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On Monday 16 March from 6pm to 8pm at the Royal Naval Volunteer, 17-18 King Street, Bristol BS1 4EF the Institute of Directors is holding an event for IoD 99 members and the startup community in the Bristol and surrounding areas. It will bring together senior IoD representatives in the region as well as committee members and members of the IoD Young Directors Forum in the South West. There will also be representatives from the wider small business and startup scene in the region attending. The event is free to attend. To book your place please email[email protected]/* */quoting the event with your name and company name, plus the name and company of your guest if you are bringing one.  

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Would it be a good idea to combine a sales managers job role and running the day to day of my small business? - They will take care of staff - Be sure the staff have enough work / work that is due is getting done / organising work loads - Replacing damaged euipment, ect - Quoting all new work - Getting new work in and keeping to a minimum turnover (commission based) If they hit targets, they get paid a bonus. There is a admin person to take calls, do the accounts / other admin and book in new jobs. Other dicisions like organising insurances, paying bills, paying staff, choosing the company's direction will be done by the MD. Is this too much for one person?  

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Chris Ashdown said: ↑ Do you have any real proof of that statement, i would expect the remainers to have now come around to the positives of leaving now both sides scary tactics have worn offClick to expand... Positives? lmao Chris Ashdown said: ↑ That's the whole point you keep quoting loads of things that are just opinions or news paper articles that have distinct one sided views Last night on TV there was a report about farmers in the UK not being able to keep going in the future as they need pickers from abroad who will be banned after exit How did they manage prior to the EU, by short term visa with gang masters responsible for them so obviously something like that will return , but lets disregard that and scare a bit moreClick to expand... Between Brexit and Trump, the rise of the faux-academic has been meteoric. Ideas of rationality and context are thrown out and there's a race between either side to define "facts" - how relevant they need to be so their opponent's observations and arguments can be defined as being outside the realm of relevance. It doesn't matter how informed you are, how specific your language and how sound your logic is for drawing a conclusion, it can all be dismissed by someone who disagrees as "That's just a lefty rag", or "that's a right-wing nutjob website", or "you keep quoting news paper articles and opinions". Non-sequitur and straw-men abound. 2016 - the year civil debate died.  

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That's the whole point you keep quoting loads of things that are just opinions or news paper articles that have distinct one sided views Last night on TV there was a report about farmers in the UK not being able to keep going in the future as they need pickers from abroad who will be banned after exit How did they manage prior to the EU, by short term visa with gang masters responsible for them so obviously something like that will return , but lets disregard that and scare a bit more  

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Hi, have just joined this site, I too fell for this scam, didn't get the 3 pages that people are referring to but got a letter telling me that this was now a "requirement" it was near Christmas and things were pretty busy (ok the folk that say I should have been more vigilant are right, I normally am, been in business for years but sometimes you get caught off guard!!) Anyway I thought you would like to know what they are now doing in case they do it to you. The latest is I received an e mail from a guy called Iain Roberts, Legal Advisor, Credit Collection Factoring s.r.o. CZ 120 00, Prague 2, PO box 42 telling me that the case will be progressed to legal proceedings with a European Payment Order being taken out against me. It goes on to claim that the regulations apply between all member states of the European Union and quoting me some Commission Regulation (EU) NO 936/2012 of 4th Oct 2012. I got back on to Trading Standards today and am waiting for them to phone me back (they told me back in 2013 to ignore this as it was a scam!!) to take further advice on this, but I'm damned if I'm paying for a scam!!. Sorry my first post has been so long winded but just wanted to let you all know what tack they're taking now in case they do it to you. Has anyone else been approached in this manner? PS They're chasing me for GBP 2,370.00  

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Hi there, I am looking at creating a comparison type website, more of a quote gathering site as it's not an auto quoting system (yet). does anyone know of legislation regarding this? I will be receiving payment through the site (either internally or via an external site)). cheers, Rory  

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SteLacca said: ↑ ... AE isn't "designed" at all. It's been thrown together in a hotchpotch manner that creates additional compliance responsibilities for employers for no reward, but a threat of significant penalties for failure...sorry. I think AE is one of the most ill-conceived reforms that Gvt has introduced.Click to expand... Justin Smith said: ↑ Surely if the Government want to set up such a complicated system they should come out and show you how to do it ! Just saying "look online" is the biggest cop out...Click to expand... Tell them you won't look online. Put your foot down. No, I'm not kidding. On a similar matter when the rest of the UK just complied and followed "instructions", whining and moaning all the way, I took HMRC on, insisted I wouldn't play the game the way they devised it and told them to get stuffed. After a long struggle, and them quoting all the latest legislation to me, eventually HMRC backed down and I'm now probably their only exception in the UK (in this matter) - they deal with me differently to how they deal with everyone else. I won't say too much here, but can talk by PM if anyone is interested in knowing more. The average guy / gal on the street takes too much of nonsense from HMRC because they think they have no choice. It's not easy fighting HMRC, but it's not impossible and sometimes it just needs to be done. I feel your pain.  

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Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous tread. I have decided to take on a sales person / manager. £7.20 per hour, 24 hours per week. Then average 3-4% commission on work gained. We already have around £10,000 of new of work coming in each month from our current marketing campaigns, so they will already be quids in. Quoting the current new work coming in should only take around 10 - 16 hours per week, the rest of the hours could be spent cold calling, leafleting and email marketing (which ever they decide). What does everyone think regarding the commission rate and set up? I could really do with some feed back on this.  

MDG Ltd4 months ago

It's like quoting from a legal document. Quoting one paragraph without quoting the whole section (or document even) can result in somebody believing the exact opposite of what it actually means. The problem is, these paragraphs get posted about everywhere online which creates the confusion.  

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Hello All I am Alan Beckett, a founding director of Genus Vehicle Solutions in Bury St Edmunds. We operate under the name of and can offer advice and figures for all your vehicle requirements. We are more than just a Vehicle Finance Broker as we look after the entire process from advice to quoting, ordering and delivering your next vehicle whether it is a personal or a business requirement. The facilities that we offer include: Contract Hire, Leasing, Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire, New Cars, Used Cars, Vans and Commercials. We provide affordable funding and supply solutions for all your vehicles  

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Folks, I'm planning on using local "paid for" newspapers in the Middlesex/South Bucks area and received a quote from their sales rep quoting: "Full Page £2584+vat 1/2 page £1292+vat 1/4 page £646+vat Please note these are standard rates Packages and block bookings are available" I just want to know if these charges are the norm or excessive or cheap, and whether it may be better and cheaper to go for a local "free" newspaper from the same group (she didn't clarify above whether that is for both paid and free or just paid for newspapers) ....?  

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Mitch3473 said: ↑ Must admit I've never gone on a website to look for a tradesman. Always gone for referals. It would take till next thursday for the page to load.Click to expand... Sometimes your personal recommendations run dry and you have to hit a website like to find someone. My tip for builders is sometimes you misquote/or the job ends up being more complicated than it is. If you can absorb it then absorb it and stick to your quote. With more experience you get better at accurately quoting for jobs so you make less signficant/fewer mistakes. Tradesman are like barbers/mechanics to guys. Once you found someone you trust you always go to them and refer your friends to them.  

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Thanks to Reja Worldwide for a very good outline. I would add one important reservation about FOB in particular. In 22 years of importing from China, I found that Incoterms are quite often either misunderstood or possibly deliberately misused by the sellers. The worst of these in my opinion is the use of FOB when they should use EXW. The result is often the imposition of inland transit charges and a host of other fees that may be added before the shipment really goes on board. This happens with air freight as well as sea freight. It is essential that a buyer should know for certain what all costs will be before placing a firm order. Any costs ex China that may be incurred must be stated in writing, and must constitute part of the order agreement. Bear in mind that by this means a buyer may ascertain all costs to the point of departure from China, but the supplier is not responsible for quoting costs upon arrival in the UK. Care needs to be taken at this end also to avoid nasty surprises.  

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Hey guys, just been quoting for a few jobs and damn it takes so long to figure out all the materials needed then doing all the math! It would be nice to have a good estimating program that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, can anyone recommended a good one? cheers  

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