Gary19966 months ago

Hi all, I am in the final stages of testing the price comparisson engine I have built. To do this I need a couple of real world, non affiliate, product feeds. These can be in xml format or csv/excel. If you already generate one of these feeds please could you PM me the feed url so that I can test. I will work out a reward with my business partner when we launch. Thanks D  

MechExp5 months ago

Just pass by here and when I setup my webstore, UniqMatcha and TieGrandmaster, I faced the same thing. Hope can help u a little. If you don't have UPC/MPN/GTIN/Brand, set identifier_exists = false. Do not fill in any of it. There is a Google forum that assist u. I got some answers from there. For policy violation: Make sure ur website is conforming to google standards - Your contacts with address, Terms/Policy, have SSL if you are doing a transaction based web, return policy. For product type, try google for Google Product Feed for better understanding. There is a forum that handle this kind of issue. I can't post the link due to newbie here. Hope that helps.  

petHead4 months ago

19ninety said: ↑ Ah price wars, bloody nightmare! eBay drives me nuts every day! Folks selling £40 products for £1 profit after fees and P&P, what's the damn point in letting eBay make more profit in fees than a seller does in the end?! Some of those folks really need to learn to use spreadsheets, business is about profits, not turnover turnover. I will happily send someone to my own shop if I can, search my business name and the product name and it's #1 search result, I'll even give them a little discount code incentive if there is enough in the margins.Click to expand... What stops you from such action. It is simple, continue £1 with eBay, discount price (eBay fees) on your online store for the same products, sign up with price comparison services like Shopmania, Shopzilla, Kelkoo, Google Shopping, Pricesavvy Create product feed and submit. This is not rocket science, you can do it within a few clicks. eBay, Amazon are great as elements of omnichannel marketing but I would not put all my eggs there. I believe the key factor is how you work with existing customers base within your shop- promo codes, discount groups and many other sweeteners will do the job for you. Interested in product feeds- drop me a PM.  

R2_Amazeballs4 months ago

Hi Thinking of setting up Google Shopping / Products. I think its adwords based now. But reading about it I have to get my products out of magento and into the Merchant Center product feed. Is that right? Anyone doing this or can help me do this please?  

MDG Ltd4 months ago

Any reputable professionals out there who can help get my product feed setup? I've tried a few tutorials and so on but not having any luck resolving the remaining issues. Using Prestashop with Business Tech's Google Merchant Center v4.5.2  

Pete_W3 months ago
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