Blandford Children’s Centre Nursery is committed to providing high quality childcare to the under fives. At all times they will ensure a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child. They will offer a programme focused on learning through… more

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Capers Day Nursery located in Blandford Forum, is a family owned and managed nursery that offers a professional childcare service in a secure and nurturing environment. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, staff encourage children… more

Stickleberries Day Nursery is a family run childcare facility situated in the old school building in the pretty village of Winterborne Stickland. The nursery provides high quality childcare to children aged from three months to five years, and also… more

The Honey Pot Nursery provides high-quality childcare in Yeovil, where a safe and happy nursery environment enables children aged three months to five years to develop socially, physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally at their own pace. Throughout… more

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The staff have a key role to play in working with parents to support their young children. This includes identifying learning needs and responding quickly to any difficulties. Wherever appropriate, staff work together with professionals from other agencies, such as local and community health and social services, to identify needs and provide the best learning opportunities for children.

The Old School Nursery (Shapwick) Ltd provides a loving space for children to spend their early years, with childcare professionals that are passionate about giving children the best start in life. All children are supported to become confident… more

Regular information is provided for parents about activities undertaken by the children; through wall displays, photographs and examples of children’s work. is the affordable childcare option, offering all sorts of childcare help to families who want to return to work, or wish to have a well deserved night out.

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An Ofsted Registered Child Minder is a great childcare option if you want the Ofsted Registered Child-Minder to look after your child in their own home. All Childminders are Ofsted Registered, with all qualifications you’d expect. You can find the perfect Ofsted Registered Childminder near your home across the UK, or in London if you search on our site.

When figuring out the costs between a nanny, babysitter, childminder or whatever type of childcare professional you want to hire, take a look at our types of childcare table – this will help you with all the decisions you have to make.

 Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and settings work together, the results have a positive impact on the child’s development and learning. A successful partnership needs a two-way flow of information, knowledge and expertise.

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The children are offered a wide range of learning opportunities, experiences and styles, which are designed to develop their skills, knowledge and attitude. Young children learn best when they are interested and involved in their own learning. Therefore, most of the learning is of a practical nature and involves the child in first hand experiences.

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Day Nursery Group:Capers Day Nursery & Stickleberries Day Nursery

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Baby Grows Day Nursery is a well located nursery which offers care for children between the age of 0 and five. There are many modern facilities to create playing and learning opportunities to boost the development of children at the nursery. Separate… more

The staff promote positive attitudes to diversity and difference within all children. In doing this we help the children to learn to value different aspects of their own and other people’s lives. This includes ensuring that all children and families feel included, safe and valued; and that all children and adults are treated as individuals and are not discriminated against; and that all children are listened to and respected.

Monitoring of each child’s progress throughout the EYFS is essential to ensure that they are making progress and that particular difficulty in any of the areas of learning, whatever the cause, are identified and addressed. Each child’s individual care and learning requirements are planned for. The focus is on removing or helping to counter underachievement and overcoming barriers for children where these already exist. There are appropriate challenges for gifted and talented children.

Tops Day Nursery in Corfe Mullen offers happy, nurturing care for the hours parents need. The nursery offers very flexible hours and parents can book to the nearest 15 minutes, meaning parents just pay for the hours that suit them. They cater for… more

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Tops Day Nursery - Wimborne, offers a an excellent learning environment for all the pre-school age ranges, staffed by experienced and vetted professionals who value the reputation of the service within the local community, as well as the aspirations… more

When hiring a new childcare professional it is essential that you check their DBS (formely CRB) paperwork, along with whether they have had their Background Checks done. Once you are happy with your new childcare professional you can use our Payroll service to help with their contracts and tax.

Shafatesbury Children’s Centre Nursery is committed to providing high quality childcare to the under fives. At all times they will ensure a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child. Professionals will offer a programme focused on learning… more

Okeford Fitzpaine

People from the local community come into see the children to talk about their occupations such as visits from the police, army and Oral Dental health team. The children also enjoy visits to the local fire station, train stations and walks further afield.

The preschool offers ‘free flow’ play and exploration with a door that leads onto the enclosed garden that is accessible in all weathers.

Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of our setting and the EYFS. The staff here deliver personalised learning, development and care to help children to get the best possible start in life.

Jack and Jill Day Nursery, in Corfe Mullen near Wimborne, offers children aged 2-5 a warm, welcoming and supportive environment. Experienced staff help each child develop vital language, social, numeracy and literacy skills through a mixture of individual… more

Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously, although some may need adult support, and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

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