Please read our Safety Centre for advice on how to stay safe when using our service.

Kiddi Caru is not just a day nursery; it’s a great start in life! This nursery is bright, homely and spacious with a fantastic outside area for children to enjoy; an environment that is safe and secure. The welfare of the children in care is paramount… more

Mama Bear's Day Nursery & pre-School (Paignton - Midvale Road) provides age-specific learning, with a wide range of play resources, outdoor play areas, a sensory room and many natural play incentives. The facility is well located to suit the busy… more

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Mama Bear's Day Nursery & Pre-School (Torquay) is a purpose-built setting that looks to give local parents the childcare service they deserve and children an education that will set them up well for school and later challenges. A stimulating interior… more

You can also use this service on a temporary basis after a hospital stay or illness, you can cancel at any time and you will not be tied into a lengthy contract.    

Pay for the Teignbridge Local Plan document to be delivered to you

The service provides 24 hour peace of mind to you and your family and friends, helping you to maintain your independence in your own home.

Puffins at Newton House provides loving care for children between the ages of three months and four years and encourages children to have fun while playing and learning throughout the day. Children are looked after in three age appropriate rooms… more

Mama Bear's Day Nursery & Pre-School (Paignton - Midvale Road)

What equipment do I need?The alarm requires an electrical supply and a working telephone socket, which should be on the same wall. Installation of the alarm does not require any modification to your home and can be easily removed if required. It does not affect your telephone line in any way, so you can continue to make and receive calls as normal.

TeignCare installs community alarms for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable people. The system incorporates a lifeline alarm unit and pendant worn around the neck or wrist.

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We offer both personal alarms and HomeSure visits to ensure peace of mind for you and your family. TeignCare helps hundreds of people in Teignbridge to live confidently and independently in their own homes. Whether you are worried about slipping or tripping, need extra support after a hospital stay or simply want the reassurance that you can summon help in the case of an emergency. Whatever happens, you and your family will have peace of mind that you are ok and have the support you need.

For further information and a chat about the service, please call us on 01626 355135 or e-mail:

The prices above are for our standard TeignCare person alarm. Additional safety alerts can be added to the unit such as; a carbon monoxide detector, fall detector and medicine prompts. Please call us for further information and prices for additional safety alerts.

Prices for a TeignCare alarm start from £3.19 per week and HomeSure starts from £9 per visit (plus a one off installation fee of £39). Prices are excluding VAT, however, if you have a disability, illness or mental impairment you will be exempt from paying VAT.

Mama Bear's Day Nursery (Paignton - Long Road) has a light and spacious interior with a wide range of early years play resources ideal for pre-school development and education. A versatile approach is aided by a large sports hall, a sensory room and… more

The TeignCare personal alarmYou do not need to buy an alarm system. We will hire out the alarm unit and install it for you. Installation is simple and the unit can easily be removed.

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Fully supervised days each with their own individual theme. Daily activities linked to the theme include sports challenges, team building exercises, bouncy castle, giant games, arts & crafts and swimming.A power hour is available. This is a drop in session, book-able on the day when space is available.

Distances given are in a straight line from the centre of Teignmouth but travel routes may be longer.

To call for assistance simply press the pendant (worn around your neck, as a bracelet or on a clip) to send an alarm call to the control centre, where a team of specially trained staff will answer your call. Your details, including where you live, will be automatically displayed, so even if you can’t speak they will be able to arrange the help you need.

Select the type of childcare service you are looking for, e.g. babysitting and enter your full postcode.

Showing the 50 nearest Day Nurseries to the centre of Teignmouth.

Mama Bear's Day Nursery (Paignton - Queen Elizabeth Drive)

TeignCare tailored to your needsOur personal alarm and HomeSure service is flexible to suit you. As well as the additional safety alerts, you can increase or decrease the level of support you receive depending how much you need to feel confident and happy in your home.

Jack & Jill Childcare employ an experienced team who are skilled in maintaining a homely and secure setting for children from birth to school age. In a safe and caring environment children's curiosities are turned into positive learning experiences. Quality… more

We advise that you ring before planning a visit to check all these details are up to date.

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There is a choice of the following sessions:8:00am-1:00pm = £15.00 or £12.00 (concession price)1:00pm-6:00pm = £15.00 or £12.00 (concession price)8:00am-6:00pm = £20.00 or £16.00 (concession price)

How does the TeignCare alarm system work?We fit a small alarm unit to your existing telephone line and give you a discreet pendant which can be worn around the neck, as a bracelet or on a clip. To call for assistance you simply need to press the pendant and it will send an alarm call to a team of trained and understanding operators, who will answer your call.

Is the pendant waterproof?The pendant is shower proof, but shouldn't be submerged in water.

In addition to providing an alarm service, for extra reassurance you can select a HomeSure visit. A HomeSure visit supports your day to day wellbeing. You can choose different levels of support depending on how much you feel you need.

Mama Bear's Day Nursery (Paignton - Queen Elizabeth Drive) has a purpose-built interior with two outdoor play areas, which staff use to their full potential in order to inspire learning and the development of new skills. The Key Person System helps… more

HomeSure visitsIn addition to having a personal alarm, for extra reassurance, you can select to have a HomeSure visit. A HomeSure visit supports you with your day-to-day wellbeing. You can choose different levels of support depending on how much you feel you need. Our staff can help you with:

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