An anthropologist is a person engaged in the practice of anthropology. This generally implies substantial knowledge of the subject and its means of application in their work.

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Being a Anthropologist

Well I'm not saying being an anthropologist is gross but the concept of one is deep rooted in a myriad of issues that makes me not want too. "A different window into being human": Medical anthropologist documents her mother's Alzheimers: YMLnJISNSt. Being an Anthropologist means you are a witness to the most beautiful and heartbreaking thing. We bare witness to mankind.. itsadarasworld um i'm leaning more towards being a forensic anthropologist, but i always want to have ultrasound tech as a back up. Anarchy, Swamp, and Utopia: In Seeing Like a State and The Art of Not Being Governed, the anthropologist and... ZgRo1IEwBn.