FordOwner6 months ago

Hi Guys, I have started a website to help connect people who want to take driving lessons to driving instructors in their local area. I have a monetisation strategy which will be implemented later on if I see that it is feasible. I have had a few sign ups via the website but the main thing holding me back is how to engage with driving instructors to get them to sign up to the website. I run another business and received some free text messages as part of my card machine terminal rental so used these to interact with some instructors and get the sign ups I have so far. However, conversion rate hasn't been fantastic. So, does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get service providers to sign up to my website and build a solid user base in terms of numbers so I can start marketing it to the end users? Ideas I have come up with so far are: - Scale up the text messaging campaign? - Cold calling service providers/driving instructors? - Twitter/FaceBook DM's? - PPC campaign aimed at driving instructors? - Combination of all these? All and any suggestions would be helpful.  

Pete_W5 months ago

I am exploring setting up a specific service that will provide information to an opt-in subscriber base. The service will city centric. Subscribers will receive text message as and when an event(s) happen. There may be between two and twenty events per day Mon-Friday, weekends will be a lot quieter, so the cost of each text to the subscriber should be low, but not free! I would like to ascertain the following if any anyone can help? 1. What are the costs in setting up a text messaging service for an opt-in subscriber network? 2. What can the minimum cost (above zero) to the subscriber per, text message, be set at; 10p, 25p? 3. Short codes - are these free and specific to the scheme? 4. Stats and reporting - how does this work? 5. Commercials on setting the service up? Thanks in advance.  

Mary3 months ago
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