A hairdresser is a person whose occupation is to cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person's image. This is achieved using a combination of hair coloring, haircutting, and hair texturing techniques. Most hairdressers are professionally licensed as either a hairdresser, a barber or a cosmetologist.[where?]

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Apprentice Hairdresser/TraineeAnthony Laban HomeLondon
Anthony Laban Home is a boutique salon, a fashionable and stylish environment based in a courtyard on Bellevue Road SW17 and offering revolutionary new…
HairdresserBeauty and Melody SpaLondon
You are expected to be qualified to at least NVQ level 2. Hairdressing NVQ/SVQ Level 2 (Required). Minimum 3 years in salon experience.

Being a Hairdresser

ImranELSS: Shocking! She saw the hijab as being "evil". Hairdresser fined after refusing to serve Muslim woman in hijab. m. X_Lolitaa + the same hairdresser for over 20yrs, which means her hair is in good hands. Not like a model whose hair is being abused.. ive wanted a nice short haircut for 2 years but i havent been to the hairdresser in 6 years and i dont like being touched by strangers. naeromann: i didn't realize that being a hairdresser also comes with being a therapist as well. Worst part of being a hairdresser is constantly being in front of the mirror being able to pick apart yourself constantly.. Thankful that I can pull off any color hair, cause it would be a tough life being a hairdresser and not being able to change all the time. Susie__Chan haha typical runner I shudnt admit this being a hairdresser but I'm a typical runner too messybunalltheway. cantmp3 this is the funniest tweet b/c i meant mingyu was the puppy but mingyu being a puppy hairdresser is even cuter. Peterswa238 it's just a nightmare my hairdresser being so far away but i wouldn't go else where for what he does xx. i didn't realize that being a hairdresser also comes with being a therapist as well. the best part about being at the salon is when your hairdresser grabs your hair and says "wow, that's a lot of hair" dam right it is sara. Being a multicultural polyglot is fun bc you get to do things like explain Scottish culture in Spanish to your Peruvian hairdresser.. hardest part about being a hairdresser is trying to tell people the way they want their hair cut is stupid and ugly but you gotta be nice. I got a haircut and the hairdresser called the colour "ashen", so I guess I burned out on being a redhead. Shocking! She saw the hijab as being "evil". Hairdresser fined after refusing to serve Muslim woman in hijab. mSrHCHTs7y. Being brave, trying a new hairdresser. throwbackthursday Mr Blobby pyjamas are an acceptable uniform for being a doggy hairdresser 5o322e62Ef. Love being a hairdresser in this heat loads. It did make my hair less tangled since I'm a night time bather, but being a hairdresser and trying a multitude of ma fWl0rBAnnQ. Being a hairdresser 101 DA9QGWt6xe. The struggle is real being a hairdresser and constantly wanting to do something different with my hair but not knowing what . Rules of being a good client to your hairdresser. 1. Don't tell them how to do their job. It's David Green's 2nd year anniversary at being the best hairdresser in Ely, at Atrium Fitness. A pleasure to... OjxBHunSq3. Only hairdressers know the stress of being a hairdresser this shit's NOT easy. I'm sorry but being a hairdresser and sitting getting your hair done by someone is one of the most difficult things in the world. Horrible perks of being a hairdresser when your family and friends constantly expect you to do there hair I'm not at work anymore!. ? I LOVE BEING A HAIRDRESSER ? Thank you Lord for making me a hairdresser instead of the lawyer 9Sj1HvWaTX. The best part about my mom being a hairdresser is that I can legit ask her to cut n blow dry my hair live n she'll do it. I'm so annoying when it comes to hair products but it comes with being a hairdresser oops. RT_com The hairdresser has the right to feel threatened by djihadi sharia muslims, just because being a non-muslim, and say NO. I sometimes hate being a hairdresser especially with still living at home,My mom ALWAYS wants something doing . I want to change my hair so bad but my maw wont ever let me, whats the point in being a hairdresser then liz. Hairdresser may be perceived for being thick, but there is a reason we train for 3 years to do our jobs! Cause not just anyone should........ I just blew my mind! I love being a hairdresser . THA_DopestMTFKR: sydneyntantiso And then he ended up being a hairdresser like aboo GC LOL. sydneyntantiso And then he ended up being a hairdresser like aboo GC LOL. I'm so happy I have an outgoing personality bc being a hairdresser you need it. & I'm very genuine as well. I appreciate y'all . tempany_jade ring me after you have stopped being a hairdresser. HallowedCrow crow_death yeah i looked into it more being a hairdresser and all and it was super disappointing learning that. Do you see yourself being a hairdresser? We have opportunities available with one of our apprenticeships! VXacQpnnsp. CarmellaWWE has come a LONG way from being a hairdresser that hated WWEAaLLday21 WWEBacklash wwe. im being abused by a hairdresser who cancelled my apt at short notice..fuckin bimbo!..grow some wisdom ffs!. The best part about being a hairdresser is always changing your hair JuU3Sz7jUS. Mitch Honeychurch sick of not being recognised. Went to Dusty's hairdresser in a last ditch effort . SheenaGreitens you should ask your husband if he's seen his hairdresser lately? How does it feel being married to a fraud?. Love having my hair done in the night pros to your friend being a hairdresser. I'm at the hairdressers being subjected to a hair brained plan cooked up by the hairdresser. Double foils with untried colours. Eek. it has been a good experience, overall. it's a great team and, from what I hear, being an assistant hairdresser can be nightmarish.. Being at the hairdressers on Saturday morning is odd Everyone is getting their hair done for weeding a and stuff. And then theres me. sammixo__ try being a hairdresser. I can't even go out to eat without being like "would it be rude to give them my business card"... Being a hairdresser for Auntie MrsOLeary5 A9WBUZfMF7. Watching Salifah playing at being a hairdresser with her dolls, I am struck by the innocence of being a child in... EumEBQAn5H. RealBobMortimer the ultimate storyteller, breaking apples, setting fire to his living room, and being a hairdresser. Gets me every time!. SewSimplicity They did! AND I even had a good hair day, thanks to my hairdresser! Photos being edited now . . . :-D. Being a hairdresser ruins ALL your clothes . There's nothing worse than being in the hairdresser's and trying to make conversation with a new stylist, awkward . I discovered my hairdresser's has a secretive Northerners Black Pudding Exchange. I'm not allowed to join being from too far North. :(. Apart from not being an Asian School girl, Im definitely rocking Knives hair from Scott Pilgram. Finally found a hairdresser I'm happy with!. TobyToymaster I think my little grandchildren would love Option 2 please with their mum being a hairdresser! :D. Love the amount of tips you get being a hairdresser. That'll be going straight in to my savings account . Being a hairdresser means that hair gets into unusual places. can never go to the hairdresser w/out my cartilage piercings being ripped out by a comb. Hair down your boobs, the joys of being a hairdresser . TheTalkCBS not being funny but.. FIRE A.T.'s hairdresser. I will come do yo weave honey. No shade on A.T. but ummm... sarahgalvinxx: I love my best mate being a hairdresser cierarosemorgan. your bestfriend being a hairdresser has its perks . I love my best mate being a hairdresser cierarosemorgan. Goig to the hairdresser saturday.. IF i don't keep being a pussy and actually pick up the phone to make an appointment..... The fear of havin ur nan being a hairdresser is she knows your too indecisive and fearful. Being a hairdresser means you are constantly thinking of all the different creations you can make. Sometimes you... L9t1W73JE2. The worst part about being a hairdresser is constantly having other people's hair stuck to you ?. getting balayage in the hair tomorrow, the perks of your best friend being a hairdresser ShaniceJacksonn. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I could do a better job of being Emily's publicist, stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser etc.. Does Kylie jenner wear wigs or has she got a hairdresser with superpowers because how blonde is her hair from being dark like wtf. Being a hairdresser is so much fun until someone comes in with tacky hair extenstions so they have hair like angelicas toy doll from rugrats. Watching KylieJenner change her hair so much on sc along with my mam being a hairdresser gives me v dangerous ideas. JewelleryTales One of the positives of being folicley challenged is not having to go to a hairdresser and read that airbrushed garbage . i want to take n appointment at this hairdresser/barber but , what if they think im fakin being a buy just to pay less ..?. Being a hairdresser in this heat is not the best . Beats me being told I would be a great hairdresser maybe whoknows 64NwEjulhR. how to make a hairdresser fix my head without there being an accident and I end up bald. I love being a hairdresser until it comes to doing my own hair . Tbh being a hairdresser seems like such a hard job. Props to people that are.. The best part about being a hairdresser is when u go to bed at night & ur legs cramp up Bc they're not used to not standing . StarlightSims: Being a mom/YouTuber/college student/hairdresser would be hectic to say the least but you only live once right?. Being a mom/YouTuber/college student/hairdresser would be hectic to say the least but you only live once right?.