Longest-running gay bar in Brighton; mostly frequented only by men.

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When Henry VIII divorced Anne of Cleves in 1541, he gave her this timber-framed house as part of her divorce settlement, although she never moved in...

So, what is so special about Plumpton, apart from the freedom to roam and its lack of facilities? Well, think Brimham and dare to believe it is more beautiful. I have been to Brimham three times this year and I am not tiring of it, but if I am totally honest, I can never quite relax and just enjoy the staggering scenery.

So, here is my dilemma: if I don’t tell you, I will feel selfish, like I am eating the best chocolates (the caramel and the one with a hazelnut) from the second layer of Milk Tray; if I do tell you, there is a danger that something about Plumpton will change, that the one space in the car-park that was left for us will be taken.

Nothing has changed since his first visit to Yorkshire in 1797. Nothing except the name, which was “Plompton” then. Nothing should change and it truly would be a shame if the area were developed in any way.

Turner had his oils, you have words – and what a wonderful picture you’ve painted! I very much hope to get to Plumpton before the end of the month. Thanks for sharing the secret!

The so called Lover’s Leap had been where we had sat down for the first time in days and supped our Diet Coke.

One of the UK’s biggest gay bashes with a rainbow-hued parade and concerts in Preston Park.

It’s fun being over 40 and feeling like a child, a little bit nervous about where you are going and what you will find. So much of life is mapped out for us these days but at Plumpton you basically have to guess, use your initiative, risk getting a little bit lost.

Once the stables for King George IV’s horses, this art-deco complex houses three theatre venues within the Royal Pavilion estate. ABBA famously won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest here.

It is astoundingly beautiful. Ed and I sat on a rock overlooking the lake and lost time watching dragonflies scoot across the water. Walking around the lake, we were amazed to see that the rock we had been sat on earlier had the most dramatic drop, disguised when we were sat on it by the way the rock face curved under itself.

I think I counted seven other cars on the Sunday that we went. We tried to mount a mound of earth that was a space of sorts, but there was a real danger of my bumper (which is stuck on with gaffer tape) being lost over the side, so we took the only other available spot, which was littered with several picnickers under the trees – all very Enid Blyton.

A stylish comedy, theatre and cabaret venue attracting the best stand-up acts from the English-speaking world.

You won’t find: a café selling green tea, or any café selling any tea for that matter; you won’t find an ice-cream kiosk, a snack bar or a vending machine; you won’t find a toilet; you won’t find a shop selling pencils or notebooks emblazoned with “Plumpton Rocks”, locally-produced onion relish or lemon curd.

Regarded as the town’s most refined seafood spot, R&F is light on gimmicky interiors (think white butcher’s shop tiles, marble tables and candles) but heavy on taste...

5-6 King's Court, Shambles, York  YO1 7LD   01904 848 766  |    info@yorkmix.com

The sister establishment of Infinity Foods wholefoods shop (health-food cooperative and Brighton institution) serves a wide variety of vegetarian and organic food, with many vegan and wheat- or gluten-free options in...

Built by decree of the Prince of Wales in 1806, this grand venue hosts musicals, plays and operas.

This is mostly down to the fact that my 13-year-old does what he should be doing at Brimham: climbing. I have never been good with heights and whilst I will “have a go” at Brimham, and even wear my trainers especially so I look like I am “up for it”, my heart is in my mouth for 99 per cent of the time.

  I don’t want to tell you about Plumpton Rocks. I don’t want to tell you because I promised my boyfriend I would keep it our secret.

We had paid our £2.50 each at the kiosk on the way in, and looked at the leaflet we’d been given to find some clues as to which way to go. Up? Down? Left? Right? Making our way through the woods, we made jokes about Hansel and Gretel… “Where’s your bag of breadcrumbs when you need them?”

Incongruously located in an alley of garages and used-car lots, this cocktail bar is firmly established on the Kemptown gay scene, but welcomes all-comers with Sussex Martinis, well-executed plates of food and theme ...

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Things to do in Plumpton Green

And they ain’t talking Victoria or Elizabeth! Plenty of camp cabaret and karaoke at this pub.

It is easier to list the things that you won’t find at Plumpton and it is good to know what you won’t find, so that you can plan your visit a little. But it was also refreshing to arrive expecting certain things and finding them absent.

Sussex’s Harveys Brewery perfumes Lewes town centre with a hop-laden scent. Book several months in advance for tours.

Eclectic hangout with shabby-chic furnishings, huge antique ceiling fans, a bar stocked with unusual tipples and a quirky basement snug...

We didn’t take him to Plumpton last week, but we will. When you wander into Plumpton, you initially seem to walk around the rocks and through them. At first, it is a little tame, too easy, and then you see the lake, which if we were to play a game of Top Trumps would be the thing that trumps Brimham every time.

Hove can justifiably claim to be the birthplace of British cinema, with the first short film shot here in 1898. You can see it alongside other fascinating films at this attractive Victorian villa...

In fine weather this laid-back Brighton institution throws open its doors and windows, and tables spill out onto the pavement...

Rummage through antiquarian treasures and new editions at the fabulous, half-timbered bookshop housed in a former candle factory.

I wish I could enjoy it more. I find myself walking with my head down most of the time as I would otherwise stand tentatively waiting to catch all the falling boys and girls, no matter who they belong to.

The city’s must-see attraction is the Royal Pavilion, the glittering party pad and palace of Prince George, later Prince Regent and then King George IV...

After Edinburgh, this is the UK’s biggest arts festival. It draws star performers from around the globe for three weeks by the sea.

Now little more than a set of ruins, this castle was built shortly after the 1066 Norman invasion...

We had been literally starring in our own film set. Apart from being used as a backdrop for numerous TV shows from Heartbeat to the Muppets, the scene was painted by Turner. The only information board we found stands in front of the scene that the great artist captured in oils.

Even by Brighton’s lofty standards, the food at this multi-award-winning vegetarian cafe is a treat...

Set in the Royal Pavilion’s renovated stable block, this museum and art gallery has a glittering collection of 20th-century art and design, including a crimson Salvador Dalí sofa modelled on Mae West’s lips...

Brighton’s wave-shaped marina washes ashore 1.5 miles east of the pier...