ending an eight-year title run by PAOK.

The Pan-Hellenic Women's Football Championship (Greek: Πανελλήνιο Πρωτάθλημα Γυναικών), also known as the Women's Alpha Ethniki, is the highest professional women's football league in Greece.

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