38-40.There’s often chat about the commercialisation and same-yness of the UK high street. Not in CP, where Cafe Nero and the pound shop are pretty much the only big chains. There’s Crystal Palace Antiques (where Grannie Gill once bought a table and chairs that resulted in building an extension on her house to put them in, true story) all the furniture places on Church Street and around the triangle, and the Haynes Lane market

We do strongly suggest you contact Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs before you set off on your family day out, just to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices, as there is nothing worse than disappointed kids in the back of your car after a long journey.

2-6. …including the museum, the farm, the two Sphinxes and the dinosaurs

While Joseph Paxton’s architectural masterpiece may no longer be standing, the building’s district namesake, Crystal Palace, is an exciting up and coming area of London that is worth keeping an eye on.

9-10. Apart from the supermarket, two of our favourite place to spend time on maternity leave were the Living Water Cafe (really positive community initiative, space for prams and lots and lots of cake) and Domali (again, cake, they don’t recoil in horror as you approach with a child)

Click below for other things to do with kids near Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs

Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs Bromley's largest park, once home to the Crystal Palace, an undulating site with terraces and hills mixed with extensive park with woodland, children's adventure play area and many leisure facilities including sand play area, maze and cool dinosaur trail! The dino trail was actually created in 1854 and features 30 extinct animals, including some dinosaurs and some mammals.

Close to Crystal Palace Park, trendy café Brown and Green is a great local spot to grab a coffee or brunch – and the cakes here are divine! Well worth a visit.

Crystal Palace Overground Festival is a must-attend, free community-run arts and culture festival featuring live music, film, food and tons of entertainment and activities for all ages. Don't miss it!

There’s a swish cocktail lounge downstairs in The Exhibition Rooms, but you can also enjoy delicious cocktails at the Cocktail Embassy and the delightful wine bar at Numidie, decked out with traditional Algerian decor.

41-47. As well as my personal fave the Shelter charity shop, there’s also a whole host of independent shops including Smash Bang Wallop, Glitter and Twisted and South of the River. A shop that sells a lot of cheese. And then there’s the brilliant Bookseller Crow, where I bought all of the first birthday presents

Dine with a view at Joanna's Brasserie, which boasts sweeping vistas over London. The Exhibition Rooms offers modern British food in a classic dining room, while veggies can visit the friendly Domali Cafe which serves home-cooked vegetarian food. Of course, if you fancy a bag of piping hot chips, I highly recommend Crystal Fish Bar.

Crystal Palace is within the London Boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

[…] cloud mobile and rainbow cushion were from a shop in Crystal Palace, and were the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant. The other cushions are Ikea […]

This hilly residential zone has everything you could need. Westow Street, Church Road and Westow Hill form what is known as the ‘Crystal Triangle’ – aka The place to be. Here you will find gastropubs, unique shops and some great cafés.

[…] Boutique is the brainchild of Sarah, a Crystal Palace mum (*waves back up the hill*). If you don’t know it already, it’s fantastic – […]

With a colourful past, this Victorian subway is spectacular and hidden under the A212 road at Crystal Palace Parade. You can visit the subway during the many open days throughout the year.

21. And while it’s not strictly CP, the lovely West Norwood Feast is very close

Get fit or take up a new sport at the National Sports Centre. Located within 200 acres of parkland, you won’t feel like you’re trudging to a busy city-centre gym. They offer a wide programme of classes and sports, including outdoor netball, football and athletics, plus there’s a swimming pool and climbing wall.

Crystal Palace gained its name from the building designed by Sir Joseph Paxton for the Great Exhibition of 1851. Before this time, it was known as Sydenham Hill and was largely a natural oak forest. In 1936, the Crystal Palace burned down and the site became Crystal Palace Park and eventually incorporated the National Sports Centre. Over time residential housing was built and it is now a mix of Victorian, mid-war and modern architectural styles.

Roam among the oldest life-size dinosaur sculptures in the world at Crystal Palace Park. This Victorian park also homes its own maze, a giant chess board, the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, beautiful flower gardens and the remains of the glass palace walls.

16-17. The mast. Although it’s never laid an egg like its French counterpart, it regularly changes colour and does have a magazine named after it

18. The cinema. OK, so there isn’t one, yet, but there should be (it’s something that the community continues to campaign about)

19. London transport is notoriously tricky to navigate with a pram, but Crystal Palace Station now has lifts to every platform, taking it from a complete no-go area to one of the most accessible stations in London

7. Central London is a mere 20 minutes away on the train (and it’s close to Brixton for the market, Dulwich for the Picture Gallery and park, Forest Hill for the Horniman Museum, and is easy to get to The Tate)

22. This ranks pretty highly on my fantasy house shopping list

Crystal Palace is popular with families and young professionals looking for a slightly larger space for their money.

Click DAYoutWITHtheKIDS logo at the top of this page, to take you back to the homepage for thousands offamily days out all over the country, or click this link to find Greater London kids days out. Finally. if you fancy a day out in the capital, click this link to find great things to do in london Also you can find all your local things to do in Bromley for kidsPlay Parks and Great Outdoors in Greater London | Play Parks and Great Outdoors near Bromley

50. On a personal note, we’ll always love it as it’s where we bought our first house, it’s the only place our daughter has ever lived, and it’s where lots of our friends are

I’m Gill, an early-thirtysomething first-time mum to the lovely Eliza, who made a speedy entrance to the world in early 2012. I’m currently expecting our second child, due in early October 2014. I’ve blogged for years and I’m also freelance digital consultant and writer. You can read my blog here – I try and write openly and honestly about the highs – and lows – of modern motherhood.

11. Another was Waggle and Hum at the Library (shame on you, Croydon Council)

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Things to do in Crystal Palace

OK, so it’s not all perfect. Everywhere is up or down a hill, and the one thing that drew us seductively into the warm bosom of the community three years ago is ultimately what’s casting us out into the cold (house prices). And speaking of cold, it exists in a Narnia-like microclimate up here in the winter and there’s often snow when there isn’t anywhere else in London. Which has made for some interesting calls to work when the trains grind to a halt.

Spread across Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth, Crystal Palace is a fantastic location to rent as prices are still relatively low compared to other areas of the city.

18. The cinema. OK, so there isn’t one, yet, but there should be (it’s something that the community continues to campaign about)

22. This ranks pretty highly on my fantasy house shopping list

23. It’s been on a lot of property programmes including at least two Location x 3’s (the opera singers and the young couple with a baby)

8. It’s very child-friendly. Check out the SE19 Kids website for a day-by-day guide to activities, and also the Crystal Palace Mums Facebook group

[…] one palace to another; on Saturday we headed to the children’s Christmas festivities at the west London […]

The concept behind the Crystal Palace Market is simple – beautiful, locally sourced ingredients cooked simply and to perfection. If you like your fish then this is the place to come – their menu includes whole sea bass, plaice, scallops, yellow fin tuna and sardines, and that’s just naming a few. We also love their blue cheese and truffle burgers.