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Barnwell Daycare is situated in the Monument Centre at Barnwell Academy and was rated Outstanding by Ofsted in July 2016. The daycare provision is part of the Academy which is run by the school Governors. Barnwell Daycare offers high-quality… more

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My husband and I cannot thank this nursery enough for how much they have helped develop our daughter. She has been going almost for a year now and turns three in September. She has gone from a little girl who used to by shy and not talk, into a confident little lady who can communicate with you and now makes friends with children her own age. This is a big stepping stone for when she starts school.

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I cannot recommend this nursery enough. It has been a huge part of my life for 5 years with both my son attending and now my daughter. My son left to start school and still talks about the girls now. My daughter loves going and is always talking about the fun things she has done while I'm at work.

Please don’t just take our word for it, come and visit us and see the range of exciting learning activities and high quality learning environments both indoors and outdoors.

I would recommend this place to anyone who is wanting to develop their children before school!

The staff at the nursery are fab. They are so helpful, offer advice and always wish you a good day when you are heading into work. They are also flexible if there is an emergency.

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The standard of teaching and learning is extremely high and the behaviour of pupils is exemplary. Our philosophy is very simple and is described in our school motto, “Fun to teach and fun to learn.” Through creative, innovative and engaging activities our children are inspired, enthused and motivated to learn and have lots and lots of fun along the way!

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I think it shows how relaxed my daughter is at this nursery when she is asking to go to nursery and when she talks about the nursery staff being her 'best friends'.

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