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Finance can often be perceived to be dull, boring or far too technical but see below – you might be a bit more excited about managing your business finances when you realise how simple and powerful it is!

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I am involved in business finance. Cash flow products, factoring and invoice discounting being the common ones are very useful tools for many businesses, particularly those who are growing, and are the wrong option for others. There are many providers in the market, offering a wide range of terms taking advice is helpful if you are new to this. The banks for many years have been trying to move away from overdrafts, hence their reluctance to grant them. I agree with an earlier comment moving banks chasing an overdraft is fairly futile. The terms of a cashflow agreement tend to be tailored to the financial performance of the company. However when the advice offered is to dangle a discount to your debtors to encourage early payment it does raise a smile. What size discount is going to induce them to pay? Are we looking at between 5-10%? I recently handled a case where a small consultancy decided to offer 5% discount on all their invoices with mixed results. The factoring solution costs them 3% having negotiated on their behalf not to include a client who is a prompt payer. So they receive monies more quickly, don't pay for those where there is no need, and it doesn't cost them as much. Factoring still seems to carry a stigma as being a desperation move by failing businesses, the last few years has shown that the failing businesses are not accepted by the banks for factoring/CID, so this view of a good management strategy for many is changing.  

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Francois Badenhorst said: ↑ “The launch of the Bank Referral scheme is a significant step in helping the UK’s small businesses source funding more easily,” says Katrin Herrling, co-founder and CEO of Funding Xchange.Click to expand... It's also a marvellous opportunity for the shareholders of Funding Xchange, Business Finance Compared and Funding Options to get very rich. As a broker I only wish that I could force the banks to send me details of everyone that they have turned down as I would place an order for that Ferrari straight away  

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As an alternative to the traditional High Street bank, APS explains why they can make “managing your business finances easy”…

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​ Now in its third year and hosted at the Dugdale Centre, the Enfield Expo brings together hundreds of business owners and decision-makers to network, attend seminars, build new business relationships and shop from suppliers that provide unique products & services to help grow their business. Free to attend, there is a lot to see and do, which ever stage of growing your business is at. Time To Open Thursday 27th October 2016 9am – 5pm Register For Free Here Register now for your free place at Enfield’s biggest and best event for businesses​ Free 1:1 Advice Starting and running your own business requires a lot of help and knowledge Free, professional 1:1 advisors are here to help. Accounting – Law – Web Design – Business Development -Financial Planning – Start Up Loans After registering, ensure you book your free appointment Networking Meet new clients, suppliers and colleagues​ 2 Speed networking sessions Free lunch networking session Informal networking across the day Meet new clients, suppliers, council managers and exhibitors Become part of your local business community Seminars Hear inspirational speakers across a range of great subjects​ How To Generate A Flood Of New Clients What The Most Successful Small Businesses Know About Sales Top Tips for Raising Business Finance NatWest Business Start Up Surgery Exhibition Over 30 service providers, support groups and council departments. With a growing number of exhibitors, you will be able to find new products and services to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits. Register For Free Here​  

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The Business Finance Zone is packed full of guides, features and case studies. So whether it’s credit control, bookkeeping, hiring an accountant, or choosing the best accountancy software for your business, we can help.

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[FONT=arial, sans-serif]When - Tuesday 30th July 2013 - 18:00-20:30 [/FONT] [FONT=arial, sans-serif]Where - Google Campus, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX This Master Class, given by Kolarele Sonaike of GreatSpeech.co, will be an interactive experience for you to develop your presentation skills and your confidence to "perform" under pressure. Whether you want to raise the level of your elevator pitch at a local network event, come across more assured in interviews, having the confidence to ask for finance or improve your chances of winning that elusive major contract, this session will help you. You will learn how to focus your presentation to ensure your message is strong, clear and delivered with an economy of words to maximise its impact with your audience. Kolarele is a practicing barrister and author of "How to give a Great Speech". He is president of the London chapter of the global mentoring charitable organisation, 100 Black Men International and has already helped many FSB members improve their presentations.[/FONT] [FONT=arial, sans-serif] [/FONT] [FONT=arial, sans-serif]The evening will start with a short presentation on the newly launched Small Business Finance Directory. This is a new directory that has recently been launched by the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) Who will give businesses access to a website that enables them to put in details of the amount of funding they need and what they need it for. The website will then direct the lead instantly to the most appropriate commercial broker in that area. To book your place and to find out more information visit here. [/FONT]  

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I'm winding up my 15 year old company as I've been full time employed for the last 2 years. I think I kept hold of it 'just in case' but now realise I was silly to do this. In the last 6 months we have moved house and my office lease ended so I've been really silly and just forgotten about the business finances. The company hasn't traded since August 2014. I owe CT of £3200 which I simply do not have. I'm about to clear my business bank account overdraft of approx £1000 (we bank with them personally) so don't want to create any headaches. Late company accounts for year end 31.03.14 were filed with companies house and HMRC yesterday by my accountant. CT was due on 31.12.14. My annual return is due in the next week or two. Will my debt to HMRC affect my personal credit reference file? I've worked hard over the last few years to ensure this is squeaky clean and I'll be gutted if it becomes marked because of this  

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I often write about how different business finance products work, looking at details like what kinds of companies …

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Hello all, I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on how they deal with their Accounts and Finances? One thing is for sure, its very time consuming dealing with this aspect of our businesses! Do you use an Accountant for all your HMRC requirements, or do you file it all yourself? Have you ever spoken to a Financial Adviser about your personal/business finances, or is it not a priority? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!  

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Invoice factoring is a commonly used but often misunderstood type of business finance — what is factoring, and how does it work? Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford explains

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It’s essential that SMEs with growth potential have access to finance, and it’s no secret how difficult it can be. There aren’t many options for securing business finance … until now.

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Every type of finance for every type of business. We comprehensively search over 300 business finance providers offering 23,000 loan products so you don’t have to.

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hello all any advice Appreciated as newcomer into business World . I am a healthcare professional (optician) looking to openup my own business/purchase an existing business. I need to raise approx £200,000. I currently live in family home owned by parents. I own my own property worth approx £250,000, this initially purchased for myself to move into, is currently being renovated and redecorated. There is currently no outstanding finance on the property as it was funded through savings both mine and parents (which I will eventually pay back). My question is what is the cheapest way to raise the capital?, should I borrow against the property in terms of a mortgage?( would this be a commercial Mortgage/ a buy to let/ or just security ??) and let it out to tenants in which case I can offset rent against tax bill? And continue living at home?. Will the bank give me any other help without securing the property based on the fact I am a healthcare professional my wife is also in same profession....should I look into specific healthcare business finance companies? Any help or advice appreciated, like I said I am a healthcare professional, in my late twenties without much business experience. Any help advice appreciated.  

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We make business finance easy, winning awards for it and featuring in publications like the Times, Mail & Guardian.

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Founder (and managing partner): Peter Tuvey Company: Fleximize Website: fleximize.com Description in one line: Alternative business finance provider Previous companies: Ariste Holding, Fortress Group Turnover: £500,000 per month 12-month target: £7m

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There’s been a general rush to pin blame on the banks for the current dearth of business finance. Here, we give bankers a chance to put their side of the story and ask them what they’re looking for from their business borrowers.

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I often write about how different business finance products work, looking at details like what kinds of companies can get them, and the things you need to know about the criteria to have the best chance of being accepted.

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Hi, I am currently in the process of setting myself up as a freelancer, and registering myself as a self-employed sole trader. I currently have my own personal current account, but I don't want to use that account for my business, because I want to keep my personal and business finances separate, so they're easier to manage. However, I'm not sure on the type of account to get. I assumed that it would be logical to get a "business current account", but from what I can tell the only difference between a business current account and a personal current account is that I get charged for everything with a business account. What are the actual advantages of having a business account, over just setting up another normal account without the charges, and using that for business finances? This may seem like a stupid question, but at first glance business accounts don't seem to have any obvious advantages, just a load of extra charges. Are there any legal requirements that mean I have to have a business account? Thanks in advance, Jack  

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