A concierge (French pronunciation: ​[kɔ̃sjɛʁʒ]) is an employee of an apartment building, hotel, or office building.

Here are the most recent jobs available in the Concierge sector, but before applying for them, consider the following questions:
  • How much money could I earn as a Concierge?
  • What interview questions might I get asked at a Concierge interview?
  • What is life like as a Concierge?
  • How much training will I need to be a Concierge?
  • Which is the best Concierge organisation to work for?
  • What questions should I ask at a job interview to be a Concierge?
  • What are the job prospects for a good Concierge?
  • Is salary progression for a Concierge good compared to other careers?

Night Concierge - Live InThe SackvilleBexhill
The Night Concierge role 2 to 4 shifts per week. Days on shift - between 2 and 4 shifts per week. Queries can be directed to duncan@thesackville.com or…

Being a Concierge

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