The History Teacher is a quarterly academic journal concerned with the teaching of history in schools, colleges, and universities. It began in 1940 at the History Department at the University of Notre Dame as the Quarterly Bulletin of the Teachers' History Club. Nuns attending the graduate history program in the summer edited and mimeographed the bulletin. Each issue ran 20-50 pages, with informal teaching tips, evaluations of textbooks, and short thematic essays by Notre Dame professors. Its 110 subscribers were mostly teachers at Catholic high schools in the Midwest.[1]

Here are the most recent jobs available in the History Teacher sector, but before applying for them, consider the following questions:
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  • What is life like as a History Teacher?
  • How much training will I need to be a History Teacher?
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  • Is salary progression for a History Teacher good compared to other careers?

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The School is interested in receiving applications from an experienced History Teacher as well as from an NQT History Teacher.

Being a History Teacher

P3DRO17 I could be a history teacher too but tbh as much as I liked Mr. Brown he kinda made it clear that being a teacher sucks financially. Thinking of horse dad being a history teacher or programming teacher or math...hmm. My history teacher being deadly serious asked us did we want to buy a spot the ball today ahahahahahha gowan O'Dowd ye madting. I'm pretty sure the way we're being taught to present and study history wan't made by a History teacher. I just called out my history teacher for being a trump supporter . So what exactly are you being fucking paid for then? If an American History teacher at that school doesn't see why a mascot is racist, then. papyarus my 8th grade history teacher got arrested for being a fucko 2. remember when my old history teacher bashed conchita for being feminine but having a beard ahahah i love living here. I just had a three hour lecture on Cherokee history with a funny teacher and I am not afraid of being in the amphitheater anymore!. Love being called a Raving communist by my history teacher. Less of that thank u. oh. cool i'm being transferred to another history teacher. a highly religious one, at that. he's gonna hate me. marcyjcook Him being gay was something I told my HS history teacher, who is also a Mormon bishop. That was a great day. :D. smh I'm gonna end up being a history teacher watch smh. My history teacher was talking about being stoned to death and then said "lets move to Colorado." After a cough. MyTeacherIsWeird. And she was the best damn history teacher I ever had. She was the one that got me hip about Henry Ford being a bigot among much more.. Rest in peace to my favorite teacher ever. Thank you for not only inculcating a passion for history in me, but also for being a. mikethemiz what a coincidence I just hit day 163 of being the best history teacher in the world and no one respects me either. wedeserveit. mariamaquarium I once had a history teacher start crying in class about Columbus being a dick and then leave the room. You would think with my grandma being a history teacher I would at least know basic history but I don't. Thinking bout a convo my history teacher and I had . He say girls the only way for a boy to fall for you is by u being "selfless". my history teacher made us watch a john green crash course vid and he said something abt his soul being in eight parts Hm.. My US history teacher keeps calling this girl Shaniqua and I'm not sure if that's a joke between them or if he's being disrespectful . Seeing that ATL school teacher being hated for how she dresses makes me want to become a history teacher so much more so I can dress however. omg today my history teacher talked about how being a white male has never put white men at a disadvantage and how whites were never. Being a teacher in Camden, NJ is sooooo rewarding I'm not just teaching reading & history, I'm changing & saving lives. EvanEdinger being stressed because my history teacher is a dick. Rojodi Redskins Being a history teacher does not mean you know every single thing in history. That's why I followed you, to learn.. My history teacher is a Marxist and talks about being oppressed by the 1 percent.. brianjulrich Good on ya for being a history teacher btw. Very cool.. WhereWereYou I was being yelled at by my History teacher(to come back)for running out of class,to the library to turn on a tv NeverForget. Lin_Manuel: stopped being an English teacher to become a history teacher. SocialSA_ Being a Teacher in African Economic History. when ur gradeschool history teacher shares a post supporting marcos and u end up being super confused like h u h ?. Thank Mr. Buffalo for being so mean and such a bad teacher I get to retake us history. . I actually wouldn't mind being a teacher or a lecturer tbh teach them about history that the media and the government lies about. my history teacher read a poem that talked about his white privilege at school today all my history teachers invented being self aware. and that would get me in with a shout of being a social studies or history teacher.. How fucking GREAT would it be BEING a history teacher right now M93rF9jySS FjujDnHN8G. aaandre_costaaa: I give him two years before he's dropped and ends up being a middle school history teacher. vuwPX7ZnV2. I give him two years before he's dropped and ends up being a middle school history teacher. vuwPX7ZnV2. why do people always try to talk me out of being a history teacher lol. sciencemsgraham: Who says being a teacher ends at 3pm? Making history with fmssoftball Way to win your first ever game! i. tbt when i almost got suspended for calling a teacher out on being racist a bigot freshman year. guess who i have for history this year (((:. Who says being a teacher ends at 3pm? Making history with fmssoftball Way to win your first ever game! i3T76bracE. _whislerrrr NaeNaeNx are you being serious right now? My future occupation will be a history teacher. Do you really think Reba McEntire. my history teacher is developing a habit of being late to HIS OWN CLASS LIKE LOL WUT.