Orthodontia, also known as orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, is a specialty field of dentistry. An orthodontist is a specialist who has undergone special training in a dental school or college after they have graduated in dentistry. It was established by the efforts of pioneering orthodontists such as Edward Angle and Norman William Kingsley. The specialty deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and the jaws.

Here are the most recent jobs available in the Orthodontist sector, but before applying for them, consider the following questions:
  • How much money could I earn as a Orthodontist?
  • What interview questions might I get asked at a Orthodontist interview?
  • What is life like as a Orthodontist?
  • How much training will I need to be a Orthodontist?
  • Which is the best Orthodontist organisation to work for?
  • What questions should I ask at a job interview to be a Orthodontist?
  • What are the job prospects for a good Orthodontist?
  • Is salary progression for a Orthodontist good compared to other careers?

Being a Orthodontist

update: the flowers are from my orthodontist and they're being delivered any second I'm disappointed I had hoped they were from a cute boy. A good example in AR, where an orthodontist is being threatened with the loss of his license for providing free teeth cleaning to the poor.. I parked in a ticketed area but it starts being illegal in 45 minutes sooo hopefully this orthodontist appointment is quick. Don't you just love driving almost 2hours to your orthodontist then it being closed on a scheduled appointment time . mackemjude !! This, if I get one more email about being a fitness instructor or orthodontist . _tooturnttori: Currently being a badass at the orthodontist http://t.co/gEsX2bkz. <3 "im flossin like a orthodontist.. i got it on me now i'm jus being honest!!!" Munch Lauren performing LIVE... Q28WtVBZte. honestly being a dentist or orthodontist would be the wors t job why do people do it.