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I have yet to start up a software service, consulting and training company in London as currently a non-resident non-EU citizen. My preliminary search shows that companies with names similar to what I had in mind do exist in the UK. Before giving up on the name(s) (and all of tits derivatives) which I had in mind, I want to make sure about what the best choice would be. Assumptions: The company will be named, preferably QWERTY, or QVERTY as a second preference, or QWERTY BITS as a last resort (as a conflict avoiding strategy) Name availability checker of the Companies House (company-name-availability search) yields results for the search keyword “QWERTY” (all without quotes), but no results for “QVERTY”, neither with “QWERTY BITS”, nor with “QVERTY BITS”. The name needs to become a registered trademark right away. UK IPO trademark searches yield similar results to the above: “QWERTY BITS” is not registered but different variations of “QWERTY” or “QVERTY” are registered. In both cases, there are results in the same class. In avoiding name conflicts, does a choice between forming a limited liability company and a sole trader matter? (since one is handled by the Companies House and the latter by HMRC) Goal: Establish the company with the name “QWERTY”, “QVERTY”, “QWERTY BITS” or “QVERTY BITS” Successfully register the name as a trademark Register an Internet domain name containing one of the above. Not face a lawsuit from name similarity claim soon or later.  

Col Minessota5 months ago

Hi My friend and I are looking at giving up our Financial Servs Mgt jobs to set up a sandwich/coffee shop. I used to work in one when I was at school at the weekend and it was always very busy and seemed to do well financially (or so it appeared to me at 15yrs old!). So before we give up our gtd salaries, pensions, etc, and basically our stability from the past 20yrs we are keen to seek some wise words or thoughts out there. Questions we have are: 1) Realistically can a decent net profit be made from such a venture? 2) An idea of cost to set somewhere like this up? 3) What are the top 3 things we must do/be aware of? Many thanks D  

R2_Amazeballs4 months ago

[email protected]/* */ said: ↑ I don't know what sort of market your place is based in but if it is anything like the markets I've been to where I live (and if it's in South Wales I suspect it is) then I imagine you're going to be looking at an older demographic who don't have a huge amount of money to spend so fancy coffees and the like may not be the answer. ....Click to expand... Though not in the coffee and cake business, a company I bought had two branches in areas with a poor demographic and from experience, trying to make a go of them in such areas takes so much time and effort for rewards which are intrinsically linked to the relative poverty therein means that I closed both the week after I took over their business. Historically I have tried to turn such units around and though I have managed to make them profitable against losing money, they still required so much micro management that my time was spent on them when it should have been spent on building the core business. Harsh but true and I know different if it is your only business baby but if you are swapping out a wage to do this as a business then you need to ask whether this enterprise can provide you with the £25/50/100k or whatever you are giving up to run it ? If it cannot, then cut your losses and go back to work, building upon this knowledge and come back far better prepared next time.  

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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." - Thomas A. Edison  

R2_Amazeballs4 months ago

My dads just texted to say - Adjudicator rang him to say - HMRC are "giving up" their claim for over paid TAX on his pension -( so they are returning the extra he was paying this year - and not persuing the previous 3 years over payments) PLUS £30 for inconvenience - PLUS £210 for his payment for a firm to advise his case. This despite them saying at least 5 or 6 times that he didn't qualify under ESC A19 - he didn't give up - and was surprised that the result came at the adjudicator stage rather than the Ombudsman. He never denied that he did "owe" them the overpaid TAX - but rather the way it was handled in the ensuing years after the discovery of the issuing of incorrect code- adding injury to insult really as for years he had done it himself with no problems. I think quite a few people would have given up long before he did - and that's so wrong.  

MDG Ltd4 months ago

I recently qualified as a Counsellor and am trying to set up my own private business. I discovered this is a lot harder than it seems! I have registered on Google maps, advertised within counselling organisations, free advertising such as gumtree...however, my website rarely gets looked at. Its only been a month and I am close to giving up already. i don't have any more funding to advertise. Its all going horribly wrong Thanks for reading  

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class="article-intro secondary-text-colour">Major retailers like Amazon and River Island may be using the dark arts to bully customers into giving up their personal data or spending more, according to new research from user experience UX) agency, Sigma.

Porker4 months ago

Hi, new to this forum but have been reading over the last few weeks and I must first say thank you for all the good people on this forum who are giving up their time in order to give others sound practical advice to people like myself who find themselves in desperate situations... My company has been trading for a few years alongside a bigger company known as X for the purpose of this thread. The Director of the bigger company is also a 50% shareholder and business partner of my company, although he relinquished the directors role back in 2013. His company has gone into liquidation which has severely affected mine as we were getting 80% of our work through X. To add to the injury, he advised me if this at the very last minute leaving me in a complete state of limbo as to how to proceed.. (he had known about this for the last 3 years..I now know). The split of responsabilities was straight forward; I was looking after the day to day running of contracts and bringing new work in, he looked after the financial side. Alongside advising me if his company's affairs and the effect this was going to have on mine, he also told me that we owed HMRC pack payment in Vat and paye amounting to around 15k.... I have been trying since (February 2016) to fill the gap and put us back on the map but his company also owed us 40k which I will never see again and although I have also let 2 employees go and stop myself taking a wage for the last 3 months, I now at the end of this road. I have just received debt recovery letters from a company on behalf of HMRC.. Is the spongebob plan my best option? Overdraft is 10k currently overdrawn at 5k, work has completely dried out except for a tiny amount and my directors account is in the positive.. Really don't know what else I can do..  

Porker4 months ago

I really hope someone can help or point me to the right direction! - I am at the pre-startup phase of my business. - I have paid for some things and need a further £3500 - I have bad credit - I have been unemployed for over 3 years - My businesses is consultancy B2B, so does not fit under most categories of lenders (manufacturing, innovation etc) - I do not qualify for the New Enterprise Scheme as I am on the Work Programme! - I live in North London (I point this out as East London has schemes for only their area!) I'm angry of the fact that I want to come off the JSA system, but the financial help offered to people wishing to become self-employed is crap!!! I hope someone can help, as I want this to work, I am NOT giving up!!! Thanks, in advance. By the way, I have used friends and family for help and have used up that resource, hence the fact that I have paid for some things already!  

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Major retailers like Amazon and River Island may be using the dark arts to bully customers into giving up their personal data or spending more, according to new research from user experience UX) agency, Sigma.

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