A machinist is a person who uses machine tools to make or modify parts, primarily metal parts. This process of machining is accomplished by using machine tools to cut away excess material much as a woodcarver cuts away excess wood to produce his work. In addition to metal, the parts may be made of many other kinds of materials, such as plastic or wood products. The goal of these cutting operations is to produce a part that conforms to a set of specifications, or tolerances, usually in the form of engineering drawings commonly known as blueprints.

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  • What is life like as a Machinist?
  • How much training will I need to be a Machinist?
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CNC MachinistMane Contract Services LimitedCrawley
After completing the initial 2 week training period you will be working shifts. Due to company growth, you will join their busy machining team to produce parts…
Wood MachinistThe Sash Window Workshop Trading LimitedBracknell
Efficient at reading shop drawings and cut lists. Must have a positive attitude. The title of your job is*. Efficient and accurate timber machining.
Seamstress/Sewing machinistAlla modaCamberley
Busy workroom /shop in Blackwater, Surrey require two skilled seamstresses must be able to do high quality alteration work in fully equipped work room.

Being a Machinist

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