petHead6 months ago

Opportunity to aquire a very strategic piece of ground. This land is 6.59 Acres and is on the main A4226 road to the airport and is easy access to the M4 . This is freehold land with vacant possession and has been earmarked for Business park usage. Its strategic location being so close (approx. 500m) to the Cardiff Int.Airport makes it ideal for transport companies, storage and distribution and may well be eligible for financial incentives pakages fron ther National Assembly of Wales. Has B1 (Business), B2 (General Industrial), and B8 (Storage and Distribution) Planning consent. Email for an information leaflet. Price on application and negotiation. Serious enquiries only please.  

petHead5 months ago

alanb said: ↑ As a business adviser, mentor and trainer helping businesses for 20 years+ I have found that most businesses that I help who have problems have been under financed from day one. It's not lack of sales that kills businesses but lack of cash. The news that the UK GDP figures are hinting that we are comming out of the recession is a concern. More businesses fail coming out of a recession than at the height. This is because they run out of cash funding the increase in sales. More stock, materials and staff costs/overtime has to be paid for and these underfunded businesses have used up cash reserves surviving. Alan BriggsClick to expand... I agree that many are under-funded but this is often surmountable if the business owners lower their expectations and look at stepping stones to the start point rather than expecting to set up running, all guns blazing. (the most extreme example I've seen of this was a recent graduate seeking a loan for a business including freehold premises because he didn't want to rent.) Many established businesses are now running very lean and juggling cash (sometimes with remarkable efficiency) which is an opportunity for start ups.  

Fireboy4 months ago

I'll be relocating the business (and home) from Suffolk to Cambridge within the next three months. So I'll be looking for space (about 50-75m^2) for a mail-order business and also for related suppliers (metal fabricator, box and packaging supplies, etc). Any tips? Have been working from home until now, but would like to rent/buy space. Rental space seems to be about £10 per square foot, from initial research? I might be able to buy a freehold of up to £150,000 although I'm not sure if that's a bad idea?  

Matchmaker14 months ago

I have recently moved business premises, and my old shop with two bedroomed flat above (until recently bringing in rent of about £450 pm) are for sale freehold. I intend putting in the hands of an estate agent later this week at a price of about £115,000 unless anyone shows interest first, in which case I would sell privately at a price of about £108,000. If interested pm me. Barrie  

Pete_W4 months ago

Hi and thanks for reading and responding. I've read through many threads to see if I can get advice. I'm looking at the possibility of purchasing an existing business. The asking price is £90k and it claims to have £4k a week turnover with 36% gross profit. The business is fully managed - not by the seller but a member of staff. The business has been running for 4 1/2 years. The business is selling the assets and the goodwill as it is freehold. She is selling to fund expansion in a new, similar venture in a different town. My question is... How easy/difficult is it to obtain finance and where should I go for said finance? I have £15k in liquid capital - I could probably raise a further £5k-10k. I also have 35k in a BTL and 65k in my own home. I've asked for the accounts and the seller tells me she has 'some' accounts up to May 2015 and full accounts from then. She previously traded as a sole trader and is now registered as a limited company. I am currently a full-time teacher and I am aware of the risks etc. and the need to take hygiene certification.  

Porker4 months ago

Hello Everyone, I will be starting my business in a couple of months. Nothing to big just a photography business starting as a sole trader. I have set up a studio in my flat and was wondering if I am able to bring clients in for photo shoots? I will have public liability insurance in place but was wondering if running a home based studio is legal or not? My flat is in a block of three flats and each flat own 1/3rd of the free hold so effectively there is no lease and I own my own freehold. What do I need to do to be able to work from home? I would prefer a proper studio but I am starting up and the expense is not an option until I am established. Any help and advise is very welcome  

R2_Amazeballs4 months ago

Hey, So id like to buy a business, catch is ive got no money or very little. So i have thought about methods to accomplish this, and i came up with this plan: Find a business for sale making £100,000 a year profit, run by one owner and staff where i could take over as the owner and run the business (obviously). The business would be freehold and be for sale for about £300,000 and include some place to stay (a flat probably). The idea would be to get a commercial mortgage where the mortgage is secured on the asset purchased, i think its possible to get them to pay 70% of the value so it would require 30% or £90k to get that business. So i thought since i dont have £90k would it be possible to get a business loan to pay for say £70k of that amount secured also on the business. So if that was possible and the % interest rate was 10%, then using a loan calculator the yearly repayments on the 5 year mortgage and loan would be £71400 leaving £28600 a year profit to cover living expenses and to go in the bank or reinvest. So after 5 years i would own the business worth £300k or more depending on how well it performed, meaning i gained about £60k a year plus the other profit, so i would lose about £14,400 a year on interest but i think it would be worth it either way. So my question is, would this be possible? Do you think a bank or banks would let me do this if i found a business with a solid income? (possibly growing). I have i think a good credit rating, ive never been late on any payments for anything etc. Has anyone done this successfully? Of course i know if the business failed it would be sold by the bank(s) and used to pay off what i owed and i would then have to get a normal job (why im going to university now) while i waited to try again or i would never be able to try again and i would have to pay for a business upfront.  

Porker4 months ago

Cafe for sale in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire. Leasehold and Freehold both available. The property is available for sale due to a change in circumstances and includes all kitchen equipment and internal fittings for the business. The established cafe has traded in the town of Stapleford for over twenty years and occupied and traded successfully for the last ten years by our clients. The cafe trades seven days a week and the Sunday roasts are very popular at the weekends. The front retail area has a capacity for twenty four covers and the rear dining room a further twenty five. To the back of the property is a garden with play area and further seating for the summer months. Leasehold £45,000 - Freehold £165,000 ono It's my sisters cafe, message me for more details!  

FordOwner4 months ago

Hello People, I have been working from home for several years supplying special interest used 4x4 vehicles for enthusiasts and exporters, for the last year or so I have also been running a vehicle recovery and transport service. I do not have any savings or equity in any property (I don't own any property). I do own a professional purpose built recovery truck and several stock 4x4 vehicles worth over £30,000. I do not have any loans or liabilities (except £2000 to the tax man). I need to move to a commercial premises and grow my business into a proper commercial success. I have found the perfect premises which is a closed down MOT station and vehicle repairs garage fully fitted out with 3 ramps. £300,000 freehold. I do not see any point in paying £25,000 yearly rent when I can own the property and pay less in mortgage repayments. Can you help me get 90% finance to buy this property? Thanks  

FordOwner3 months ago
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