Porker6 months ago

No it wasn't bad advice, it's the fact that you posted in response to OP after the talk of locking the thread because the thread is too old.  

FordOwner5 months ago

no need to be hostile, put simply because you appear to be oblivious, it probably heavily relies on how big your site is, how popular it is and your current link profile... If you have a large amount of trusted backlinks then bad backlinks will make little to no difference. But if you have a slim profile like we do then it is going to make a huge difference. And the benefit of a small profile is that I can confirm DISAVOW has a huge effect and so does spammy backlinks. So quite simply, if its not affecting you doesnt mean it isnt affecting others. This brings me back to bad advice based on your own findings, if you dont know and haven't done the research dont say something that isnt true - if someone confirms something and is confident in what they have said, dont tell them it isnt true just because you dont have the same problem.  

R2_Amazeballs4 months ago

EddyP said: ↑ It's true that you need liability insurance for products if you're making a product, but I'm pretty sure the liability in this case will lie with the original manufacturer. Try some comparison sites for a sense of what's available, that's probably a good first port of call.Click to expand... Eddy I've noticed quite a few posts where: a - you have given bad insurance advice (in this case in the UK liability initially lies with the retailer, to protect the consumer, the retailer then has the opportunity to recover against the wholesaler/manufacturer, but if they've gone bust or out of the country then they're stuffed) b - you link to axa direct a hell of a lot. is this some kind of spam/link building campaign? I'm sure AXA's uk MD wouldn't like their brand associated with such bad advice, and I know her personally I have no issue with you linking to AXA (who are a great insurance company) if you have some financial connection, but please at least become a paying member.  

MechExp4 months ago

That is just very very very bad advice. It takes 2 seconds to see how crowded the SEO space is for web development, and of course all web development companies should know about SEO so they are not going to be easy targets. Sure SEO should be PART of your marketing strategy, but it definitely isn't the BEST way.  

Mary4 months ago

JetVirtual said: ↑ James are you saying that you have no intention whatsoever to provide services for anyone on this forum? If so then how credible is your advice? I mean if you are so unconfident to share your company name why should we trust your advice???Click to expand... Also because I'm not selling anything, it means any advice I do give is purely through my passion for business and wanting to help people through my experience. It's completely impartial, which makes it even more honest and trust worthy. Mortgage advisers will give you advice. You will know their real name, see their real face, but it's advice driven by the goal of making a profit, so will always be biased. Links in forum signatures may lead to landing pages where 'free advice' kind of stuff can be downloaded, in return for a warm email lead. Good advice people receive maybe, but driven by the goal of profit. Anyone with links to their business in this forum is obviously on here to make a profit of some sort and this will always bias the advice they give, whether it's picking holes in advice given by new competitors who join the forum or seeing a new member join who maybe looking for their services and giving advice to them. That's just the interesting dynamics of a free/paid internet forum - alliances will be formed, enemies will be made, services will get sold, Sift Media will make money, people will get good and bad advice, there are newbies, oldbies, grumpys, sarcastics, flippants, observers, sellers, buyers, business owners, students, trolls, start ups, and the list goes on! JA  

Pete_W4 months ago

Clinton said: ↑ Yes.Click to expand... Every post of yours I've come across you seem to post very bad advice. This is just terrible and it seems this is meant to be your field. OP has invested thousands into solicitors and accountants already, it is a sunk cost! Do you advise OP to ditch this project and look for another pet shop to buy and fork out the accountant/solicitors fees all over again?  

FordOwner4 months ago

Karimbo said: ↑ Every post of yours I've come across you seem to post very bad advice.Click to expand... Some people seem to think my advice is on the okay side - at last count there were 485 clicks of the Like button on my posts. My advice is based on a longer story involving this poster, my detailed previous posts about this particular transaction (example 1, example 2 , example 3), the stand and opinions the OP seems to have, the prevarications and delays and hurdles we've already discussed and my assessment of the OP, the seller, what I know about this particular business-for-sale opportunity and my gut feeling of the situation from years of experience in the field. I take it your advice is that they should carry on trying to complete on this purchase?  

petHead4 months ago

Most of what you say is true, basic common knowledge, however, Point A) needs refining. If you are good in business then it 'shouldn't' matter what you do, whether you know about it or not, you will succeed somehow. Lastly ' Always be prepared to undercut'...... bad advice unless you're selling tins of beans. Never undercut, you'll be a busy fool on a downward spiral attracting the wrong client base working twice as hard for less reward; and why should you if your product or service is good enough. Desperate people undercut their competitors. Stand clear of the pack and increase your prices. Try it, it works.  

Col Minessota4 months ago

Watching a few more of your videos from your website, has left me confused about what it is you are trying to be achieved. S Yes, information is there, however the main questions from a decision maker would be Why should I trust your company? How does this apply to my business? How much is it going to cost me? Me personally, winning the trust of the client (decision makers) can be time consuming; more than YouTube video can do; especially the ones who have had rough ride like bad advice, poor return on investment, don't trust technology etc... I agree with Alan get out and speak to business decision makers as they are you voice. Majority of my clients come from recommendations. From my own experience the right attitude, personality along with quality solutions has worked for me. As for your YouTube videos, creatively they are OK, but I don't see the current form has a future, especially with the number of views you are getting on recent upload (1 month) like 38, 33, 30, 17, 360 along with 314 subscribers. In fact the most views come from reviews like Acer Aspire, BT Infinity etc.. So maybe if you want to promote your company is not to promote it directly. Have a logo in a corner and/or link in the video to your website.  

Fionas_Boy3 months ago
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