The appeal of the Riviera Romagnola today is all down to the shrewd charm of the Romagnoli. They have earned a reputation for unequalled seaside hospitality.

Incredible to think that not long ago this was mostly undeveloped, malaria-infested marshland.

At least 86 of the dead were in the historic town of Amatrice, where the mayor said three-quarters of the town was destroyed, and in nearby Accumoli.

As well as the 86 dead in the two towns of Amatrice and Accumoli, 34 people are known to have been killed in Le Marche province, including in the neighbouring villages of Arquata del Tronto and Pescara del Tronto.

At the beach club I am visiting, the music starts at 4pm, clashing with the music from the bagno next-door. Even the sound of the sea cannot drown it out.

"From the age of five to 13, I spent June and July here with my grandparents." Her working parents would come down at the weekends.

Pescara is a coastal city, but its climate is influenced by the surrounding mountains (the Maiella and the chain of Gran Sasso). When the wind is southwesterly, Pescara experiences a Foehn wind that often reaches 100 km/h (62 mph), causing a sudden increase in temperature and decrease in relative humidity, and for that reason winters with temperatures that exceed 20 °C (68 °F) almost daily are not unknown.

Anna's mother and I are having a drink - here called a "happyritivo" - at her family's chosen beach club. I confess I am exhausted by all this noise, activity and organisation. I have tried the pine wood behind the beach but I wanted to be by the sea.

At the beginning of the 18th century Pescara had some 3,000 inhabitants, half of them living in the Castellammare. In 1707 it was attacked by Austrian troops under the command of the Duke of Wallis: the town, led by Giovanni Girolamo II Acquaviva, resisted for two months before capitulating.

For teams looking to take part in an international competition in a popular seaside town, there is no better option than the Trofeo Adriatico in Rimini, Italy, which is held over Easter. Each year, more than 100 teams from 7-10 countries sign up to take part. This makes Trofeo Adriatico unique.

The city is divided in two by the river.

He had previously paid tribute to the volunteers and civil defence officials who rushed to the scene in the middle of the night and used their bare hands to dig for survivors.

The whole city is affected by the presence of groundwater, the level of which varies by up to a metre, being at its highest in spring due to snow melting in the mountains inland.

Rescue teams are using heavy lifting equipment and their bare hands and authorities said the search for survivors would continue through the night.

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It is St Tropez meets Blackpool, Ibiza meets Bognor Regis - as tacky as it is chic, as trendy as it is kitsch.

The subsequent rulers were the D'Avalos. In 1424 the famous condottiero Muzio Attendolo died here. Another adventurer, Jacopo Caldora, conquered the town in 1435 and 1439. In the following years Pescara was repeatedly attacked by the Venetians, and later, as part of the Spanish Kingdom of Naples, it was turned into a massive fortress.

At 1pm almost all the sun loungers are empty and, feeling like a seaside squatter, I nab one in the front row. At last I can hear the gentle lapping of the waves.

With a mixture of pride and embarrassment - that is how locals tell you they are off on holiday to the Riviera Romagnola.

As perfectly bronzed Camilla tells me: "Romagnola invented the 'beach without sea'."

He promised "no family, no city, no hamlet will be left behind".

In 1814, Pescara's Carboneria revolted against Joachim Murat. There, on 15 May 1815, the king undersigned one of the first constitutions of the Italian Risorgimento. In the following years Pescara became a symbol of the Bourbon's violent restoration as it housed one of the most notorious Bourbon jails. After a devastating flood in 1853, Pescara was liberated by Giuseppe Garibaldi's collaborator Clemente De Caesaris in 1860. Seven years later the fortress was dismantled.

But come the weekend, the entire demographic changes, and the coast is overrun by Italy's 16-to-35-year-old beautiful people.

Pescara is served from an airport international called Abruzzo International Airport (Aeroporto di Pescara) that connects the entire region with many Italian and European destinations like Barcelona-Girona, Brussels-Charleroi, Frankfurt-Hahn, London-Stansted, Paris-Beauvais, Milano-Bergamo, Tirana and Milan.

Since 2009, Rome ISIA has a subsidiary in Pescara, training students in the field of industrial design.

In the city there are the administrative headquarters of De Cecco company and the Fater S.p.a., an equal joint venture partner with the Angelini Group and Procter & Gamble.[12]

"They each get a slice of bread and chocolate spread. Anna loves it." And again, that funny giggle.

For about 15 euros (£12, $19) a day, you can rent one with a couple of sun loungers and inhale the suntan lotion and cigarette smoke of those next to, behind and in front of you, while listening to a selection of conversations in surround-sound.

But if, like me, you prefer unspoilt, deserted beaches, the Riviera Romagnola is not for you.

Mediterranean seismicity is driven by the great collision between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates; but when it comes down to the specifics of this latest quake, the details are far more complicated.

A trolleybus automatic steering system line connecting the city center with its strategic points like Pescara Centrale railway station and the Abruzzo International Airport and other nearby cities is being built.

In 1095 Pescara was a fishing village enriched with monuments and churches. In 1140 Roger of Sicily conquered the town, giving rise to a period in which it was destroyed by armies ravaging the Kingdom of Sicily. The name of Piscaria ("abounding with fish") is mentioned for the first time in this period. Several seignors ruled over Pescara afterwards, including Rainaldo Orsini, Louis of Savoy and Francesco del Borgo, the vicar of king Ladislaus of Naples, who had the fortress and the tower built.


Between 1924 and 1961, Pescara hosted the Coppa Acerbo automobile race, which in 1957 formed the penultimate round of the Formula One World Championship.

Pescara is the most populous city in the Abruzzo region, and is one of the top ten economic, commercial, and tourist centers on the Adriatic coast. Featuring a shoreline that extends for more than 20 km (12 mi), Pescara is a popular seaside resort on the Adriatic coast during summer. Situated in the sea at a short distance from the waterline there are many breakwaters made with large rocks, that were placed to preserve the shore from water-flood erosion.

The Tyrrhenian Basin, or Sea, which lies to the west of Italy, between the mainland and Sardinia/Corsica, is slowly opening up.

The area is mountainous and access is difficult. Tent camps are being set up for those who need shelter, while others will be accommodated in buildings such as gymnasiums.

An aerial view would look like a vast washing-line of neatly-hung checked tea towels - some 140,000 beach umbrellas.

As regards public transport Pescara has a wide assortment of services, the city benefits from it a very favourable position with regard to roads.

In the historic city center are the birthplace houses of Gabriele D'Annunzio[7] and Ennio Flaiano, and the San Cetteo Cathedral, build between 1933 and 1938.

Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said it had recorded more than 200 aftershocks by 15:00 (13:00 GMT) on Wednesday.