A microbiologist (from Greek μῑκρος) is a scientist who studies microscopic life forms and processes or works in the field of microbiology. Microbiologists investigate the growth and characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi, or some types of parasites. They contribute much to the field by trying to understand and learn about the interaction between these microbes and the environment. Most microbiologists are certified to work in offices and/or research facilities, such as a laboratory. There, they conduct experiments that help analyze investigation of microbes and their contributions to the field. A microbiologist's work is often repeated or improved in order to establish accurate research. Most microbiologists specialize in environmental, food, agricultural, or medical aspects of medical or industrial microbiology including: virology (the study of viruses); immunology (the study of mechanisms that fight infections); or bioinformatics (the methods for storing, retrieving, organizing and analyzing biological data). Many microbiologists use biotechnology to advance the understanding of cell reproduction and human disease.[1] Some microbiologists have contributed to knowledge of pathogens and disease-causing microbes.

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Consultant MicrobiologistConcept Care SolutionsWest London
This role is for an initial 3 months and will be full time with 1 in 3 weeks including on calls. The majority of the time will be to be 1st on to deal with…

Being a Microbiologist

Welp. I guess being a microbiologist is out of the question since it's a fifteen minute wrestling match to put on nitrile gloves. Holzy_ I loved micro, I actually considered being a microbiologist . We're hiring! Looking for a microbiologist with computational biology skills! Being in San Diego is a nice bonus. 5aBTQ5qg2n. FrankMarro thehill I'm glad you see it as a win. I'm a microbiologist. I work with this stuff daily. I would have no prob being around her. I eat some questionable things for being a microbiologist fatatheart. brooke_matlock girl you're already making as much as me at your internship as I am being a microbiologist tell your dad that one . being a pharmacist sounds boring to me why do my parents want me to be one i'd much rather be a microbiologist _(:3 | )L. Being a former microbiologist means I use too much bleach when cleaning. My eyes are watering and all the windows are open smh..