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Using the internet to help find a job

The vast majority of jobseekers use the internet as a major part of their job search now, as there are many ways it can take the hassle out of sorting through and applying for job vacancies. If you know where to look, there are some clever ways to get the best out of recruitment websites. So whether you're new to online job hunting or an experienced internet jobseeker, I hope you read something here that can help you into work.

The internet and online job sites have transformed the way we look for jobs, making our searches quicker, easier, more efficient and often a lot wider. To avoid checking through hundreds or thousands of vacancies, you must make your search as targeted as possible, which is an art in itself.

Most sites are good at removing vacancies that have passed, but some sites you come across don't, so always double-check the deadline. There's no point in sending an application that might not even be considered. If you're not sure, you can always email or phone the employer the company to check that the vacancy still exists.

Other sources of advertised vacancies

In addition to the internet, there are newspapers, Jobcentres and trade magazines which can also assist you in finding your next job. Searching through advertised vacancies is also a great way to get ideas for jobs that might suit you, even if you're not looking for that type initially, and to get a feel for the local labour market.


Networking: using word of mouth to find out available jobs, and also getting your name out there. If you learn to network effectively you'll get inside information on jobs and careers, and build contacts who may help you find work. Applying for jobs that aren't advertised clearly also cuts down your competition for each vacancy. If you're not networking yet, get out there today!

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can helpfully take the hard work out of job searching, especially if you have skills local employers are looking for. Agencies can specialise in temporary work, permanent work or specific sectors, so you need to be registering with the most appropriate ones. Find out how to deal with recruitment agencies so you make sure they're working hard to find you the right job.