Professor, informally often known as full professor (and formally used to indicate "full professor" in Canada[1]) is the highest academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions in most countries. Literally, professor derives from Latin as a "person who professes" being usually an expert in arts or sciences, a teacher of the highest rank.[2] In some countries, the word professor is also used in titles of lower ranks such as associate professor and assistant professor.

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Being a Professor

Being a swim instructor/ lifeguard is cool and all; until you see your engineering professor in a swim suit. daFUOUL8qE. Also JessicaMeir keep it rocking miss astronaut, Phd, and a professor that's that's being a badass right there.. My English professor is being a snake. when ur professor emails u 6 assignments that r due monday and at the end says "have a good weekend! :)" like r u being sarcastic or. I am done being a professor now. Someone tell me something fun.. RealDonaldTrump Commercials lowering expectations of our professors? "What is success, is it a professor that never stops being a student". I'm frantic about being late to class and then I get to class and there is a room full of students & no professor...he's 8mins late. louie0830 I think it's a mixture of being insensitive and overly sensitive.. Ningun problemo! She can sit on a bovie and rotate; being a nursing professor, she should have access to said device zi6Ko6MBL8. After war with my professor chrisvamos we on quite a roll being under his BJJ tutelage, an uW2EUar6xc. Being house of higher education & philosophy, as professor or a diplomat, you tend to be concerned with cultural scale problems.. It must be cool being a professor for history. Norse, Greek, The Chinese three kingdoms etc etc. It's all fascinating. i told my dad my orgo professor is iranian and he told me that if i dont get an A then im being disrespectful :|. yelled at me to being on my phone, & my third class my professor basically subliminally called me a hoe, & work was shitty. Ugh. strawberry_seal imagine being a professor and getting an email from crazykai86xd . I want to die. catherine_amayi: Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it'll get you the right ones. Professor Makau Mutua is a victim of. Ahhhsdlkfjsl professor requested that I be a TA for one of his classes ; 0 ; first time being asked. Professor_money it just ran $17-19 in 1 week with the market being a slopfest. CraigScott31 those charts are strong. I liked a YouTube video from professor12 RyymwrqEul 6'7" Chinese Pro trys to FIGHT The Professor after being. "So what is impressive on your resume?" "Ummm.. I convinced my professor being hungover was a decent excuse.". Accidentally replied to a professor's MASS "do not reply" email today low key panicking about not being able to do an assignment so. . DianaMansourXO: lowkey, being a professor would be awesome. lowkey, being a professor would be awesome. Nothing like being shut down by a professor for being a conservative. richten47: NanetteHB (somewhat related) I remember being lectured on the personality traits of American Indians by a white history pro. NanetteHB (somewhat related) I remember being lectured on the personality traits of American Indians by a white history professor.. bdmcclay chezaristote I care. It's a terrible book. Only books where being a professor is incidental are acceptable.. Photoshop - la professor pick not in a manner being as how professionals: tfMvPqF. SmokeeRobinson nope cause you ain't no college professor now go finish being a faggot hoe. I actually fancy being a dropout than a professor. Well on the way.. HockeyJSJ it just wouldn't be a college semester for me without one professor being a complete asshat....even at graduate level.. View of sunset above dartmouth hanover newhampshire is a perk for being a professor in VzrGkWfDnL. my professor gave me jewelry for being a star student? Fashion m7SwjEizL4. This is the perfect example to why we don't get along a professor being foolish & students being over sensitve 2oP2foKqLr. When your professor gives you bonus points just for being in class on a Friday c8D21ojxLO. Like what's really cool is having a dick weed professor, being rear-ended, and also getting the wrong order at mcdonalds. I need a drink. This professor is being very hip.. Using a Sony smartwatch. TheKnowledge: Atelophobia is a condition that causes people to over think and obsess over the thought of not being good enough.. My history professor said I could do a final paper on Hamilton I'm screaming I love being a history major. must be weird being a conservative in college where every professor tells you why youre wrong. When a intriguing workshop title ends up being a sales pitch for a college professor's book UNicYKAOJR. Great to see a McMasterU professor being quoted in an article from verge HamOnt aNetejuUCu. jake_biggi "being a professor isn't a real job". "I'm on a roll of being annoying today. It's Friday and I'm done with this week." My Education professor . j_mapes92 majorM1996 lol at the irony of him being a public relations and crisis communications professor. I just want to thank my professor for being a successful man who has to leave the state to perform so that I don't have class. I'm so convinced that the main requirement for being a professor at UOttawa is to have an annoyingly incoherent accent. I made a comment about being hungry and my professor whips out a pack of pop rocks and a piece of gum and handed them to me . My last class starts in a minute and the professor still hasn't shown. Maybe she's being a good human and letting us start our weekend now. He made the professor go over a problem again and he's being a smartass ugh. Nothing is more corrupt than a college professor's required textbooks being written by the professor!. lswatuk: Congratulations to Jenn Clapp UWaterloo BalsillieSIA on being selected as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada t.. being an IGNORANT FOOL TRYNA CORRECT A NUTTY 56 YEAR OLD COLLEGE WRITING PROFESSOR bridget i got NEWS FOR YOU CR381Sd72q. being able to communicate with a professor is a MAJOR KEY . Congratulations to Jenn Clapp UWaterloo BalsillieSIA on being selected as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada IopSNovuW1. There's nothing worse than being in a class n not knowing wtf is going on or wtf the professor is talking about . God bless my sister being a math professor. Stat looks like a foreign language to me.. B O I I SWEAR MY PROFESSOR JUST SUBTWEETED .ME ABOUT BEING A WEEB.. Bruh Your being a dick to your professor who hasent said shit. FilmUoS: Emailing a teacher is not the same as texting a friend. There are some useful and funny guides online HumsTopTips16 t. My Econ professor spent the entire class scolding us for being robophobs because we wouldn't bang a robot. PepeWillsIt so there is a DNA swab kit they utilize which was confirmed by my neuro- biological anthro professor as being accurate.. I think this is the first time ive dealt with a professor being an asshole OUTSIDE of a class. Seriously, what is your damage?!. The main reason I love being a music major is getting to know Dr. Moser. Seriously the greatest professor.. When you miss out on Bernie being within a 2 minute walk from campus cause your professor gives you a Blackboard assignment . I love when a professor tells us that there will only be ONE short answer on an exam and there ends up being FIVE!. Kid: My sisters a woman Professor: Wow that's a great observation. Kid: Yeah I think it's accurate Professor: Congrats on being a douche. at least my English professor also hated the "on being offended" essay but that begs the question of why he didn't find a different article. Professor talked about being the parent of a homosexual and a lot of white kids were shaking their head the entire time.... tfw your professor flames the whole room for being on their phones during a break xDJhp9mAaD. Sullivanbolger 4! 3 classes a week lol that's a lot of classes being late for lol my professor comments every time. Just sat through a philosophy class where my professor talked about all of life being bullshit. Just saw a professor with an eyebrow piercing. Don't bitch about tattoos in the work place being unprofessional lol. as being said, my Home Reading professor is such a cutie.. THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST! Now I have to dig deeper because I'm a Professor... WHY is it a Scared thing for Women? jKSCzU5lNf. jamesgeso: A truly elite professor is one who will exchange a look with you when someone in the class is being annoying. Some girl was being rude to my psychology professor and he was like damn she's a bitch in front of the whole lecture hall . NewsOfMideast I gave you a link to the study by a Harvard professor. All things being equal, whites are more likely to be shot.. EZazon binghamtonu Yeah, I only got called an idiot by a professor once for being a Zionist.. A friend was at very real risk of being denied full professor because she didn't have enough first-authored articles jFpopK0s9S. Over a year later and still being screwed over by my old psych professor LOL. eNCA Since JimmyManyi is a professor of opening cases, here's a guy who stands a chance of being arrested.. Professor: A lot of people think I'm being sexist when I say this, but Me: Oh boy, here we go.. MrVeritas: Every time I see Dr. Jill Stein interviewed I feel I'm being tutored by a Communist college professor. KwWO2Dd7. Every time I see Dr. Jill Stein interviewed I feel I'm being tutored by a Communist college professor. KwWO2Dd7jp. " Let us define our own experiences, a student says. Let us tell you if youre being racist. No, no,... SzIubnPkFX. Kozilekk: People could get the title "Professor" by just being a staunch believer in feminism. People could get the title "Professor" by just being a staunch believer in feminism. My face when my professor took 5pts off someone's final grade for being on her phone... during a THREE hr lecture kCtBZ4MP2f. Perks being a student, hot professor. . One of my long term goal besides being a professor with a successful music career, is to be an MMA fighter and instructor for ufc.. Imagine being in a student teacher relationship with Papa (Professor) Razzi DgIhl7rg23. The best thing ever is when you find a professor that has bad ratings for being too easy.... Want to know the best thing about being a professor? Colored chalk. DonaldSadoway quotation WDHHukZ4lJ. Being an honors student means emailing a professor about your 104% when you should have a 112% (jk I didn't actually do it).. MinxBade TomiLahren please stop being stupid. He was a constitutional professor before going into US Senate. God, this is painful. hoglife_scholar: It's week 3 and a great start to the season! Thank you Professor Sarah Riva for being our GameDay Professor! WooPig h. become a professor at some point. I love teaching so much, I truly enjoyed being there for my students and passing down my knowledge~. It's week 3 and a great start to the season! Thank you Professor Sarah Riva for being our GameDay Professor! WooPig WIDKbmgp3p. A Professor Is Being Hosted By A Hispanic-Owned BBQ Joint. I hate being a bother and emailing my professor on the weekend but I need answers, b.. 1S03U5OH4m I am a 100% normal and natural human being.. Cyberarms: An interview at a secure data center years ago - How did you get past the security door w/o being buzzed in?!? Sorry... It w. Enough material for a short story, if it were coherent (one player being a visiting law professor who also literally was a fairy godmother). Faith_Masi dfreelon i never think about how it must feel being a professor & having to look some of these kids in the eye.... *sigh*.